Shane morris has mono

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shane played through mono. lost to rice 28-0. only played first half. 8/17 for 87 yards and a pick. they said he is out at least 10 days, but it could be much more. the QB for my high school football team got mono and was out for 2 months, because something about your spleen being really sensitive makes it so you cant play.

first post, thought it was post-worthy.



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Splenomegaly (big spleen).  Very sensitive to trauma at that point, and if it ruptures, best case is surgery and you're more prone to bacterial infections.  Worst case is you bleed out.  I doubt Shane has splenomegaly given that he was cleard to play against Rice.

Hopefully Shane is ok, but even without splenomegaly, mono can make you feel sh*tty enough that you can't really participate anyways.


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Slenomegaly doesn't develop until ~7 days after the acute symptoms (which is why he was cleared to play this week). If lab tests confirm mono, he'll almost certainly be sidelined for a month, as his spleen would be prone to rupture with a direct hit, as you mentioned. (splenomegaly always resolves with mono though)


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Since when do high schools have a medical staff that clear players? I know he probably saw a doctor of his own that likely gave him advice, but I am sure it was ultimately up to him and his family and what they wanted to tell the coach.

Or I am just old and out of touch with the state of high school football.


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for most big programs there is a team doctor and a certified  trainer. The kids go see them first because they deal with sports injuries and don't just put you on the disabled list for all sprains/boo boo's like your family doctor would. We tell our players to always see the team doctor first if able, to get proper treatment and to stay on the field if possible. This is at the discretion of the parents though. So yeah you're kinda out of the loop. No offense of course.

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Mono sucks, and you can't substitute for rest, try to come back too soon, just prolong the sickness. Mine lasted about 2 months. Got it from a drinking fountain, really!


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I second that, I had mono for the last month of summer going into highschool and i didnt feel 100% for another 2-3 months.


What really gets you is the fact that you dont FEEL sick or bad or anything, you just dont have energy do do anything, ever. Its like depression made into a sickness you can catch. 


Anyway, hope Shane gets better soon.


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I had it Junior year in high school -- lost a week that I don't remember at all. It was a couple of months until I felt truly well.

He should shut down for at least a month -- my daughter also had it, much younger, and it was serious business. Shane is older and so it is not as much of a threat, but the basic principles still apply -- you have to let yourself heal -- if you try to do too much you just prolong it and make it worse.


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Mono was the absolute worst illness I've ever had. Mind you, its not the worst pain, or the most sick I've ever felt, but it lasts what seems like forever.

This may borderline on 'cool story bro', but the fact I remember it 11 years later just goes to how bad the experience was..

I remember the day I was diagnosed; I woke up feeling fine. 4 hours later I was taking 2 hours worth of the allowed 10 hours of phys-ed credits. That day we were playing softball; I had smashed a ball over the outfielders head, but was so tired I ran only to second, it felt like i was in slow motion. After the inning, I held myself up on the backstop. I told the grad assistant I was not feeling well, and he told me to head to the student health center. While I was there the doctor asked for my symptions, and suggested I had mono. They performed the test, and the doctor informed me I had the 6th highest level of whatever indicated mono I he had ever seen.

Then the reality hit home when he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I did, and she had not been sick recently, and I'd later find out she'd never had mono. I tried to blame it on the community beirut and flip cup collection, but that held little water considering none of the other 8 guys I lived with got sick. It didn't take a genius (she wasn't) to remember I'd been on spring break a few weeks back.

The next week was finals, I barely made it through. The lone moment of relief came when I decided to give up halfway through a final. I handed the exam to the professor who was aware of my mono, and she explained she would only grade the answers I had filled out. I had skipped through the exam, answering only the questions I knew the answer to - that was a nice turn of events.

I can't image trying to play a down of football with mono. My roommates were terrified of me, and the 20 foot walk from my room to the fridge was exhausting. The only upside, is now we don't have to worry about him getting hit while he's the starter of the team.


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I had played with a kid since pee-wee football and he was always much better than anyone else around.  He played linebacker and he hit the hardest and had an incredible sense of getting to the ball and blowing up plays.  He continued to be an absolute stud freshman and sophomore year.  Before our first game junior year, he got mono and ended up missed the entire season because of it (if I recall it was something about the spleen being more susceptible to rupturing).  He tried to come back his senior year, but he clearly wasn't the same guy and never played another down of a football game again.

I highly doubt (and hope) that nothing like that is going to happen to Shane, but I've seen first hand what mono can do to a football player.


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Mono can be some serious business. It affects everyone differently. Worst case scenario (besides your spleen rupturing), it can lead to an ongoing battle. That happened with me, but I'm just a weakling and not a 5* athlete so I'm sure Shane will be fine.


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Was hospitalized a week in Kindergarten, basically slept a lot and took it easy. (although, how much easier can in get in Kindergarten? "Steve, don't tax yourself by playing with building blocks." Things being equal, it was better to have mono then rather than in High School.) I can certainly see that Shane needs to back off and get the rest needed.


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I had mono my junior year of college.  I was naseous for three weeks and lost 20 pounds....just felt awful.  It took a couple of months to recover, but within six months it was just a memory.

Get well soon Shane.

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I am currently recovering from mono. I only had symptoms for two weeks but the Dr. did say no contact sports or liquor for a month after for enlarged spleen and liver failure respectively. It can last anywhere from a few weeks to months so hopefully it's only a few weeks for him.


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Y'all are a bunch of wimps.  I had mono once, too, and the only thing I felt was a) a sore throat for a couple days and b) tired for a little while.  It's nothing like a slow death.  It's not painful.  I just dealt with it.


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If he had to get it, I'm glad he got it while still in High School as opposed to a couple years from now during the season. 

I had it during finals of my freshman year.  Yeah that wasn't good, I was on academic probation the following semester.