Shaw, Fitz "doubtful" Saturday; Carvin, Herron expected back

Submitted by Crime Reporter on September 29th, 2010 at 12:24 PM

Per RR's presser.

Rivals says Shaw and Fitz (shoulder) are likely out for Saturday's game but Carvin Johnson and Herron could see action. And Denard is good to go.

"We'll use all the other guys, certainly Vincent Smith, Michael Cox, Stephen Hopkins and Teric Jones ... they all played Saturday, and they took all the reps yesterday and did a nice job," Rodriguez said.


Number 7

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You comment is a lovely, 17-syllable haiku. I've taken the liberty of reordering it into the more familiar 5-7-5 format.



clone and starting back are out?

Bleh! (Love you Coach Jack!)


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The only two back I wanted to see are out.  Plus our only 2 true "speed" backs.  Guess its ground and pound with Cox and Hopkins.  (would be an awesome name for a law firm)


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We all believe that we are deep at the RB position, but NONE of us want Shaw out.

With Shaw in there we have the fastest backfield in CFB and I thought he was doing a damn good job blocking for DROB.


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but I can't resist myself:

Sounds like its time for Cox to step up

Going forward, an effective Cox is going to be huge

I sure hope Cox rises to the occasion and doesn't go soft in the face of adversity, but rather stiffens when necessary.

I'm sure Cox will go balls out for the team. 

That's what she said.


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the coaches may be choosing between playing a hurting and bruised Shaw for both Indiana and MSU, or having no Shaw against Indi and having him healthy and ready against State.  Although this 4-0 start has certainly padded RR's job security, he really does need to beat State this year,, and I think he wants all systems go for that game.  Not that I believe it likely, but frankly, I think a road loss to the Hoosiers would be a more acceptable loss, all things considered, than would a home loss to State this year.  In any case, it should not matter, as for the first time in nearly three years in Big Ten play, I really do not see Michigan losing this weekend, and I don't think that our running back situation is going to be really that much of an issue this week.

Good to see Carvin back though.


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mother fucker, i woke up from a nap having dreamt this was the case with those 2.. perfect..  At least if hopkins is in there, he can throw some massive blocks for Denard..  Same with Cox i spose.  They are both big backs, but their running leaves something to be desired so far.


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Yawn.  Look, I am not one to criticize our players, but with the exception of his performance against UMass and BGSU, I have not been so impressed by Shaw's output that this will worry me.  As for Fitz, he is obviously not 100%.  

The only area that this causes concern is that if Cox, Hopkins, Jones are at RB, their lack of game experience increases the likelihood of a fumble.  But otherwise, I am somewhat psyched to see Hopkins rumbling through Indiana's O-line. 


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Losing Shaw is huge; with V. Smith maxing out at 3.5 yards each carry the defense will be able to ignore the RBs even more and dedicate another defender to the Robinson run game.

So, here's hoping that Hopkins hangs on to the dang ball; and hoping that Cox's (rumored) lack of attention to running-the-correct-play is fixed by Saturday

What an opportunity for one of these two guys to shine and prove themselves.


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That's fine if teams want to key on Robinson's rushing. Then the team can just rock paper scissors them to death. Run a full 2 series of straight Denard runs, then start having Denard fake the run and throw to the wide open slots who's coverage men bailed to stop the DR run.


I like it.

This was focused highly against ND. I kept wondering at the beginning of the game why the hell Robinson just kept running the ball then one play he went to run, stopped, and threw to a wide open receiver for a big gain.