Shane Barron ATH from Flint Carmen-Ainsworth

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This kid has been playing varsity ball since he was a freshman in a decent league. He is listed as an athlete. Barron has recieved a lot of early attention from some big time programs, but has only pulled in a CMU offer to this point. I think that is soon to change now that offers are flying out. Check the film out and see what you guys think.

SN- only scout shows the CMU offer…



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They play some pretty strong teams. Flint Powers Catholic is usually a solid squad. Danny O'Brien plays for them. Davison had Muskegon in a huge hole before a big comeback sent the Big Reds to the State Championship a few years back. For the rest of their schedule, here's a link…  Warren De La Salle sticks out as well as Grand Blanc.


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Links are not working so their schedule this past year was ...

Grand Blanc (Justice Hayes)

Warren De La Salle


Flint Powers Catholic (Danny O'Brien)



Flint Powers Catholic




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The Big Nine wasn't a bad league, but lets be honest, it wasn't that great. You had 3 good teams, a handful of mediocre teams, and some very shitty teams.  I played hockey when the Big Nine still existed so its not like I'm an outsider. I watched many football games and still follow some of the schools today. I hope the guys from the Flint area do well at the next level, because Flint needs some good press in a bad way. I think its hard to judge talent from the area, because imo the competition isn't that good.


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He probably would have been offered by the old regime. 

As it is, Michigan has enough midgets on the team (Terrence Robinson, Vincent Smith, Jeremy Gallon, Drew Dileo, Teric Jones).  I think you always want to keep one or two of these guys on your team for returns or to play in the slot, but I don't see the new coaches wanting to add a little guy like this right now.


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He goes to my school and he is definitely a game changer. Problem is that his grades are pretty bad. My friend told me about this time he was tutoring him, and he just could not understand the material. He is also about 165 pounds, but that can be changed.


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Magnus, I agree and had some of the same thoughts as well. It seems like he fit what we were trying to do with RR as a head coach a little bit more. What was intriguing to me was for one, his speed. MANY nice kick returns. Looked good with the ball in his hands. Thought maybe he could switch to the defensive side of the ball. Blueisgood, I also agree with you. The Big 9 (AKA Big 4, now soon to be members of the Saginaw Valley League) has been top heavy for awhile. Davison and Powers have had a lot of success. Carmen has always had a TON of talent, but they never seemed to put it together in the form of wins. When Grand Blanc was still in the Big 9 they were also very competitive. Mark Ingram was at GB for a few of these years.

I had the urge to make this thread due to the recent interest in the Flint Area. Recent signees Justice Hayes(Grand Blanc) and Thomas Rawls(Flint Northern) have peaked this interest, as well as Danny O'Brien(Flint Powers Catholic) being one of the top prospects not only in the state, but in the midwest. Its nice to have some Flint area flavor back on the squad, and hopefully more to come. Hopefully we can get a firm grasp on Detroit, Saginaw, and GR/Muskegon area as well.


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Carman Ainsworth is my alma mater, and we've produced some pretty good talent. Brandon Carr, Dan Skuta, the legendary Jon Runyan, Otis Wiley, Tony Carr, Calvin Simms and Ahmad Rashad, just to name a few. I've gotten to see Shane play a lot in recent years, and both of my cousins play with him. He's a talented kid, also a really good all around athlete.

The Big 9 broke up a few years ago, so all of the four remaining teams, have had to scramble to find opponents, which has given Carman the chance to play against better teams. Powers, Grand Blanc, and Flushing are the main competition. All four schools have produced consistent NFL players, and division one athletes.


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C-A has one of the best track programs in the state, Coach Dommerese, is widely acknowledged as a top flight track and cross country coach. A lot of the better athletes at C-A, run track and field. Jon Runyan used to throw shot put at C-A, under the same coach, and really started developing as an all around athlete. People sometimes forget, that Runyan was a better B-Ball prospect than football at the time.