Shawn Conway loves him some RR

Submitted by BKFinest on December 3rd, 2010 at 2:13 PM

He just tweeted:

"rich rod better not get fired!!! imma be pissed if he does"

Interesting, since it's the first I've seen from a recruit or current player directly addressing the issue.



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Here is why:

Possibility 1 - if RR is fired in January, this kid is obviously going to be pissed.  Like pissed enough to take his 4 starts somewhere else.  Like Dee Hart did.  Waiting until January doesn't exactly give the new coach much time to try to mend this fence and keep the kid. 

Possibility 2 - RR is kept in January.  Then we have unnecessarily subjected our recruits (and current players) to this type of shit where they feel compelled to unsolicitedly defend RR.


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I don't want RR gone.  However, if there's one guy that shouldn't be too pissed if JH comes in it's Conway.  He's a big outside receiver.  He should be the ball plenty in RR's offense, but he would probably get more touches and more opportunity to shine in a pro-style offense with a big, pro-style QB. 

Honestly, I know a lot of these recruits have great relationships with our coaches, but I don't want a recruit who wants to play for RR more than he wants to play for M.  What if RR is fired 2 years from now?  What if RR gets sick of this shit in a year and bails for Clemson or who knows where else?  Are these guys going to leave?

I'm glad they're voicing their opinions about RR, especially since it's in support of him.  But realistically, we shouldn't be too scared of recruits jumping ship.  Not many did in the last coaching change, as radical as it was, and not many will this time either, if it comes to that.


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See, I just don't know about that.  Sure, there will be some.  But we didn't have that many the last time, it was just that two of them, Mallett and Boren, were two of our biggest recruits lately, and they had their own reasons that weren't simply "scheme change, thanks but no thanks." 

We might see a Terrence Robinson or Jeremy Gallon head out, but that's probably it.  We'll probably have a guy or two transfer who would have tranfered anyway.  But the guys who signed on with Lloyd who had to deal with RR were guys who joined a winning program.  The guys who came to UM in the last few years joined a team that was a work in progress, and they might think JH is better suited to make them winners.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see that many leaving if JH comes.

Blue in Seattle

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Fans are unhappy about Michigan's season.  The press will stir this up anyway they can and nothing could prevent this unrest.

Basically Brandon knows that people will believe what they want, independent of anything stated.  Take the constant question about firing Rodriguez because of the NCAA violations.

Nothing can stop this except winning more next season.  Although, when I consider Gary Moeller's record during his short time at Michigan, it's interesting to note that in 5 years he brought in 3 Big Ten Championships (1 a tie) and won 4 of his 5 Bowl games, oh and coached a Heismen Trophy Winner.  3 Big Ten Championships is more than Fritz Crisler won in 10 years.  Yet still fans were not happy with his performance.  I'm not saying we should be proud that Moeller ended up drinking too much to cope, and that the arrest that lead to his resignation was started by a fan verbally acosting him.  Just that the fans have pretty unrealistic expectations, and no coach is ever good enough.

I think the best thing Brandon can do is keep to his plan, and when everyone sees he hasn't fired the Head Coach, then a few just might start to understand that Brandon says what he says and there is nothing to read in between.

It's hard to lose a 5 Star recruit.  But we already lost one to Admissions.  If we lose one because of the uncertainty being dreamed up by the press, then the only solution to that is to stick to your word and be consistent DESPITE what the mainstream media thinks you should do.


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People are clueless, stop bothering these recruits.  If you have nothing better to do with your time, go to our blog, that's what i do and i haven't used facebook in like a year.  stop stalking.


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And just think — it's only December 3. Imagine what it's going to be like at the end of the month. You can already envision the broadcast promos for the game: "Will a Victory over Urban Meyer's Florida Gators Save Embattled Michigan Coach Rich Rodriguez's Job at Michigan? Will Rodriguez Be Announced as Miami of Florida's next coach? And Will Denard Robinson Return Home to Florida With Him? All These Questions and More at the 2010 Xtenze Gator Bowl"

It's going to be an absolutely ridiculous circus that does the Michigan "brand" no good whatsoever. Either Brandon doesn't care, or he massively miscalculated.

There's an old phrase, "nature abhors a vacuum." There's a 21st-century media corollary as well: "Information abhors a vacuum." In the absence of any hard information, a situation like this that is allowed to linger for longer than a month is going to produce a grotesquely purulent quantity of speculation, rumor-mongering, and general idiocy.


December 3rd, 2010 at 2:44 PM ^

Don, you are without a doubt one of the most consistently level-headed, reasonable posters on this topic. 

I too dread the media build-up to the Gator or Insight Bowl.  How have we gone from "Heisman Hopeful Denard Robinson and the Dynamic Michigan Offense" to what you have forecast? 

coastal blue

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There's an old phrase, "nature abhors a vacuum." There's a 21st-century media corollary as well: "Information abhors a vacuum." In the absence of any hard information, a situation like this that is allowed to linger for longer than a month is going to produce a grotesquely purulent quantity of speculation, rumor-mongering, and general idiocy.

Hurray, it's Michigan's very own Tiger Woods saga....


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The incoming recruits should be free to say whatever they wish. Bully for them. But it's sort of a given that they would be pro-RR. I'd be more interested to hear from the current and departing players. A few have commented. But it's been a bit muted so far.


December 3rd, 2010 at 4:55 PM ^

If a player is dedicated to Michigan, they will stay and become champions in a variety of ways, no matter the coach. Speculation is just that. Until we know something more than speculation, things are defaulted to the way they are now.

 Anyways, in RR's *first* recruiting season with Michigan, they ended up with the tenth best (according to Rivals) recruiting class. SO no matter who is the coach come Jan 1st, recruiting will be okay.