Should I Take My Kid to UM at MSU?

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I apologize in advance, because I know this has been discussed in other threads.  So neg me, delete this topic, whatever.  It's all good.  Just going back and forth between venturing into the belly of the beast and watching from the safety of the couch.  I would take my 15 year old son with me, and we don't want to get caught up in any of that funky shit goin' down in EL.  If we (1) wear Michigan gear, (2) walk briskly and look either straight ahead or at the ground, (3) stand and raise our hands when UM scores, but not make any real noise to speak of, and (4) exit quickly at the end of the game, what do you suppose the chances are that we get something thrown at us or worse?



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If he was 5, I wouldn't even ask the question, because there is no way I'd take him, even thought I would assume that even a bitter rival would not mess with someone leading a 5 year old by the hand. Wouldn't make that assumption with a 15-year old.  He's still a kid and I wouldn't want to take him I expected the scene to be ugly.  


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While I haven't been at the game in East Lansing, I have had my fair share of alcoholic beverages with friends that went there and watched the game both at house parties and bars there. Don't recall anybody really taunting me in any way other than playful rivalry jabbing between friends. Had a lot of fun even though we were getting killed both times. The only people that have any issues must either be very unlucky and run into the wrong Sparties or did something to warrant a negative reaction from MSU fans. 

The Maizer

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The only time I've been to a UM vs MSU game in East Lansing I had a half dozen drinks poured over my head and someone spit in my face. Not to mention the countless "asshole" chants. I did nothing to provoke anyone other than wearing Michigan gear. To be fair, the Sparty fans sitting nearest to me were yelling at the obnoxious people pouring drinks on me and trying to defend me. It was still a horrible experience except that we won the game (2007).

Caveat: it was the student section. So OP, just avoid the students and you're probably fine.


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Experiencing a big Michigan game with your son or daughter is one of the great memories you will have with your kids. I started early with my kids and we called them "Private Vacation with Dad". So may good memories. Take the weekend and enjoy the whole experience and see parts of the country your kid might not otherwise see. Don't let the possibility of some bad behavior dissuade you from a great experience with your kid.

Indiana Blue

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when Denard was assaulted.  Anyway ... tailgating was completely normal, I saw more mixing of fans at MSU that any other place I've been (and I've been to at least 10 different away stadiums).  I've seen more trash talking at Iowa and IU, and the worst is Purdue.

In 2011, I sat close enough to the student section that I had to use the student section bathroom (too much tailgating) and I was fully garbed including my away jersey.  Only 1 student became extremely abusive as I entered the bathroom ... but the other students inside took down the idiot by literally surrounding him and forcing him out of the bathroom.  

MSU is fine to take a 15 yr. old to see the game.  

Go Blue!


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Lol he's 15, that's not that young. 


My parents are taking my 14 year old brother if that makes you feel better. 


You will have absolutely no problem unless you are wildly drunk or openly taunting MSU people. Please feel free to clap and cheer and sing The Victors. You can cheer, just don't shout shit like "MSU SUCKS!"



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Likely to have no real problems...but it is quite possible there will be issues.

I went in 2011 and got called a "gay fa--ot" for simply minding my own business as I walked to the stadium by a pack of college kids who got briefly in my face for a second.

In the stadium I heard another homophobic slur, F-bombs, and a man pleading to "tear that fu--ers head off" when Denard took one of many cheap shots.

I was sitting next to a man who identified himself as a professor at MSU who personally apologized for the dirty play and foul mouths.

death by trident

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I'm legally blind and use a mobility cane. I don't have much vision left. I pondered going to watch this year in East Lansing. My wife is about 110 lbs and I'm useless when it comes to fast movement. We're season ticket holders and would really like to go. We have never had much trouble at home games. The only games I can remember any problems are Spartan games. As we were leaving last year, there were many Spartan fans shoving me and slamming into me. We were walking quietly to our car. Don't care for Spartan fans much.

I keep asking myself who would mess with a blind guy and a tiny woman? I keep answering myself that Sparty would.

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issue will not be one of physical threats or danger specifically toward you or him at the game, the issue would be the campus and surrounding areas, generally. If we house them, or perhaps even more so if they pull an upset, E.L. can get out of control, fast. I would just leave early if we are up big, and drive away from the fire if they find a way to win the game.


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In all honesty, you'll probably be fine. I know we all like to have fun at their expense, but I can honestly say I only had one person be a jerk to me there and I've been to 3 UofM/MSU games there. If you're not a part of the drinking scene, and keep to yourself you most likely will be fine.

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Yes you will have no problems. As long as the two of you aren't complete turds and run into tough guy msu fan. But even then with as dejected as their fans are about the season you wont have much to worry about.

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Wolverine Devotee

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The shirts and flags disappear when they lose.

They're losing big this year and what do ya know? None of their crap to be found anywhere in Macomb county. 

Pathetic as usual.

God I can't wait to live in Ann Arbor. I only come home on weekends, but even then, Ann Arbor is just worlds better than any other city in MI.


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I went to numerous UofM-MSU game as a kid in the late 70's and 80's. If you are sitting in a Michigan section, you'll be fine. I'd advise my son not to mouth off to any spartans before or especially after the game. They're not likely to mess with a little kid, but a 15-year old almost looks like a freshman in college so the spartan youth* may be more willing to act like a-holes.

*I'm thinking of those shirtless, live axe-body spray ads you see at the basketball games.