Should we be rooting for Clemson?!

Submitted by ChalmersE on February 20th, 2011 at 11:10 AM

Don't look now, but Michigan may have gotten a signature road win back in December when it routed Clemson.  The Tigers are now 50th in Sagarin's ratings.  They're now 5thin the vaunted ACC.  If they were to go on a run beginning today in Miami, that would help Michigan's tourney resume.   Of course, winning at least two of the final three regular season games would help much more.



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I wouldn't call the ACC vaunted.  They have two good teams and that is really it.  BIG is overrated but hey, whatever, lets win some games and get in the tourney!  Go Blue


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...nobody likes to be sarcastically vaunted, especially without prior notification. 

The ACC is down  this year, of course. Actually, quite a few of the major conferences are. Is it just me or does anyone else fear a March Madness with quite a few yawners in it? Our Wolverines excepted, of course, if they make it. 



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Well your avatar is a native american.  I would like to visit mgoblog without being reminded of the terrible injustices that were heaped on to those poor people.


I would settle for someone being able to see a joke without having to analyze it against all previous topics on this board.


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Do you realize how offensive what you just said was to me???

You just equated the firing of Rich Rodriguez to millions of Native Americans being murdered and having their land stolen.

I am of Native American descent. Sitting Bull is my avatar, and he is a hero to me..."namaste" is a pun on being a Native American, and being labelled by settlers as the other kind of "indian."

I hope that you can tell me that I'm reading it wrong, but from your comparison reads to be; ignorant, insensitive, and borderline racist. I'm incredibly upset.

In response to you mentioning RR in an unrelated thread I (namaste) said: "Maybe it's just me, but I'd like it if we didn't revisit the CC in basketball threads..."


A_Maize_Zing said: "Well your avatar is a native american.  I would like to visit mgoblog without being reminded of the terrible injustices that were heaped on to those poor people."

You're right, our people did get heaped with terrible injustices, but you want to act as if they never happened?

It's estimated that over 100 million Natives were killed by European and US settlers (Stannard, D. 1992. American Holocaust). Let me guess, you don't want to remember the 6 million Jewish and "undesirables" that Hitler killed either?


Let's recap your comparison one more time...

Me not wanting to hear about 1 fired coach

is comparable to:

you not wanting to be reminded about 100,000,000 Million murdered Native Americans, whose surviving ancestors would have their land stolen and be discriminated against for hundreds of years.


Can you even comprehend why I'm so upset with what you just posted?

(And please don't just say you were joking because I'm not laughing. Which means that if you were "joking", it just means you're completely insensitive.)


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we need quality wins, and right now we don't have them.  Even if we go 9-9 in conference, I can't see us getting in without wins over RPI top 50 teams.  Beating MSU and having them stay in the top 50 gives us 2 of them.  



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Should we root for msu to get in the top 50 rpi too?  Think about it, if we want a chance to make the tourney we need to win two out of the next three.  Assuming we win two more, Wisconsin or Minnesota are rpi top 50 teams.  If msu can sneak into the rpi top 50, and we sweep them on the regular season we would have two quality top 50 rpi wins that the selection committee looks for.


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I would rather see a "run to the Gah-den" in the NIT than one weekend in the NCAA this year.  This team is playing nice 'ball right now, but they would have no chance of winning the NCAA or even reaching the Final Four unless they are at least a five seed.  

In the last ten years, only one team, eleventh-seeded George Mason, has made the Final Four seeded worse than fifth.  In 2000, two eighth-seeds, UNC and Wiscy, made the Final Four.  and Michigan made it as a sixth seed in 1992.  That works out to four seeds worse than fifth making the Final Four in the last twenty years.  A link to the handy-dandy chart at CBS is here:

Anyway, I want to see this young team get valuable tournament experience.  They could win the NIT, and would at least have a very good shot at making it to the Finals.  For a team whose three most dominant players are in their first year, winning the NIT would be a great springboard for the future.


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You are severely underrating the value of simply making the tournament for confidence/recruiting purposes and overrating the value of four games against sub-NCAA tournament caliber competition.


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I'm not sure which would be more valuable, NIT berth and several additional games worth of experience, or one NCAA tourney game. I can see the case for both but I'd prefer NCAA. If NIT, well i'll get to see the team live then at MSG.

Side note... Gahden,, really? Isnt that a Bostonian accent?

Flying Dutchman

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Disagree.   This young group needs to get into the NCAA tourney.   Yesterday we had two freshman and a sophomore combine for 68 points.   They need more young talent to come to Ann Arbor and add to that, and being in the Big Dance is the way to do that.


February 20th, 2011 at 1:56 PM ^

"A deep NIT run is way better than a brief NCAA tournament appearance."-Tommy Amaker's agent

Going to the dance is what it is all about, no matter how well the team does there (though I think Beilein is great in those one-off situations).  This team is going to get better as guys naturally mature and bust their ass in the offseason.  2-3 extra games against mid-level competition would have a negligible impact whereas a second tournament bid in three years coupled with a young roster and new facilities to attract talent could permanently move the basketball program back into the upper half of the conference on a consistent basis.


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Amaker was the man when it came to coaching in the NIT.  He won one NIT title and made the final four (or championship?) another time.  Too bad it didn't seem to do much for the program.


February 20th, 2011 at 2:07 PM ^

A team with a skilled pg and shooters that get on a hot streak can be dangerous in the tournament.  The idea that making a deep run  in the NIT is better than making it to the second round or sweet sixteen just because we'll probably lose in those rounds is absurd.  


February 20th, 2011 at 4:48 PM ^

As we've seen the past couple of years, any team can make a long run to through the tournament with some luck.  MSU was a lucky three and a crappy foul away from being dumped in the first weekend last year, yet they played in the Final 4 for a second consecutive season.  Get to the tournament and a team that can shoot lights-out from three for a weekend can beat anyone, and this UM team is peaking in a way that I haven't seen in years. I much rather this team get its 15 minutes of fame during March Madness than make it to the NIT finals.  


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Mgoboard, serious questions:


Why am I getting negged?


Do other posters actually agree that Rich Rod being fired is the comparable to the slaughter of millions of Native Americans is funny?


I don't care who this offends, but laughing at the murder of millions of people, whatever the context, is absolutely sickening. Making light of millions of innocent lives being taken, whether by a joke or a baseless comparison is even more sickening.


I'm sorry if seem sensitive about this, but I had thousands of ancestors killed. It's not something I want joked about.


Back to the actual subject, Clemson has 3 games remaining:

SAT Feb 26 4:00 PM ET
WED Mar 2 9:00 PM ET
SAT Mar 5
  • vs
  • VT
12:00 PM ET



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TomVH gets negged.  Magnus gets negged.  I get negged.  It's part of life on an internet message board.  It might be because of the subject material of your posts.  It might be because someone doesn't know what your handle means.  It might be because you don't lose points for negs at present and you can do it all you like.  I wouldn't read too much into it.

As for the other items in your post, I re-read the original exchange between you and A_Maize_Zing, and I agree that his comment "Well your avatar is a native american.  I would like to visit mgoblog without being reminded of the terrible injustices that were heaped on to those poor people."  was in poor taste.  I do not agree with his sentiment on this matter and I doubt most of the board does as well.

The way Native Americans were treated by the white government of the United States was shameful, but this subject material falls outside the scope of this blog.  The best advice I can give you is to develop a thick skin when posting here, because there's snark coming out of our ears and some jackass might decide to take a crack at your avatar for no apparent reason.  Once again, it's part of life on a message board.

Getting back to the original point of dispute between you and A_Maize_Zing, one comment you made to him or her was "Maybe it's just me, but I'd like it if we didn't revisit the CC in basketball threads..."  This discourse is getting away from the original point of the thread, i.e. our rooting interest as Michigan fans regarding whether or not Clemson performing well increases our chances of making the NCAAs.