Shea and Calvin Anderson

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Is today the 10 business day deadline for Ole Miss to push back on Shea's appeal? Any updates there? Umbig11?

With Calvin tweeting "game changer" do you think that has to do with Shea who he's mentioned a ton or with the Ron Prince hire (which I can't imagine hurts)?



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Funny story, went to a pistons game years ago on Father’s Day and had a sign that read “Happy Father’s Day Shawn Kemp!” The guy that had to check out our poster laughed and said “You guys will most likely get on TV with that poster...”.

We did not unfortunately...


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that video could be just 5:42 - and realized, of course!!! Barry Sanders highlights have to be the most difficult videos to edit - the man was a highlight reel.  There's probably more than an hour of footage worth watching.

Then again, maybe they are the easiest videos to put just take a dozen or so random Barry clips and stick them together, has to be some good in there.

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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March 12th is the expected date.  Calvin may have gotten some insider info ahead of time...  He really loves the idea of playing with Shea.  His interview on WTKA with Sam Webb this AM gave me a glimmer of hope.


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Given the response as soon as the application was submitted I believe Michigan thinks Shea is a slam dunk, or else they really want people reporting it will be a slam dunk. The confidence poured out of Schembechler Hall rapid fire.

The Fugitive

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They have to feel optimistic otherwise I think they would have submitted paperwork a couple weeks ago knowing Mississippi would push back.

If CA is truly seeking NFL preparation, look no further than Michigan's head coach, the best OL coach in college per our biggest rival, the schedule and beasts he'll be practicing against.

All that said, I'm not planning on him picking Michigan. It checks off too many of his boxes.


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This has to be referring to Shea considering how glowingly Calvin was talking about him in the interview. Someone (either JH, Warinner, or Shea) must have given him some good news that the rest of us don't have.

Harlans Haze

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It would just make them look vindictive and open them up to more scrutiny from ncaa. Their best course of action is to do nothing and make ncaa make the decision. Who knows how long that will take. No way Anderson can have foresight as to how that decision might go. Remember, this is just an appeal by Patterson to the ncaa for a policy waiver. The logic might be completely on his side, but it still relies on ncaa doing the right thing. That's never been a slam dunk.