Tim Waymen

September 13th, 2009 at 2:51 PM ^

I don't necessarily agree. I root for the Big 10, especially MSU against ND most of the time. And I won't lie, Irish: I hate ND. I might root for ND over MSU because:
1) This is the best ND team in years. (Took a little too long to get there, but I digress.) Our win has to continue to look impressive and like one against a legitimate team.
2) I'm seriously tired of the "Rich Rod bad, Dantonio good" storyline. It's manufactured, disingenuous, and just wrong. Dantonio is good and the right man for MSU, but he isn't the next Bob Stoops. Let the Freep eat as much humble pie as it deserves.
3) Hey, I still hate MSU, even if less than ND.