Shea Patterson Ranked the #15 QB by Athlon

Submitted by SkyPanther on May 22nd, 2018 at 10:28 PM

Out of 130 starting NCAA QBs, Athlon has ranked Shea Patterson at #15. This will come as good news to those of you suffering from Shea Patterson Hype Fatigue (SPHF).

Big 10 QBs on the list:

 3) Trace McSorely, Penn St

12) Brian Lewerke, Mich St

15) Shea Patterson

25) Alex Hornibrook, Wisconsin

27) Nate Stanley, Iowa

28) Dwayne Haskins, Ohio St

37) Clayton Thorson, Northwestern

44) David Blough, Purdue

52) Kasim Hill, Maryland

68) Adrian Martinez, Nebraska

73) Brandon Dawkins, Indiana

93) Tanner Morgan, Minnesota

110) Artur Sitkowski, Rutgers

116) Cam Thomas, Illinois



Personally, I'm not tired of the hype. I think Shea Patterson together with Jim Harbaugh is a match made in heaven. Having Ed Warinner and Jim McElwain now doesn't hurt either. I'm expecting more than 10 wins this year.


P.S., Brandon Wimbush of Notre Dame is at #43. I'm expecting him to have a very difficult time with Michigan's defense.





May 22nd, 2018 at 10:43 PM ^

I mean, come on man, Lewerke is far more proven, especially given he's playing for the same team this year. Not only is he more proven, he had some damn good numbers last year.

Other than hurr hurr lil bro so bad, it's hard to make a convincing argument Shea should be ranked ahead of him. What Shea is, is the Charlie Kelly of QBs this year, WILDCARD BITCHES.


May 23rd, 2018 at 1:11 AM ^

Can you handle this:
246-of-417 passes (.590) for 2,793 yards, 20 touchdowns and seven interceptions, while rushing for 559 yards on 124 carries (4.5 ypc) . . . had 3,352 yards of total offense, which set a Spartan sophomore single-season record, and was No. 2 on MSU's single-season total offense list . . . became the first quarterback in school history to throw for more than 2,500 yards (2,793) and rush for more than 500 yards (559) in the same season 

Please tell me how the success of the team (10-3) that everyone predicted to miss a bowl game had nothing to do with the new record breaking QB. Good lord, Michigan fans: Please have some sense of reality.


May 23rd, 2018 at 8:04 AM ^

2017 Game Log Passing Rushing QBR
9/2 Bowling Green W 35-10 22 33 250 66.7 40 3 0 160.3 8 69 8.6 22 0 86.8 64.7
9/9 Western Michigan W 28-14 13 21 161 61.9 25 1 1 132.5 9 81 9.0 61 2 83.9 78.2
9/23 Notre Dame L 38-18 31 51 340 60.8 25 2 1 125.8 9 56 6.2 52 0 61.4 78.5
9/30 Iowa W 17-10 18 28 212 64.3 31 2 0 151.5 12 42 3.5 15 0 78.8 88.2
10/7 @Michigan W 14-10 11 22 94 50.0 30 1 0 100.9 15 61 4.1 14 1 28.1 54.9
10/14 @Minnesota W 30-27 9 18 120 50.0 26 0 1 94.9 4 9 2.3 5 0 45.1 49.8
10/21 Indiana W 17-9 16 29 185 55.2 34 1 0 120.1 9 -5 -0.6 8 0 28.7 44.0
10/28 @Northwestern L 39-31 (3OT) 39 57 445 68.4 60 4 1 153.6 9 30 3.3 19 0 88.9 91.9
11/4 Penn State W 27-24 33 56 400 58.9 36 2 1 127.1 7 25 3.6 15 0 71.6 81.1
11/11 @Ohio State L 48-3 18 36 131 50.0 19 0 2 69.5 10 2 0.2 16 0 16.7 38.8
11/18 Maryland W 17-7 2 14 20 14.3 12 0 0 26.3 5 63 12.6 25 1 74.4 63.3
11/25 @Rutgers W 40-7 21 31 222 67.7 24 1 0 138.5 12 53 4.4 16 1 78.6 80.5
12/28 Washington State W 42-17 13 21 213 61.9 49 3 0 194.2 14 73 5.2 19 0 94.3 97.1

If you think Brian Lewerke is good, you're being a salty little bitch. Look at those stats against Maryland. I know the Minnesota game the weather wasn't great but come on. He was terrible against OSU. His only impressive games have him throwing 40+ times.

He is not the #12 OVERALL QB in college football. GTFO.


May 23rd, 2018 at 8:12 AM ^

He may not be #12 overall, but I haven't really seen any statements so far that warrant your argument. Nobody said he was going to win the Heisman or be an All-American. He did have fairly impressive overall stats as a sophomore, which were comparable to Wilton Speight's numbers as a redshirt sophomore in 2016...except with much better rushing production.

I'm excited about Shea Patterson, but he hasn't proven to be a big-time college QB yet. His numbers are just so-so (23 TD, 12 INT) and he threw 2 TD and 3 INT vs. a 5-7 Cal team last year, too.


May 23rd, 2018 at 9:00 AM ^

Brian Lewerke isn't that good. He is an average QB that can manage a game and make some plays with his legs but if there was a game where QB play was going to be the deciding factor, I wouldn't feel great about having him.

6 games last year he had less than 200 yards, two games he had less than 100 yards. Come on. That's horrible. I'm hoping and praying for good weather for the MSU game this year and then we will see what kind of QB Brian Lewerke is.


May 23rd, 2018 at 9:09 AM ^

Okay, but he also had two games with 400+ yards, and those came against decent teams in Penn State and Northwestern. That's really good. By comparison, Michigan QBs only have one 400+ yard game in the last four seasons, and that was Jake Rudock in 2015 against Indiana.

Good games and bad games...that sounds about right for a sophomore starter, especially considering MSU's skill guys were total mysteries coming into last season. MSU's top two receivers had 15 catches and 1 TD in 2016...and they jumped to 105 catches and 11 TD, and their #3 guy (Cody White) and #4 guy (Hunter Rison) were freshmen.

Context matters.


May 23rd, 2018 at 9:59 AM ^

He had those 400+ yard games on 56 and 57 attempts. I will give you that he didn't have the best WR corps, that is fair but I'm not sold that Brian Lewerke is a top 3 QB in the Big Ten and certainly not a top 12 QB in all of college football.

Let's ask this, would you rather have Brian Lewerke or Brandon Peters?


May 23rd, 2018 at 10:19 AM ^

Right...and on his sub-100 yard games, he had 14 and 22 attempts. More attempts generally mean more yards.

He completed 59% of his passes against a good team in Penn State, and he was well above that against Northwestern.

Again...good games are good, bad games are bad.


May 23rd, 2018 at 10:25 AM ^

I am not sure what QBs you think are better. Lewerke has clear accuracy issues (though he is better than the guy who played in the Rose Bowl) but he is like a true Junior. Considering that Peters looked kind of frail and afraid of contact, I would probably take Lewerke given his legs and experience.


May 23rd, 2018 at 10:35 AM ^

Along that same line, it's hard to quibble too much without having an idea of where someone would re-rank him. If we're talking about dropping the #12 guy (out of 130) down to #14, then who cares? If we're arguing whether he should be #12 or #62, then that's significant.


May 23rd, 2018 at 1:26 PM ^

Lewerke wasn't a junior last season, he was a redshirt sophomore.  MSU has him for 2 more seasons.  For a young QB in his first full year he had some ups and downs.  His numbers were outstanding though considering he played in a few really bad weather games, could have easily thrown for 500 more yards if the weather was good for all his games.

If he takes a leap this year he will be on NFL Draft boards, he's got a lot of ability, and a live arm, can really throw on the run.  Some slight mechnical issues will improve his accuracy.  Listed at 6-3, but I think he's barely 6-2.

He's a good QB who could break out in 2018 with all of his top weapons returning and a more experienced O line.  He's proven more than Patterson honestly.


May 23rd, 2018 at 10:32 AM ^

Based on their college play, I would probably prefer Lewerke. I've liked Lewerke for a long time, though. This is what I said about Lewerke during his recruitment:

"Listed as a pro-style quarterback, he can run a little bit and is difficult to take down on the move; he won't run away from many people, but he should be able to move the chains if you forget about him. When he scrambles, he keeps his eyes downfield looking for receivers and can throw on the move. Lewerke has a quick release and can deliver the ball on a line, in tight spaces, or with touch over the top. I was not extremely impressed with his sophomore film, but I think he took a big step forward as a junior."

Again, I'm not saying Lewerke is a Heisman contender. But he's done pretty well at MSU, and there are some limitations within that offense and with that personnel.


May 23rd, 2018 at 3:33 PM ^

...and that should tell you just how pointless the standard QB rating is at evaluating low volume players.


Peters per game numbers before bowl game:

7.4 completions
12.8 attempts
57.8% completion ratio
97.2 passing yards
0.8 TD
2.4 rushing attempts
-5 yards rushing
0 rushing TD


Lewerke per game numbers:

18.9 completions
32.1 attempts
59% completion ratio
214.8 passing yards
1.5 TD
0.5 INT
9.5 rushing attempts
43 yards rushing
0.4 rushing TD

Lewerke is giving you 166 more yards and 1.1 more TD per game in exchange for 0.5 INT per game. I'll take that trade anytime.



May 23rd, 2018 at 10:36 AM ^

You have to throw that one out. I was at the game. It was a snowy sleety mess. Nobody could hold onto a thrown ball and both teams ended up just turning it into a rugby scrum (I think that’s the word)

The same thing happened once rain hit when we played Sparty. It was just futile to pass

Stringer Bell

May 23rd, 2018 at 10:26 AM ^

They ranked 4th in defensive S&P.  They ranked 92nd in offensive S&P (worse than us at 85).  So yeah, tell me how their great QB couldn't even lead them to a better offensive performance than us.

LV Sports Bettor

May 23rd, 2018 at 2:34 PM ^

less than what Wilton Speight was his first full year as a starter. Lewerke is most overrated QB in the country right now if he's #12.

break down how you want but his numbers were below average when compared to other good QB's on that list


May 23rd, 2018 at 3:49 PM ^

Total QBR for top 20 of that list

1)Will Grier - 75.8 (#19)
2)Tua Tagovailoa - 86.5 (NR)
3)Trace McSorley - 81.5 (#9)
4)Khalil Tate - 92 (#2)
5)McKenzie Milton - 84.1 (#5)
6)Drew Lock - 74.4 (#20)
7)Jake Browning - 71.9 (#28)
8)Justin Herbert - 80.1 (#12)
9)Jarrett Stidham - 67.2 (#39)
10)Nick Fitzgerald - 78.5 (#14)
11)Jake Fromm - 84.1 (#6)
12)Brian Lewerke - 77.7 (#15)
13)Ryan Finley - 80.4 (#11)
14)Jake Bentley - 65.1 (#45)
15)Shea Patterson - 58.7 (#60)
16)Mason Fine - 56.8 (#65)
17)Brett Rypien - 69.7 (#32)
18)Brent Stockstill - 45.6 (#91)
19)Josh Jackson - 60.3 (#57)
20)Kelly Bryant - 77.6 (#17)


May 23rd, 2018 at 12:24 AM ^

was not very good as a Sophomore but grew to be formidable as a Senior. Never underestimate what experience can do for a QB.

I personally think Shea has a higher upside but we are comparing a QB who is the incumbent leader and only real option to a QB that still has to win the starting job.

Goggles Paisano

May 24th, 2018 at 6:52 AM ^

Yes it does.  You don't want him there because he is the QB at MSU.  But look around the country - there are not that many great QB's that should move ahead of him.  Hell, look at the "almighty" SEC last year - they were sub-par at the QB position.  

This list is also not solely based on historical performance.  It is based on where they think the QB's rank today.  As a RS Jr (I think) this year, he will most likely improve on what he has already done.  I was at the monsoon game last year.  He played really well early in that game to get his team two 1st half TD's, and then took care of the football the rest of the way.  As I watched him I became frustrated as I knew he just wasn't going to do anything stupid.  

And for those of you who think he isn't very good, if you're all honest with yourselves, you will all be happy if he is not under center when we play them this Fall.