Shout out to the Michigan fans in Dallas

Submitted by ThatGuyCeci on September 3rd, 2017 at 10:52 PM

Didn't see a thread  posted yet on this, but I just made it  back from Dallas and I have to say, of all the Michigan games I have been to, both basketball and football, this was by far the best I have seen the Michigan fanbase represent.  The whole weekend everyone was in the "Go Blue" spirit, from the hotel lobby, to the Texas Ranger game (went to the game Friday and there was plenty of Maize and Blue in attendance), all the way to the post game in the halls of Dallas Cowboy  stadium.  Speaking of which, the post game was nuts.  It was literally a 100 ft line of fans going 2 ways high fiving each other.. like after a hockey series ends, just waaay longer of a line.. it was truly a sight to behold.  To top it off, I witnessed a lot of good sportsmanship with the Gator fanbase.. I'd like to think we left a good impression on the opposition, even with the boot we left in their ass!  It is amazing in the short amount of time Harbaugh has been our coach the turnaround we have experienced.. we are lucky to have him and the staff he has assembled. 



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Was in Martha's Vineyard during the week of the game and couldn't go a day without seeing someone in a Michigan shirt or hat. Chatted up a random alum near the beach at Katama before the game prepping ourselves for a Gator beat down.


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Was a fun weekend. Still in Dallas. Plane back not til tomorrow morning. Still a ton of maize and blue in area today and tonight. The stadium was amazing to be in and the game didn't disappoint. Also knowing no one it was so awesome to be invited to so many maize and blue tailgates just because. As always, it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine.


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Just got back to Philly myself. I say it was more UF fans but not by much. There upper deck was more full than ours. However, many fans may have been watching from the terraces that the stadium has. I know for sure our sides, club section was WAY more full.

Great time and glad people made it home safe. GO BLUE!


September 4th, 2017 at 12:02 AM ^

I thought it was the opposite from my vantage point. I would've guessed 55% UF, 45% UM. 

I do know for a fact that the University of Florida sold out their ticket allotment while U of M did not and gave some tickets back to the venue, but maybe we were strong enough on the secondary markets to overcome that? 


Either way, it was very close to even and a fantastic atmosphere. 


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I forgot to mention.. we actually wound up making friends with our Uber driver who happened to be a Michigan fan from Houston trying to make some money to pay for some clothes etc.  We gave him our extra ticket since my Uncle couldn't make it to the game and he sat with us and helped cheer the team on.


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My brother and I are from Flint, and are both currently residing in Texas and attended the game. We sat lower level amongst about a 50/50 split of Wolverine/Gator fans.

From what I observed, their fan base was extremely friendly and throughout the game my bro and I had some good natured banter with them. My brother unleashed with a gator chomp on one occasion and a few of their fans laughed.


September 4th, 2017 at 2:07 PM ^

We sat on the Florida side and it was probably 2 dicks to every nice Gator fan when they were winning. It went to about 4 dicks to every nice one on the walk out afterwards. It wasn't till we got out to the parking lot and started passing some tailgates that the nice ones started to outnumber the dicks.


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...with a couple of Houston Police Officers. They've been on the front lines here with the Harvey flooding. They are lifelong fans but it was their first time seeing Michigan football live. They said seeing so many Michigan fans together lifted their spirits after a long, long week. We've already started planning their first trip to the Big House on the drive back 〽️


September 3rd, 2017 at 11:56 PM ^

Reports all said that it seemed like a pretty even split between Florida and Michigan fans, but the TV made it seem like it was all Florida. Really annoying. Glad it was so great in person.


September 4th, 2017 at 12:27 AM ^

Like most have said, tons of go blue's everywhere, jerryworld was awesome, and we came away with the win. It looked about 50/50 fan wise to me, but the atmosphere was great.


September 4th, 2017 at 12:28 AM ^

Just got back tonight. The atmosphere was awesome, especially at the end. The Florida fans got out early. My wife thought that was hilarious. As for fans, it seemed to be pretty even, but the Florida side was more full.


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Was also way more enjoyable than hearing gator chants on the trip to Dallas, it was a nice, quiet flight today (cherry on top was our pilot sending a "go blue" message to the Gator fans through the intercom)


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took a Snapchat video of the TV screen of a single Michigan fan, amongst a bunch of Gator fans,..celebrating while Gator fans looked totally dejected. It would make a great GIF..if only I knew how to do that.

She keeps cracking up at it..and admittedly, it is a glorious shot of a fan. I'll try to figure it out and post.


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Just got back from Dallas too. I'd say the stadium was about 50/50 seemed really even. Tons of Michigan fans at the Rangers game Friday, the hotel, out and about the city, and obviously the airport. It was a fun trip.


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Just got back from the game. All aspects of the event were really well put together. The crowd seemed 50/50 and it was well worth the trip. Great experience!


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Heading home this am; I agree 100%!

What a weekend it was perfect. The wolverine faithful represented very well. Cowbell and chants of "Go Blue" and "its great to be a Michigan wolverine" carried to the halls after the game and into the parking lots.

Even chants of "Harbaughs world" not jerrys world.

I had a gator fan sitting behind me. He just continued to say gators were dominated and made him sick. He left early couldn't take it.

Go blue!!!!


September 4th, 2017 at 7:57 AM ^

Was taken over by Michigan fans, and it was awesome!  There was a late night private party that I'm pretty sure both Sidney Crosby and Dez Bryant were at.  Our fans were very supportive and talked no shit to the gator fans.  However Saturday night after the win things turned up and I heard a lot of this: "UF is a lot worse than UM is good" from the fla faithful.  It's my belief that Nuss is a clown and will be fired by end of year.  Oh well, go blue and what an awesome weekend and game.