Shane Morris interview at The Opening - via ESPN chat

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Didn't see this posted.  This is ripped from the chat wrap ESPN has for The Opening.  It's interesting to see Shane's response to a few questions (notably about LaQuon, Dawson, and Arnett).  I'm assuming this happened not too long ago.  Enjoy...  Oh, it seems like someone was reading the questions to Shane and he was answering, hence the weird person quoting a person thing at the beginning.
Hey Shane, Laquon Treadwell in Maize and Blue soon? #GoBlue
Corey Long: Morris: Yes sir, definitely going to try to get him to pull the trigger soon.
Comment From Alex  
Shane, who are you trying to recruit this week?
Shane Morris: Derrick Green, Treadwell, Leon McQuay, Alvin Bailey
Comment From KC  
who is the best receiver you have thrown to on the camp circuit??
Shane Morris: That's a great question. DeAnthony Arnett
Comment From Melo  
Accuracy / Consistency, can you improve this before you go to Ann Arbor?
Comment From Pete  
Shane, are you going to keep these Florida boys off Dave Dawson? We need that line intact!
Shane Morris: Yeah, we've been talking to him, he's just messing with Florida
Comment From Josh  
Shane, you gonna make a Glee appearance?
Shane Morris: That's my dream. Non-football related, that's one of my goals.
Comment From brent  
You seem to be a natural leader. do you think this class is the tightest in the country? and do you think you will stick together until signing day?
Shane Morris: Definitely,. our class is a huge family and we keep in touch every day through the phone or social media. No one is leaving.
Comment From Will  
What are your thoughts on playing behind the offensive line haul over the last 2 years?
Shane Morris: It's an honor to play behind such a great class of linemen, I can wait for the opportunity.
Comment From Viv  
Glee or Kate Upton? or PLL
Shane Morris: Kate Upton for sure.
Shane Morris: One more guys
Comment From Sean  
Hey Shane! A lot of people say that the high school football talent in Michigan is not as good as the talent in Texas, Ohio, California, etc. What are your thoughts? Go Blue!
Shane Morris: Overall our best vs. their best is right there. We've proved at at the camps and tournaments. People can tell that Michigan talent is just as good!



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Flamebait? This article was posted 38 minutes ago by ACE. I do not see it anywhere else on the blog, including the Lequon Treadwell thread. ACE proclaims that he is for sure going blue. That has not happened before. The title is a Jerry Maguire refrence. This blog is Big Brother masquerading as a sport blog. 


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Just a piece of friendly advice....avoid Ace WILLIAMS on this blog, but go ahead and read Ace ANBENDER. Also, referring to the people that run this blog as "big brother" is not going to endear yourself to anyone.

ND Sux

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newbies get beat to shit on here for awhile.  Anyone can neg you, but the moderations don't change your point total, you just get points when you post. 

Also, best to avoid even talking about points, 'cuz you'll get bombed...but like I said, you're new.  You have a ton of stuff to learn, like a bazillion acronyms, some of which you may only see on this board.  For example, HOTTDB = "Hold on to the damn ball!" (born 2008, I think).

Welcome aboard.   


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Comes outta left field there but I can't disagree that hell be really good. Maybe tossing the ball to MegaQuon ( you heard it here first) this week will change that answer.

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Not bad, but I fear TV guys coming up with some variation of "Quontum". Like if he hurdles a defender or grabs a jump ball, it'll surely be a "Quontum Leap". But hey, if he does those things, I'm okay with pretty much any nickname.

Semi OT - my iPhone has now stored the word "Quontum" in its memory.


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That's why I'm not losing sleep over the David Dawson situation.  I think in the end he will stay but if he does decide to go with UF then we already have great players recruited at the exact same position and we can maybe grab another skill position player. Needless to say, I hope and pray that he decides to stay with us because I really believe he is going to be a special player but I'm looking for the silver lining here...


Sorry for the doom and gloominess


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If you're unaware, there aren't alot of ways to tag a down-vote. It's either flamebait,  overrated, trolling, or redundant. Someone probably just didn't agree with you and downvoted you. Don't take the tags so seriously. And another piece of advice, don't complain about how your post gets moderated. Everybody's comments are downvoted from time to time and tagged with something they don't agree with. It happens. Get over it.


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I'm aware and I've been here much longer than my profilie created date would lead you to believe, I just think this is a very real and serious potential problem and people are burying their heads in the sand and pretending it doesn't exist. It's a frustrating situation but most people are just totally writing it off and even claiming it's some elaborate joke or that it's twitter-induced psychosis just because they don't understand the technology. 


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I think people fully understand twitter. But if you've been here for a while like you said you have been, you'd know that people overreact to tweets all the time. Can't overanalyze something that an 18 year old kid types into his phone. Twitter is very useful, but it's not a source of intimate knowledge - especially when dealing with young people. It should be taken with a grain of salt.


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Who's trolling? I'm trying to talk about one of our better recruits being obviously unhappy and potentially looking elsewhere. I'm not saying our class is going to fall apart, I'm talking about one player. And I'm not reading between the lines or trying to read into what he is saying, he's been quite clear with what he is saying. Continue ignoring it if you want but don't act surprised if he goes elsewhere. I don't know why nobody wants to talk about this (well I know why but the level of actively trying to ignore it is bizarre) or pretend it's not happening. Keep thinking it's a big elaborate ruse though if that makes you feel better, I'll stick to reality thank you.


Either way, I will move on. I really don't mean to threadjack or annoy people with the same thing over and over again and I apologize if that's the case. I won't say any more on the matter (unless something concrete comes out). Go Blue and fuck ohio.