Off shore gaming experience.

Submitted by Double-D on August 20th, 2018 at 6:17 PM

I am a believer that Michigan is going to have an epic season this year and would like to place a couple futures bets.  

Has anyone used Bovada?   Were you able to deposit and withdraw funds successfully?   I tried to fund an account using my credit card and the card company did not approve the international transaction.  



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Typically you have to call your card company and pre-approve the transaction. Call Bovada and ask them what the transaction will appear as. In general, having funds deposited is a pain in the ass.


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Edit: I just put $500 on Michigan to win @ ND by 2 or more points.🤞🏼And put $100 on O$U to NOT win by 38 or more (against Oregon State).... feeling very confident! This was in Vegas tho....not offshore.  I would like feedback on my bets!  The question is, am I crazy. 

snarling wolverine

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That's what I used to think, but awhile ago I heard a Vegas insider explain the process of setting lines.  50/50 means only modest profits for them.  They don't want every game to be like that.  They want the line to be enticing enough for people on both sides to to bet, but they still want to get a majority of the money on the losing side if they can.



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I’m sure  O$U will beat Oregon state.....but not by 38pts..... I was drinking a little bit when I wrote that post earlier… I literally just walked out of the sports book. I can afford to lose that money.  This is my first time ever gambling on sports and I am pretty stoked about it. Let’s hope September  first is a great day and the game does not go into overtime.🤞🏼


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I've used Bovada and many different offshore sites. 5dimes is my preferred site now. I haven't had issues with my card being declined, however I would reccomend getting some bitcoin and wagering with that. With real money you get pretty substantial wait times on payouts, and usually get hit with some fees. 


Edit: yes, I'm a degenerate. 


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Striped Marlin. Over 100". Beautiful fish. No idea on the trolling setup. Took an hour to get it to the boat. 

Dervin Suarez was the guy I arranged the charter though with yellowfin charters. Based out of guanacaste.

Bonus was catching a couple mahi. Three fillets went to the crew for their families and the last one the wife and I had cooked a few different ways at a restaurant on the beach at sunset. Perfect anniversary vacation.


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though its been years, when younger we were fairly frequent billfishers. i had a pretty nice rig for doing so.  for my bachelor party about half my football team went with me to a buddy's ranch down in the baja and we had tremendous fishing for stripers.   best story ever though was being outfitted for stripers and hooking a large blue - the gringo version of old man and the sea.  

i would add that of all the billfish i've ever caught (or helped others) i've never seen a stripe that was your indicated length of nearly 10'.  googling the world record yields a 494 lb monster from down under.  picture here: ....psych.  3.0 defeats me yet again.


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that'd be a dandy of a fish and the M hat would make hat photo just about perfect. 

blue marlin is just a thicker fish - 9 1/2 hour fight to get it on the boat.  3 of us traded off.  storm coming in the day before thanksgiving 1990.  finally ended up pulling it in by hand, trying to break off the fish but it came in.  we fed a whole village with that one and feasted on it ourselves.  too burnt out to fish the next day. 


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Been using offshore books for over a decade.  Have used Bovada, Sportsbook, and 5Dimes.  None of them have stiffed me.  

Of those books, Bovada has given me the least amount of headaches on withdraws.  They issue an paper international check, my bank usually clears in 2 days.

My credit card company has declined my deposits before...Just call your bank and tell them to allow international purchases temporarily.  


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I use sbg global. Never had a problem using my cards. Collected 3 big checks last year during our basketball run. All 3 were deposited with no issue, but they were from Singapore and I was a little nervous taking them to the bank. I deposited them via ATM lol


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do they have mario cart?

EDIT: i've got a simple rule when it comes to gambling and the university of michigan:

No Gambling On Michigan Sports Ever.

I am too invested in the outcome to approach it dispassionately so there is a universal boycott.


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I’ve used Bovada for 4 years. In January I put $70 on Michigan BBAll to win it all at 100-1. I should have bet $3500 on nova before the final game. Cest  la vie.... bottom line Bovada is solid


August 20th, 2018 at 8:21 PM ^ is by far the best in my opinion. They've been operating a long time, great number of games across all sports (and goofy props), instant deposits and withdrawals, it's all around great.


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Hey man, I haven’t looked at any of the odds yet, but we are very talented on both sides of the ball and flying  under the radar a little. 


Sounds like a perfect storm to me

Unicycle Firefly

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I tried it out last was WAY harder than I thought it would be. Those dudes who set the lines absolutely know what they’re doing, and they’ll kick your ass. I tucked my tail between my legs and gave up sports betting after last season; the stress was taking the fun out of watching the games. 


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Another nod for Bovada. I've had no issues getting withdraws in the 10+ years I've used them (previously bodog). They seem to cover the most sports, and have a solid set of futures and props. In my experience, they also have the most user/mobile-friendly interface of any of the major sites. 

If you're creating a new account, make sure you get at least a 50% match on your initial deposit, which should be easy to find this time of year. Read the fine print on bonuses on whichever site you end up, as many will offer 1-2x matches, but require something stupid (like 25x rollover) before you can actually withdraw. If memory serves correct, Bovada is only a 5x rollover. 

Edit: I'm a functioning degenerate and will place 1,000+ wagers throughout the season. I will lose 80% of them if previous results are an indication of future success. 

His Dudeness

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I have used Bovada. Use another card if one you have doesn't work.

The problem I've had with them is getting my bankroll cashed out. They send a check but they often change the source of the funds numerous times before you get/cash the check. And at some point your bank will tell you there is insufficient funds for a check you are trying to cash and they wilw pull the funds and charge you a fee... 

I can't wait for legalized gambling everywhere, but at that point the games will be fixed so there will be no point in gambling. And if you don't believe me please notice how many calls are now completely subject to a refs opinion. The helmet call in the most recwnt Vikings game comes to mind for instance. An average NFL game has around 100 yards in penalties. That's enough to keep a game close or make it out of reach all unnoticeable due to the subjective nature of these new rules. Don't say I didn't warn you. Do yourself a favor and put that money in an IRA or if you need action learn poker and join a weekly game. At least there it's not fixed. 

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Lol? I'm not saying to put your investment portfolio in bitcoin. I'm saying use it is as a means for withdrawing your funds from Bovada. Withdraw to your wallet, then send to your Coinbase wallet and liquidate for USD. The entire process takes less than an hour. It's far superior to having them mail you a check and trying to deal with your bank asking questions about you wanting to deposit a check drawn on a foreign bank account.