Shane Morris @ Dallas Elite 11

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All the way from Michigan, here's Shane Morris ( @S_Morris12). Yes, those are Michigan socks. @TomVH [via Twitter]


#michigan qb commitment shane morris, decked out in maze and blue, really impressive this far. #elite11 [via Twitter]



This is the chat link but the chat is rather boring…



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Thanks to umfan323 and dothepose for the info on where to find out more. We may get some information about this thing yet !

Interesting to think what Shane can do with top shelf receivers that can catch those rocket balls he can throw. I'm not sure that the typical HS receiver can get in front of one of those things without breaking a finger. . . .


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I'm not even sure what the purpose of that live blog is, it is giving aboslutely no information out at a rate of 1 tweet per 10 minutes. Yet i'm more focused on that compared to the Louisville vs Florida game.

Also, apparently Tony Romo is there giving advice. If Shane is smart he will not listen to a damn word he says. I would love to hear his take on how he was being recruited to play football for Eastern Illinois lol.


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Does anyone know if any WRs that we are recruiting are playing at this event? It would seem like getting to catch a few balls from Shane could make more of an impact on a WR recruit than visiting campus or meeting coaches. After all, this is the guy they'd be spending four years working with. . .


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Michigan commit Shane Morris throws one heck of a fastball. Probably the most mature/developed-looking guys here.


Nice praise, huh?


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One thing that may (just MHO) have kind of held Shane back a bit over the last season is the amazing velocity that he gets on the ball. His De La Salle receivers just might not be up for catching that kind of a pass.

I remember that in college at Colorado, Michael Westbrook (college All American and highly drafted by the pros) broke a finger trying to catch a Kordell Stewart pass.

It may be that Shane's zing is just a little much for any but the very best of HS receivers. Of course, he is going to learn how to make good throws without his full velocity once he gets to the M.

That's one reason that I am interested in hearing how he performs with receivers where he can really let it go without having to hold back quite so much.


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wins MVP and was 1st QB selected to Elite 11 Final in California... Trent Dilfer says he was "most intense from 1st snap" doesnt say anything about skills tho


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Based on this story from ESPN, Shane did not make it into today's final group at the Elite 11 competition in Dallas. It was gutsy for him to travel all the way to Dallas to compete. He will have plenty more chances to make it to the nationals in California (unless the rules limit him to a single regional competition, which I doubt).…


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I'm no recruiting expert, but if you're already highly rated and committed why would you go across the country for a camp? Seems like a lot of money.


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It's a little of both. They bring in the top QBs and work with them on their mechanics. No one is going to master what they learn in the camp, but Devin Gardner was said to have improved his mechanics massively while at the elite 11 camp. They just degraded as the season progressed on without any additional coaching.


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I feel bad for the guy.  You can really tell he wants to be the number one qb in the class.  I bet he lights it up at the Columbus regional.  The guy that wrote this up seems to agree with the poster above about Morris blowing receivers hands off being the reason for a lot of dropped balls, which is good because I think he's very capable of improving his touch.  Curious, however, that the article says if the first invitation was given out for energy alone that Morris would have won, but it sounded to me like the only reason Dilfer gave it to Kincade was because of his energy...


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Thats 1 thing i've noticed about Shane Morris is he throws a hard and fast ball when he needs to take some off of it and put a lil touch.. If he takes that advice into consideration then he will be fine


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Being invited now doesn't motivate. His talent isn't negatively affected by this but it serves to further motivate. More work, more camps, more accolades to come.