Should OSU Basketball also be worried about Tressel/Pryor implosion?

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With all the delirious excitement/dread/photoshopping surrounding Tressel's resignation and the SI article further illuminating the Pryor fiasco, I wonder how all of these allegations will affect OSU's very highly-ranked basketball team.  I don't remember if specific names were mentioned, but I do remember reading reports of athletes on the basketball team also receiving tattoos and nice car deals, or at least the insinuation finding some purchase with sources.  It seems highly unlikely that the abuses we've seen perpetrated by the football team are restricted to just those athletes, as the basketball team has been at least as successful over the years as the footballers, and is a sport were violations occur frequently with high-end players.  

I wouldn't be surprised if once the smoke clears, we see Thad Matta having to answer some very tough questions about some of his one-and-done players with questionable pasts (Byron Mullen, I'm looking at you).  If the Lack of Institutional Control claim is brought against OSU for football and incriminating evidence surfaces for the basketball team as well, you may be able to see the resulting crater in Columbus from North Campus.



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The mere fact that they are a basketball program that regularly lands top 10 recruiting classes probably means that they don't want the NCAA within 1,000 miles of them.   


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If the NCAA decided to try and figure out where the money for TSIO to rent all of their one-and-done players on the way to the NBA was coming from, it would be icing on the cake.


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And, they have had problems in the past.

AND, OSU is looking at the dreaded lack of institutional control

I don't think any OSU athletic program should feel all that safe right now.

After all, now they are all going under the microscope . . . 

Wolverine In Exile

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Clarett 2003, Troy Smith 2005, multiple secondary violations, and the OSU basketball scandal happened in 2002 (announced in 2006). There's a lot of sweatin' going on in Columbus right now, and it has nothing to do with 90 deg temps and  lack of air conditioners.