Shane Morris Dallas Elite 11

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The road to becoming the nation's top quarterback begins Saturday in Arlington, Texas, when the first Elite 11 regional of the 2012 season takes place at Cowboys Stadium.…





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I saw it all unfold, HE WAS NOT THAT BAD! He had a great year for Baltimore that one year, but the year before when he got hurt he was doing very well taking care of the ball, then Shaun King rides the Bucs D to the NFC title game and Trent was gone... only to take the Ravens to the promised land.  Then Elvis shows up and does WORSE.  Trent is the most hated, vilified DECENT TO GOOD Qb of all time,  Scott Mitchell is more hated and vilified but he truly sucked.  Trent got good.  Please forgive the ALL CAPS.  Pinot Noir makes me loud.


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I agree in the sense that Im also curious how he became THE guy with E11. Last year they had that show about it and he just changes course every other play and kid. One kid he likes throws into triple coverage and almost gets picked and he boasts about how good of a ball it was and his guts. Then another kid makes the right read and hits his man perfectly only to see Dilfer rant about his decision making. The guy was an average NFL QB but I dont see how he was annointed THE QB guru by ESPN.

The guy just pulls shit out of his ass and people listen because he was in the league and has a ring thanks to the Baltimore defense. Its really similar to Spielman. Great player and all that but half his commentary goes against something he said 10 minutes earlier. Both take credit for calling it when it works and both will turn on it when it doesnt.

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If Morris can show touch, I think he's better.

Henne was a powerful and relatively accurate thrower but also (slash still does) throw screen passes and dumpoffs at 1000 mph.

But Henne performed at the college level, hopefully Shane can, too.


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So he compliments one kid for one aspect and a different kid for another. It's called positive reinforcement. They can break down film later and work on reads. When the cameras are on there is no reason to tear a kid down. Great QB or not Trent has great knowledge of the game, the respect of being a superbowl winner and high energy and enthusiasm for teaching. It would seem everyone loves the job he's doing except fans, and there is no pleasing fans, that's why they're called fans.


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except he does care kids down on camera. last year he would compliment the ones he liked personally after a horrible throw/decision and then talk down to the ones he didn't like after a great throw a decision. he basically treated it like a reality show to the point that I was surprised there was not a bowl of roses in the background. he just tosses around a lot of hyperbole, that is not necessarly knowledge or insight.


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Although I'm not a big fan of marking a recruit's progress by changes in their star rankings, I am watching to see if Shane Morris can earn a fifth star. This weekend's results will tell us a lot if he can become an Elite 11 finalist.