Shocker (sarcasm) Valenti & Foster

Submitted by winterblue75 on August 24th, 2010 at 3:11 PM

How many times in a week can Valenti and Foster do a show segment on how may wins will UM have this year or how many wins does RR need to keep his job? Today is the 3rd or 4th time within the last week. I know, "stop listening" or "don't listen" its not my radio, but I'm within earshot.





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If only turning them off on your radio made them go away. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

Even if you're not listening, lots of others are. And when they say things live on the air, it affects the perception of our university in the minds of recruits and the general public.

Additionally, even if you don't care for the hosts, you still might find it entertaining to listen to the opinions of the different callers to the show. There are only so many sports radio stations to choose from, afterall.


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and Foster are funny as hell.  They talk about Michigan a lot, but people like to talk about Michigan.  And they don't even fein objectivity, they (Valenti especially) are Michigan haters and you proceed to listen with that understanding.  Once you get past that, they are just funny to listen to.


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It is funny to people who actually follow UM, because they're so stupid and uninformed. Unfortunately, a lot of people listen to their crap and take it as the gospel. Just yesterday, a UM "fan" told me RR has no excuses about the QB situation because he heard on Valenti and Foster that RR ran Jason Forcier and Mallet off the team because he wanted a mobile QB. It just sucks that there's no pro UM talk on the radio in the Detroit market after Sam Webb goes off the air at 10 am. 


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I diagree, the first year or two they were on the air their show was pretty good. But Sam Webb said it best, Foster has become Mikes puppet and Mike has become the biggest loudmouth blowhard I've ever heard. It really is Spartan drive time. I will tune in that Monday after we drop 50 on them to hear Mike spin it every which way without giving Michigan any credit, or he'll probably take that day off.


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Every time I tune in to Sean and Terp all I hear is Sean stuttering his way through nonsensical gibberish. He's spent the entire last three weeks saying "BU-BU-BUT I COMPLETELY understand where the Michigan fans are coming from on this rivalry issue. COMPLETELY. I-I-I-I-I just don't think it's that big a deal!" And then Terp half agrees with everything he says, while avoiding calling him out for being a dumbass.

All that happens on that show is

a) Sean, Terp, or both go into their "imitation" voices which are essentially a cross between Oscar the grouch and a handicapped kid.

b) Sean talks about how no one will take him seriously because they think he's a Sparty slappy, but he's really as rational as they come.

Can you tell I hate them yet? I really wish there was something else to listen to on my way home. I've been getting a lot of good news from NPR though...


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That whiny, stuttering drivel Sean calls talking makes me want to tear my eardrums out. I listened to about 2 minutes of one of the first shows they aired and I haven't been back. I'll catch his voice while scanning sometimes on the way home from work and it confirms they've gotten no better.

I actually had no idea where either of them stood fan-wise. Sean was so unbearable to hear that I couldn't listen long enough to form fact-based opinions on them.


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Terp went to ferris or something... but has been a UM fan. but he plays the "reluctant" well-yeah-you're-right-they-suck card while the other just beats him over the head with it. i think you may have confused the two bc Terp sounds like a 14 yr old on a high school news production. not to mention i'm pretty sure Sean broadcasts from home while Terp is in-studio


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To wmu001's point, Foster reminded the listeners that RR got off to a bad start because of his paper shredding.

The bland truth rarely overcomes the sensational rumor.


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give them the very thing they are after - attention? The worst cut of all would be to totally ignore them. In fact, I don't mind, they don't matter.

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It would take an awful lot for me to bother with (a) listening to them and (b) trying to put whatever they might say into a cogent enough form to criticize them.

One thing I might say about the sportstalk radio guys; I am guessing that the MGoBlog demographic is more closely aligned with 97.1's particular demographic, than with our regional newspaper's broader demo.  Male, 18-35, subsrcription to Maxim, etc., etc.  And if you guys don't listen to them and don't pay attention to them, it might actually hurt them.  Their radio audience is quite tiny and limited by most other media standards.

And I suspect that we will probably never see the day when any one of the sportstalk radio blowhards lifts his fat ass out of his studio to do anything like what was done to Michigan on August 30, 2009, in the paper whosenamemustnotbementioned.

And so here's the difference:  One medium features a bunch of guys sittin' around, talkin' shit.  The other medium prompted an NCAA investigation of our football program.  You compare the two.  Discuss. 


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I just saw a Michigan bikini for sale in the ad section at the top. Guess what I'm getting my wife for her b-day. (as long as were posting irrelevant stuff)


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In the same radio complaint vein, Columbus shows are just miserable. "Common Man and the Torg" just claimed Rich Rod was guilty of cooking the academic books. I'm just happy we're still so relevent/hated. Could be worse (could be State).


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that my wife bought me Sirius 2 years ago. There is no better sports program than Movin the Chains with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan. In fact, Pat just wrote a book called Take Your Eyes Off The Ball. If you like football it is a great read.