Shane Morris looked good in MACtion last night

Submitted by Jomafalo on November 15th, 2017 at 6:12 PM

I was suprised no one commented in the MACtion open thread, but Sugar Shane completed 14/22 passes for 297 yards and 2 touchdowns and ran the ball 8 times for 50 yards. He looked confident, poised, and all grown up leading CMU over KSU 42 -23. Wish his time at UM was more successful, but glad to see him doing well elsewhere. Can't help but wonder what could have been.... 



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Brady could have thrown 9 INTS vs MSU
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Everyone Murders

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I'm glad to read he's having some success, and appreciate the OP's post here.  Let's remember, though, that we're talking about a game against 2-9 Kent State.  That does little to answer the question about "what could have been" had he stayed. 

The main thing, though, is that he's having some success and ending his college football career on a good note.  I hope he has a great finish to his season and stays healthy.


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playing well and putting together a very nice season. The other day it did leave me thinking I wonder if he would be playing right now for us if he was still here and how he would be doing? Would he had been playing in front of JOK this year.  

Shane showed some flashes at times, just could never put it all together, but maybe if he had played against Rutgers and Maryland and had good success he might have gained some confidence and been playing well also.

But, I'm excited about the future with Peters and glad he's playing well and getting valuble experience which will help next year.



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and wish him the best. But, let’s not make this anymore than what it is. His stats this season aren’t other worldly. He’s just a guy, he’s not a dude. If he leads them to a MAC title, which is not likely given their two losses, I will show myself out.


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Shane is what he is, a decent by not great QB. People should have taken into account his pretty much all MAC offers other than us and not anointed him the savior. That being said, good to see him have success, and he's definitely forever a Michigan Man.


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He did have a couple of bad turnovers. The first was a fumble as CMU was driving for the put away score (he and a back had a miscommunication). He also forced one on a third down from deep within CMU territory and had it picked. 

But he has improved his throwing mechanics a lot from his Michigan days. He can take something off his throws. Against Western he was terrific in the second half. 

I bet he gets drafted. 


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season with  more bad games than good ones. He has had one fantastic game against Kansas. Last night was very good and a couple of decent games, the others have not been good. I'd be shocked if he were drafted but then I've been wrong before.


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I'm not bothered by the fact that Morris isn't at UM any more, but our three QBs together have thrown for just 1652 yds—over a thousand yards less than Morris—and have thrown all of 8 TDs.

Morris is 207/370 for 2660 yds, 55.9%, 7.19 yds per attempt, 23 TDs/12 INTs

Our QBs are at 56% completion, 6.8 yds per attempt, with a much worse 8 TDS/7 INTs

Morris has faced defenses in most of his games that are inferior to what our QBs face, but our guys ain't exactly lighting it up.


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Never going to fault the kid, he did everything he was asked of at Michigan and still speaks well of his time here. Just didn't have the right skillset for this program but seems to be finding his feet at CMU. Would love to see him get a bit of run in the NFL, doubt he sticks long but if Ryan Mallet can stick to a roster than Shane sure as hell can.