Should MBB be ranked?

Submitted by kirtip on January 16th, 2014 at 3:22 PM

Pretty straightforward question. Wanted to know what people think. Currently they are not ranked in the top 25 of either the AP or the Coaches poll. 

However, we are ranked 15th in the Sagarin ratings and 21 in the BPI.

Most importantly, we sit on top of the B1G along with MSU, with key wins against Minnesota on the road, FSU at a neutral site, and a current 6 game win streak, 4 of which were conference games. 

Our 4 losses include #8 Iowa State on the road, #23 Duke on the road, and a 2 point loss at home to #1 Arizona, and one bad loss the Charlotte.

Michigan has the 18th hardest schedule in the NCAA.

In my opinion, they deserved to be ranked around 20 or so. What do you think?



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Completely agree with you.  I have no doubt we will have several top 25 wins by the end of the season, but I also think the wins over FSU, Minnesota and Stanford will all be looked at as quality wins by the end of the season.  


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We haven't beaten anyone in the top 25, correct? So, no, I have no problem with us not being ranked. We'll have our chance over this next week. Go 2-1 against Wisky, Iowa and MSU and we'll be ranked.


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Is beating a top 25 team part of the selection criteria for being top 25 (it is not)? I can see the "beat good teams be treated like a good team" thing here, but for that to be a disqualifying factor, I don't buy it. Strictly speaking, if the rankings were perfect and randomness did not exist, the 25th ranked team would never beat a top 25 team.


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Michigan will be ranked such that it makes sense for the tourney committee to place us in a position to meet San Diego State in the second round.

Happy anniversary coach Fisher!

(found a good use for the double post!)


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KenPom has sent all other metrics to Bolivia, but we are 19th there. Personally I think we need a top 25 win first. What do you know we have three chances in a row. Win one and give lose tight in the other and I think we'll be in after a couple more wins in the next "ice cream" part of the schedule. Or win 2 or 3 and we're in immediately.


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i do think we should be ranked based on our record (even with the bad charlotte loss), but in the end, basketball rankings are unimportant until ncaa seeding (and even then they take a back seat to other metrics)


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Only two four-loss teams are presently ranked in the AP Top 25, #15 Kansas and #23 Duke.

As you say, the poll has no bearing, and 32nd versus, say 20th?  Who cares?  I'm guessing that being ranked #20 versus #32 has little-to-zero predictive power.


January 16th, 2014 at 3:41 PM ^

Michigan should be ranked, but I want them to be able to play the "no respect" card with a young team as long as possible.  

Two things are important AFAIC: peak at tournament time and be seeded 6 or better in the brackets.  That should guarantee a return to the second week of the tournament, where a team's chances are pretty much as good as anyone else's.

Hoke is the ne…

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Too bad your vote doesn't count.  Neither does mine.  Despite what we think should or shouldn't happen, this thread is about 52-53 hours premature.  Now time to stop daydreaming and get back to work.




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I'm alright with M basketball not being ranked as of right now, but I still believe they are a top 20-25 team. Although a win Saturday would undoubtedly move us into the top 25.


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We handled #1 Arizona for the middle 30 minutes of the game and came up one possession short. We've had some decent road victories to begin the B1G season. Even if we don't win at Wisconsin, we're good.

And does anyone else feel like if McGary wasn't hurt but everything still played out as it has, we would be ranked right now? I sure do. The AP is just lame like that.

SF Wolverine

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This is really a moot point.  We are currently sitting around 30.  Beat Wisconsin and we crack the Top 25.  Lose (even if close), and we are a five-loss team, and stay outside the Top 25.


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KenPom > Polls

I don't even pay attention to polls anymore, so I don't really care what we're ranked. That being said, for those who care, Michigan should be ranked. Win one of these big games coming up and it'll happen.


January 16th, 2014 at 4:24 PM ^

Rankings are meaningless in bball! The only reason I really cared about the rankings last year was because we wet in the hunt for a #1 ranking and we made it for a week and we were constantly ranked in the top 5. We can all agree we are not a top 5 team this season so who cares about the rankings. The committee doesn't really care they look at ur rpi quality wins and bad losses that's it

Space Coyote

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Duke, who is 13-4 right now, and has the name "Duke" on their jerseys, is currently #23. Duke's losses are to #15 Kansas on a neutral floor, #1 Arizona on a Neutral floor, @ ND by 2, and a bad loss at Clemson. So that's 1 or 2 bad losses, depending on which ND team shows up (they are either pretty dang good or pretty dang bad, depending on the night). They also beat Michigan by 10 at home, they beat a decent UCLA team (that I would say is better than FSU).

So, Michigan is likely slightly behind Duke right now, based on all the above. Slightly behind Duke means out of the top 25. FWIW, only two teams in the top 25 have 4 losses, Kansas and Duke. Name means something there.


January 16th, 2014 at 8:29 PM ^

I don't really know what you're arguing here.  Sure name matters, but Michigan benefits from that as well, even in hoops.  Are you arguing Duke shouldn't be ranked?  You admit we shouldn't be ahead of Duke.

Our losses compare pretty equally, with possibly a slight edge to Duke.  The loss to Arizona at home is worse than on a neutral court.  The Kansas/ISU losses are pretty similar.  You can argue ours is better.  And comparing 3rd and 4th "best" losses seems like a little petty.

Everyone's said it: win Saturday and we're ranked.  Lose and we're not.  That's totally fair.  Not that is matters in the least bit.


January 16th, 2014 at 5:00 PM ^

The ultimate Rating is how far you go in the NCAA Tourney. I have to agree with some who have noted our lack of marquee wins. If Michigan had beat Arizona, if they had beat Charlotte, well, I'd feel differently. If Michigan beats Wisconsin or MSU, maybe I'll feel differently. But I need them to show me something.

Having said that, I'm not down on the team at all. They have such huge potential. If Michigan manages to win some of their games against Wisconsin, MSU, & Ohio, and continue to get better, I'll be completely satisfied.

I'd love to see Michigan do better than expected, and win at least a game in the Big 10 Tourney.

I would absolutely love to see McGary come back, rusty and all, in 2 1/2 months. Ten weeks from today is the NCAA Tourney. For him to get out there a little bit the first week, and more the second, and even more the championship weekend, would be crazy. (and you'll have some of what I'm smoking, thank you very much!) Still, I love Mitch, and would love to see him contribute again in the tourney.

Even without McGary, I'm very happy with what the team is doing, ratings notwithstanding.


January 16th, 2014 at 5:10 PM ^

Let's revisit this question in about 10 days.  The next three games are against teams in the top 5 of the computers and highly ranked in the polls. If they win one, they may crack the top 25. If they win two, they will crack the top 25. If they lose all three, then the top 25 may be something not seen by Michigan for awhile this season.