Shane Morris to wear the famed #7 jersey, J.J. McGrath #46

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Per twitter. Quite a number for QBs-




And who could forget the great Spencer Brinton?

EDIT: MOAR jersey numbers per twitter. Incoming kicker J.J. McGrath will wear #46. Really great to see a large contingent of local kids coming to Michigan. Morris from DLS, McGrath from Lutheran North, Hockey's Evan Allen from Henry Ford.



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Something regarding being able to dust off our old Henson jerseys again. I replied in assumption that Morris took 7 as 12 is obviously taken and it was down to 4 & 7. I like the number for UM QBs. Henson is my all-time favorite QB at Michigan.


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Courtesy of, we also find that Leach, Henson and Henne combine for a 2-2 record against Notre Dame (this is more for historical note, considering the current state of that rivalry) and 8-1 versus Michigan State. Some great names, and per the MLive story, Morris will keep the number when Gardner moves on. 


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My friend is Derrick Green's art teacher. He said he will keep #27 at Michigan. She got him to sign a ball for me. Just FYI for anyone who cares about jersey numbers.


EDIT: And then I decided to not be lazy and read the post directly above mine. Oops, redundant.


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That would be an interesting conversation to have in art class. 

"Hey Derrick, can I see you for a minute at my desk?"

(He walks over, uncertain of the reason.  Other students assume he's busted.)

"Ms _______, I promise, my papier-maché mask is almost done!"

"So . . . what jersey number are you going to wear next year?"




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Shane Morris will not red shirt. Reports coming out of Schembechler hall that some coaches expect him to push Gardner for the starting job.


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Reports?  Considering Morris hasn't participated in one official Michigan practice yet, I'm not sure how much credence to give that other than wishful thinking.  Do we even know if he's physically recovered completely from the mono he had last fall?

The only way Shane Morris doesn't redshirt this season is if Devin Gardner gets hurt.  I'm praying it doesn't happen.

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Waded thru the W0RST THREAD HIGHJACK EVER ...but am grateful to post in support of Rick Leach's #7 being once again worn by a Michigan QB.

Who knows, maybe by the time Adidas starts making them the build quality will be worth replacing my Henne-era Nike versions with.