Shawn Hunwick: Hobey Baker Finalist

Submitted by CleverMichigan… on March 15th, 2012 at 7:57 PM


It's official, Shawn Hunwick is in the top 10! The only other goalie is Troy Grosenick from Union, and the other CCHA finalists are Reilly Smith (Miami) and Torey Krug (FYS aka MSU). Wisconsin's Justin Schultz is also a finalist.

In other news, Ferris State must be demanding a recount since their first-team all-CCHA goalie didn't make it. 

Also, for the trivia buffs, only 2 goalies have won the Hobey Baker award. In 1988 Robb Stauber won it, followed by Ryan Miller in 2001. 

UPDATE: And news from the CCHA Awards is Knapp has been named Goaltender of the Year. Apparently it's "based on a formula." 

UPDATE UPDATE: Vote for Shawn! Right now he's at 3rd behind Spencer Abbott and Austin Smith.



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A lot of formerly pro-CCHA fans have turned on the league with the way Michigan has been treated this season. Not that it's a conspiracy--I like both commissioner Fred Pletsch and Piotrowski, who heads officiating--but it's clear that it's dying. And I think there is some bitterness from smaller schools.


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Said this before, but I just don't see why he can't play professionally.  I understand he is too small for the NHL and probably for the top leagues in Europe, but from what I've seen of the AHL, he'd be a steal for a minor league/second division team somewhere.


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Was there some earlier announcement that sort of sounded like this, maybe a month ago?  For some reason, I have understood that Hunwick made the final 10 for about a month.  Did I just imagine this, or did anyone else hear anything similar?  I am driving myself crazy.


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Hunwick won the award last year because he had the lowest GAA or sv% or something, with x minutes played.  Knapp has super impressive numbers, this season.  He's played barely half of what Hunwick has, but the numbers are still pretty incredible, I don't think anybody can be too too upset that he won the award over Hunwick