Shane Morris impersonates Dantonio

Submitted by MrVociferous on July 7th, 2012 at 12:09 PM

Just saw TomVH post this on Twitter.  ESPN did some interviews with the recruits at The Opening and had them do impersonations of coaches.  Shane does a pretty good Dantonio.


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Shane Morris is really clever. Think about the sublety of the joke the way he told it; he leaves unsaid that offering a schollie to a longsnapper is the punchline. I like it. (I realize we offered George Morales/he got a schollie here). Shane, the punchline is Dantonio contradicting himself, sort of, in the quote Shane uses. Hmm....which is it? We may never know. 


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I read the joke as being a joke on Dantonio. 

Dantonio is all like "you know I think long snappers are important, and we're gonna offer one."

Then Shane is all like "LAWLZ, we just had a better longsnapper commit"

Then Dantonio is all like "Well, we recruit nationally."

Then Shane was all like "HALOL"


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to get their Hoke-Dantonio routine going.  Who's going to play Meyer?

EDIT:  Posted at same time as above.  Don't suppose that means we have to get Anzalone after all...


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I'm not sure what your point is? Obviously wins>recruiting. I'd much prefer a win. And I'm not denying that MSU has beat us the past 4 years. But at the same time, they have 4 threads on the front page of RCMB dealing with Shane Morris. Both of those are facts. I never said anything to the contrary of what you said, take a chill pill.


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LOL.  My point is that you're talking shit to MSU that we've got Shane Morris...

...but we've lost to them four times in a row.

There will be a time to talk shit to MSU about football.  That time is not now.


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First off, all I said was "You mad Sparty?" If you consider that talking shit, you need to get some thicker skin.

Second off, once again, I'm not denying that we've lost 4 straight. Once again, they have us where it matter right now. But this is a rivalry. Fans will always "talk shit", to take your phrase, in a rivalry. Even if one school has lost 4 straight, that school will continue to "talk shit." That's part of what keeps a rivalry going.

So if we've lost 4 straight, but we're beating them in recruiting to all neutral eyes, then we talk shit there.

If we all lived by your expectations, for the past 7 years, we couldn't have said anything regarding OSU.

"Oh yeah, did you hear about Jim Tressell lying to the NCAA? He's in a ton of shit. But we can't talk about it, we've lost 7 straight, so I guess we just have to sit here with our heads down crying."

Third off, as a poster below said, I'm not "talking shit" about the fact that we have Morris. I brought this up because they're obssessed with Shane Morris, a recruit of ours, despite the fact they've won 4 straight.


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Now Magnus, I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with you on this one. 

He didn't say anything about wins and losses, he was pointing out how many threads they have on our one commit, and saying it's funny.  It is.  If we beat them four times in a row and then we did something really lame like that, they would have every right to make fun of us.  


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The whole point IS they've won four in a row, so why do they care so much about a recruit. When we on 6 in a row, we weren't obsessing over who they recruited. Heck, we've lost four in a row, and we're not obsessing over who they've recruited.

I just see this as an opportunity for Dantonio to pick a fight with a high schooler instead of a college kid this time....


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It's always a good time to talk trash to sparty. It's so easy. They're always mad. They won 4 in a row, and beat Georgia and they still whine like they got robbed or something. Even when I try and be nice and talk about football with my sparty friends and say conciliatory things it sets them off. It's too much fun to not mess with them.


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Speaking of "chill pills", 


One of those threads (throwing to Arnett) was dated yesterday morning, before this video, and relates to one of their players (at a position of need/desperation this year). The one about "what is he eating" at least I interpret as a "holy crap, think we have enough Shane threads on this board?"  So I'm not sure if either of those really count as outrage.  


Of the remaining two, they are copies of each other.  They both posted the video of the Dantonio impersonation.  Even there, a lot of people are loling or saying it's no big deal.  Not sure you can really hide Dantonio's stern demeanor, lol, but I'm also not sure we can call it outrage yet. 


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1) The one thing I have to stand on is that you say you're not an MSU fan yet you only comment on MSU threads defending MSU. But that's really it.

2) I know you're an MSU fan because being deaf would have nothing to do with my ability to read and communicate on an e-blog such as this. "You must be blind if you don't appreciate Pink Floyd."


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Of course they're mad.  You're right in that they shouldn't be, but they are.  Hey, nobody said Sparty fans were rational or clear minded! No victory is ever going to make them happy and for good reason.  No matter how much they win, no matter what they win at, they will always be considered second tier by every analyst, broadcaster, expert, and average joe in the country.  Even now, when they're having some of the best success in their programs history, more than half of the story lines involve "Will Sparty surpass Michigan" or "Is Michigan on the way out".  I'd be ticked off too if half the headlines and stories about the Wolverines involved a comparison or opinion in regards to MSU. 


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So anytime successful people are together in one place, it's a cirlce jerk? 

By the way - they aren't all top level guys, at least not that everyone knows.  Some of them have lower level offers and are fishing for more.  Some are looking to boost up their rankings.  Some are trying to recruit other guys to their school.  Some are there to meet the guys from other schools and see who they fit in with the best.  Some of them are just 17 year olds who are excited about being on TV (understandably so). 

So, no, I don't think there's truth to calling it a circle jerk.

Kilgore Trout

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"So anytime successful people are together in one place, it's a cirlce jerk? "

No.  Leaders in fields get together all the time to discuss new ideas, try to break new ground, spread knowledge...

I'm not trying to say there's no point to it at all, but what tangible gain can Shane Morris get out of it?


July 7th, 2012 at 2:11 PM ^

Competition against other top players (much more difficult than those he's going against at DLS, that's for sure...) and a whole lot of coaching. Not to mention all the free Nike gear.


July 7th, 2012 at 2:14 PM ^

Right - or all of the other things I listed above.  Or how about - it's fun!  I went to summer camp every year without anything to "gain" from it other than having a good time and meeting people.  Shane seems like a personable guy, maybe he likes hanging out with people who, like him, are top notch football players that he has a lot in common with. 

Or maybe you're right and he's just in it for a game of soggy biscuit with the top athletes in the country.


July 7th, 2012 at 3:23 PM ^

Why does this competition exist?  Is it for high level athletes to high five each other, and say hey, we're awesome?  No.  Think about it.  This is a HUGE (let me say that again H-U-G-E) Marketing coup for Nike.  Recruiting is a massively hot item right now.  People (aka me) are obsessed with it to the point of stalking recruits on twitter (Not recommended, just say no people).  The whole point of the Opening is to capitalize on this.  Nike wants to sell shoes, and shirts, and little gold necklaces with swooshes on them.  The way to do that is to get athletes that are obsessed over by fans (aka me) to come to their party, wear their gear, show how amazing and awesome they are at football, and make fans go buy Nike gear because they think it will help them throw a football like Shane Morris, or run like Derrick Green (or maybe they just really like the swoosh).  Middle 3 star recruits aren't going to draw the fans like 5 and high 4 stars will.  So no, it's not a circle jerk.  It's a high level competition between the best athletes in the country that serves a secondary purpose of selling lots of cool Nike stuff.  The kids are on board because they get to go against the best of the best (think Top Gun here people)  and the execs like it because it makes them $$.  It's a win win situation.  The only losers in this are the MSU fans, so it's not like anybody that matters is getting hurt.


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Nice...only took them 6 mins at the rcmb to post this after more than likely reading it here. I always wondered if they have people on mgoblog patrol to keep hitting F5 to see if they are brought up.


July 7th, 2012 at 1:37 PM ^

RCMB is a place I try to stay away from as I enjoy my IQ where it is at, but I couldn't help reading some of those threads and I can't stop laughing. They seriously are trying to say they wouldn't take Shane?? Wow the force is strong in them.


July 7th, 2012 at 9:16 PM ^

I tend to go there once every few days just to see what they're writing about us. It's usually good for a laugh.

For instance: when Harris picked them over us, on our board, per usual, several posters started a topic at the same time. Our mods deleted all but the first one.

On RCMB, they started spouting off: "they're so butthurt at MGoBLOW [eds. note: I still can't get over the cleverness of this one] that they had to delete their threads! they're so obsessed with us!"

To the last point, in all fairness, I am obsessed with their obsession with us. Because it's hilarious.


July 7th, 2012 at 4:10 PM ^


"We wouldnt take him with Terry already in the fold, but half their recruits would probably be gone. He was a big reason that a lot of those kids choose to go there."