Shane Morris Transferring

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Per his twitter. Shane has had a roller coaster of a time since his much hyped Junior year of high school. Hopefully he has great success as a starter, he will always be a great Wolverine!



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Depending on which rankings you want to believe for graduate sports management programs, these are all top programs:

U of Illinois

U of Connecticut

U of Florida

Florida State U


Texas A & M

U of South Carolina

U of Louisville

Penn State U

U of Minnesota

U of North Carolina

U of Texas

Temple U

That would seem to include a number of graduate options at major universities. Whether they would be interested in a grad transfer quarterback is another issue. Given their play this year, there should be at least 4-5 of those schools without a returning quarterback that has a lock on the position.



Mr. Yost

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They ARE in need a of a QB. We did this exercise awhile back. They're the only school in the state that loses it's starter and doesn't have an heir apparent.

I believe Toledo was also mentioned and SJSU because Borges was there before they fired the staff.

Lee Everett

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It's newsworthy because Shane formalized the speculation and issued a *statement*.


He says "In April I will be lucky enough to have graduated from the greatest university in the world and to have played for one of the most storied programs in the country for the past four years.  The University of Michigan has helped me grow as a man off the field and as a better player on it.  I couldn't have asked for anything more out of the past four years.  I have made friends that I will stay in contact with my entire life. I have had coaches that not only helped me become a better player, but also taught me life skills that will allow me to succeed in anything I pursue.  I have had teachers that were willing to go the extra mile for me and any other student they had to see us succeed. This has by far been the most challenging couple months of my life.  After many prayers and talks with family and loved ones I decided to graduate transfer and play my 5th year of college football at another university.  The decision was not easy due to my love for the University of Michigan and all that it is. Thanking certain individuals would surely mean that I leave someone out but I want everyone to know that I am extremely grateful.  I coudl not have asked of anything more from the people of the University of Michigan and I will forever be a Michigan man.  Thank you to everyone that has supported me along the way.  I love my Michigan family.  Go Blue"


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We knew this would happen. He's a high character kid who went through a lot in his time before and during his career at U-M. He didn't deserve what happened to him in 2014 (no QB does). I'll be rooting for him wherever he ends up

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Glad he got to announce it now. While the writing was on the wall, I thought it was pretty bad how he was removed from depth chart on this blog a few weeks ago when rumors came out. Brian also didnt include him on next year depth chart feature on blog when he did it the other day despite Morris never saying anything about it yet. I know this was likely to happen but when you still have Shallman on it but remove Morris before he says anything then it means you arent being too consistent with your reasoning.

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This is incorrect. There were news articles at the times stated that he was transferring. It was pretty unambiguous. Maybe you missed those articles but it was all very public and discussed prior to his removal from the depth chart. 


Here is an article from 4 weeks ago:…



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Good luck to Shane. He'll always be a Wolverine in my book. Feel bad for all the kids that were promised stuff as freshmen and it never panned out. It happens everywhere. Such is life. Learn from it and grow.

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I really like the grad transfer rule. There may be a time where it bites Michigan, and I wish we didn't have to see Spike go to Purdue this past year (seems like we could use him right now), but I think it's been a huge plus.

A guy does school the way he is supposed to. He goes out there and competes in practice. He comes in and plays when necessary. He wears the winged helmet for four years.

And, at year five, he has a chance to go to a different school, expand his education, and get a chance to see the field at a team that doesn't have a returning starter plus a couple of top-100 QB recruits pushing for playing time. 

I'm glad for Morris and for Dawson and for other guys that may do the same thing. I hope they find a good place and I hope they get to play. They'll always be Michigan Men to me.


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caught in a time warp. Help me please.... I was driving to Traverse City on Thursday with my wife and told her as we passed Central Michigan hey that's where Shane Morris is going to be quarterback next year. somehow I got back there again through this blog page.