Shane holding his own?

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Fogive me if this isn't relevant (as it is a tweet of an opinion of a person who knew of a friend that saw) and oh this is my first post so i get a mulligan if i shank it ..

But according to Gregg Henson the battle is going strong, and looks like Morris is leading


Just got word that Morris is better than Rudock, I am stunned.

— Gregg Henson (@GreggHenson) August 9, 2015


Just telling you what people WHO ARE THERE are telling me. Feel free not to follow.

— Gregg Henson (@GreggHenson) August 10, 2015




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I have said all along that Morris may very well beat out Rudock and that I feel he isn't nearly as bad as the David Brandon offense made him look last year.  I have always felt that Morris' "problems" were more a lack of coaching and a dogshit offense to play in than the perceived "lack of talent."

I'm glad to hear he is doing so well.  I won't be the least bit surprised if he gets the starting job.


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I had a chance to see him play one of his few games his senior season, he looked good then and no doubt he will thrive under Harbaugh...reminds me a lot of Jim in his youth, tall, lanky, quicker than you would expect, accurate throws, and just enough arrogance you want to hate him, but you are very thankful he's on YOUR team...


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I don't care one way or the other, but I smell some confirmation bias here.

He seems to get a lot of credit for calling a few things that were not so unlikely anyway. And other things he's been wrong about don't get mentioned anymore. If my null hypothesis is that Henson just throws stuff up against the wall at random, I'm not convinced that it can be rejected.


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Isn't today the first full day of pads? Come back to me in a week or two with this info. Shane's biggest issue is consistency.

Mr. Yost

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Who gives a damn about day 1. I don't want the QB who performed better in the first day of camp...I want the best QB on the team to start.

That can be Morris, Rudock, Malzone or Kenny Allen...I don't care as long as it's the best we have available, no bullshit, no politics and that QB comes in and wins football games.

All practice buzz should be ignored for at least a week.


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I give a damn about Day 1.  Because there has been.....  1 day.  And quite frankly after 1 day you can't really comment on who has been better all camp or who is the best heading into game 1.  So after 1 day why does everyone always jump on the guy who wants to talk about what happened on day 1???

I am sure even the OP will be happy to talk QBs after the whole camp is over, and I am further sure that he will never say "I can't believe Harbaugh is starting "XXX", didn't he see what Henson said after Day 1". 





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that this would mean that Morris is playing up and not Ruddok playing down, which is how the tweet reads. Even if this is early, it is great to have competition at QB. I'll be the first to admit, I never thought Denard would start over Tate. Denard worked his ass off in the off season to fight for the starting spot. If Shane was able to do the same, that's great news for us. For the first two weeks I hope to hear nothing but strong competitiion between the QBs.

the real hail_yes

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Well, there's no stock for sale now or in a month... this is just some opinion based on the very limited information that is available. Take it or leave it.

Its not a big deal, but it feels like a lot of people who are like "this doesn't mean anything" also probably think Morris sucks and doesn't have a chance to start


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He had a full set of spring practices to learn the playbook while being coached by the Harbaugh and staff.

He's had much more time to work with the receivers, and thus is more familiar with timing and what they can or can not do.

Frankly, if Shane wasn't holding his own right now, he'd be done.

Water is wet, yes? End of camp - what do they look like end of camp ...


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Isn't today the first full day of pads? Come back to me in a week or two with this info. Shane's biggest issue is consistency.


Morris has always looked good throwing the ball in practice.  Where he goes south is third and nine in a game situation under an intense blitz.  That's when he gets the yips and tries to rely on just gunning the ball as hard as he can in the general area of the receiver.

There's no way that scenario has been fully vetted in just the first day of pads.  Come back in a few weeks and we'll see.




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Morris has been throwing to these receivers for a long time.  Of course he is going to look better initially.  Rudock's value is not throwing to the opposing team.


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People on this blog have all but annoited Rudock the starter and now some news comes out that Shane- you know- actually came to play, and everything is being done to discredit it. When I look at Morris and Rudock, I see Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick... We all know how that one turned out.