Should Michigan leave the Big Ten?

Submitted by charliebauman on June 10th, 2010 at 5:56 PM

I mean what's the point in staying here? U of M has contributed greatly into making the conference powerful. So powerful that the conference is now stealing other teams from other conferences. Yet that's all that Michigan gets in return is a bunch of crap. It's to the point where Michigan will have a hard time competing because their program will be under much more scrutiny than the other teams in the conference. Every player we recruit now will have to have a perfect record with great grades.

I'm sure other conferences would love to have Michigan with their tradition and academics. Or if Michigan went independent I'm sure teams would line up to have a chance to play them. I'm just wondering what other people think about this. Should Michigan consider leaving the Big Ten?



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i love this sketch so much, it hurts that i have but one +1 to give you.  my old firm once did a deal w/ the venture capitalist who says "this maybe the worst idea i've ever heard."  they refused to let me ask him about the sketch.  with good reason and all, but still.


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Instead of even contemplating this, why haven't enough "powerful" people condemned the freep press for screwing up our secondary by having to go all pitchfork/torch on Dorsey?  The freep continuosly screws things up for us!

st barth

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...but I've always liked the idea of M giving up scholarship athletes and going the way of the Ivy league.

Considering how college football is becoming such a monster-sized money grab, I'm actually beginning to wonder if it the same sport that I fell in love with such a long time ago.  This is probably  a good time for some serious reflection.


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I think your onto something here.  With close proximity in geography, it only makes sense that Michigan join the MAC.  That would make for a lot of high-quality games.  Good call.


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Dumbest thing you've ever read?

Are we reading the same Internet?

There's nothing wrong with asking, from time to time, "what does the Big Ten really do for us?"

The answer is a shit ton of research money, the best rivalry in sports which the conference protects jealously, invitations to big-time bowl games, a tough annual schedule against teams of like academics from relatively nearby, a basic cable network that we essentially dominate, and a fantastic conference for all of our sports.

My vote is to stay.