Shane Morris puts The Game in perspective

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I'd rather be 12-0 than 8-4...

...but being 8-4 and going to a bowl is better than being 12-0 and a bunch of cheaters.  I would hate it if Michigan football had the same rep as Ohio State football.  I'm not a huge basketball fan, but it's still embarrassing what happened with Steve Fisher, Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, et al.


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The program cheated.

And Michigan's sanctions were BS.  They're not on the same level as receiving perks for playing football at the school.  You may not believe it because you're apparently an Ohio State fan, but Michigan's sanctions were for extra stretching time that numerous schools use...and just don't get caught.

Also, your then-coach Tressel allowed ineligible players to play.  I'd say that's football-related, you know, when your starting QB and starting RB (and a few others) shouldn't even be on the field.


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How do you personally feel about Tressel and his NCAA violation now that your Buckeyes went undefeated and should be in contention for the National Championship game?  Were you among those cheering his return to the 'Shoe on Saturday or did it turn your stomach?  Honest question, no vitriol intended.  I sat in front of my TV imagining how immensely pissed I would be if I were an OSU fan watching Tressel get carried on shoulders while his former players fight their a--es off only to finish a 12 moral victories.


Nova Buckeye

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I can only speak for myself, but I have mixed emotions about it. Part of me is happy because he did being us the best decade we've seen in a long long time. However, I am somewhat aberrant because if he didn't lie, we would be vying for a national championship. However, I feel like even if we didn't have a bowl ban, it would be tough to secure a spot in that game. I think the BCS would be 1. ND, 2. Alabama, 3. OSU, 4. Georgia, 5. Oregon. And I think the winner of the SEC championship would jump OSU. So, I would see OSU beating Nebraska in a close game, then playing Stanford in the Rose Bowl. That's just me though.


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Tressel deserved to be fired and is the man responsible for our pending January inactivity. But the dude was a legend here for 10 years. One mistkae doesn't make me hate him. I'll support him forever. That doesn't mean I think he did the right thing--far from it--but when someone you care about for so long screws up, you don't just lose feelings for them.

Urban Warfare

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They weren't honoring Tressel, they were honoring Craig Krenzel, Will Smith, Cie Grant, Will Allen, Chris Gamble, Michael Jenkins, Drew Carter, and the rest of the 2002 National Championship team.  Tressel happened to coach that team.  I cheered, yes.  Do I still like Tressel as much as I did pre-TP?  No.  Do I still appreciate everything good he did for the University?  Yes. 

Nova Buckeye

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You beating Meyer in Florida doesn't have any relevance to him coaching the Buckeyes. Buckeye fans don't care if he lost to Michigan while coaching Florida, he's 1-0 against Michigan as the Buckeyes coach. Also, I hope you realize that Mattison was the Defensive Coordinator in that game under Meyer.

Nova Buckeye

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I never once brought up Hoke's record at different schools, that was a different Buckeye poster. I do agree with you that Hoke's record at other schools are not relevant. He's 1-1 against Ohio State. Hoke is a good coach who turned around two bad programs. Also, you shouldn't lump all Buckeyes illogical reasonings into one as some, like myself, are able to have thoughtful discussions even with Michigan fans.


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You are definitely right about not grouping Ohio fans together.  Unfortunately, you are swimming against a strong riptide and establishing yourself is going to be difficult due to the idiocity (new word) of the vast majority of Ohio fans that appear on this Board.  Apologies to you on behalf of your bretheren.

Nova Buckeye

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I understand and accept that. Every fan base has their bad apples. However, I know that every school has their fair share of fans who can actually hold an intelligent discussion without throwing out stupid things. On Eleven Warriors, there a few Michigan fans that comment and are intelligent, well spoken commenters. I hope to run into the same fans here.

ole luther

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At least try to know what your coach and AD were guilty of.

---Players breaking NCAA policy

---Coaches and administrators hiding it.

---Coaches and possibly others lying about it to the NCAA

---Ineligable players on field.

Nice job BTW of honoring a man with no honor last Saturday.


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With all due respect, that ACTION had no honor, but are we defined in total by one given action?  If so, no one on this planet has any honor.

Jim Tressel did MULTITUDES of positive things for the community and his players. 

Yes, I'm a Buckeye fan.  No, I'm not proud of that whole scandal.  Yes, I am proud of Jim Tressel's career at OSU mostly as a whole, but not the last bit of it. 


Good game Saturday - it was cool to see both teams fired up for The Game. 


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Ineligible players.  He also lied about it 3 times, because he thought he had a shot at a national title. 

You then honored a liar and a cheat, as well as a team that won with Maurice Clarett.....Ohio State, the beacon of morals, and integrity.

For your reading pleasure:

Here's one of my favorite parts:

 "But few know why Clarett kept answering "I don't know" to the NCAA's questions. The NCAA kept asking where he got his cash, cars and trinkets, and Clarett claims he kept saying "I don't know" or "I just magically got them" or "I don't remember." Geiger was furious with him for that, and the NCAA ran him out for that. But Clarett says he lied to save his coach's hide, lied because he thought his coach would convince Geiger to keep him eligible, lied because he didn't want to implicate the men in Columbus with deep pockets."

Doc Brown

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I never said we were perfectly clean. Since you brought it up... stretching vs. Free Tats/Weed/Cars...One is not like the other. I guess they don't teach basic logic and reading comprehension at Ohio State. 

Since I am a certified in secondary mathematics education, I could help you learn basic logic. 

Urban Warfare

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It was a bit more than stretching.  5 extra de facto coaches, coaches observing off-season workouts, and exceeding in-season practice limits (every other team had to do their stretching during the alloted 20 hours).  You're telling me that five extra coaches doesn't confer any competitive advantage?

Doc Brown

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Did you see us with Rich Rod in 2008...? All of those violations are minor violations in nature. However, due to the Michigan athletic department coming off of probation due to the Fab Five fiasco, the violations were deemed major by the NCAA. 

It wasn't five extra coaches. It was five extra athletic trainers that oversaw stretching. Let's not forget that we invited the NCAA into our AD unlike Ohio State that chose to stonewall. If the NCAA looked at Ohio's compliance department i am sure they would find the same violations.