SFA coach blames "Millennials" for loss

Submitted by snarling wolverine on March 16th, 2018 at 4:26 PM

Even though Stephen F. Austin played pretty well and nearly beat Texas Tech, that didn't stop its coach from ranting about how the "Millennials" on his team apparently didn't prepare enough for the game.  


“The millennials today, they don’t even watch college basketball,’’ the 50-year-old coach told reporters afterwards, via USA Today. “A lot of our guys didn’t even know who those cats [Texas Tech players] were because they don’t watch the game. They’re on their phone and doing that kind of stuff.

I certainly don't disagree that people spend too much time on their phones these days, but . . . maybe as coach he should have helped his team prepare for those "cats" a little better?



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I mean, when you're 18 or 20 years old, there are fundamental developmental issues.

If you're arguing that 35-year-olds make mistakes, then...okay? People at every age make "mistakes." 

On average, you're more mature at 19 than you were at 13...and you're more mature at 25 than you were at 19.

snarling wolverine

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I wouldn't call it a fair criticism.  His team was a big underdog, and yet led most of the game.  There is no reason to question the preparation they put in.

If anyone comes off as immature, it's him for pointing fingers after what was a strong performance by his team.  A 50-year-old college basketball coach should be able to lose with some grace.



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"If anyone comes off as immature, it's him for pointing fingers after what was a strong performance by his team."

...to you. If you were in the locker room, it might be a different story.

It's not too much of a stretch to believe that there *was* some actual lack of preparation that boiled over into the interview. Of course, it's not shown on national TV or in the national media that a kid has no idea what the heck he's doing. If a big part of the game plan is "We're going to go under screens when Taylor has the ball" and it doesn't happen because your guys don't know who Taylor is, that's an issue.

Maybe he shouldn't say it to the media, but it doesn't make it untrue.

Last season we had an OLB we were preparing to play on Friday night against a team that ran a bunch of run-pass options. We drilled "RPO" into their heads all week, put it in the scouting report, etc. On Thursday we asked him what an "RPO" was, and he had no idea.

Guess who didn't play on Friday night?

I know it's natural to assume that coaches are just stodgy old guys who represent The Man, but most of these guys coaching big-time basketball got there because they were pretty sharp players. Maybe, just maybe, his players actually didn't prepare very well.

snarling wolverine

March 16th, 2018 at 5:10 PM ^

Stephen F. Austin was a huge underdog and nearly pulled off an epic upset, only to falter down the stretch.  It's ridiculous for him to be blaming his players after that.  Whatever they did to prepare for the game, they played their asses off.  This is not the time you go off on them.

The coach obviously is heartbroken by the loss, but he's got to keep his composure better than that.







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20 years ago his college players may not have even been able to have watched the other team. The players then may have been into girls, video games, pool, etc. Phones are primarily stealing time from other leisurely pursuits. Also, the other team was prepared. Did not their players have access to phones?


March 16th, 2018 at 5:26 PM ^

True, veyr possible, but you said it: He shouldn't say it to the media. I can't stand when coaches blame kids, whether they deserve it or not. That absolutely kills your credibility to those same kids who you are trying to, and need to, develop. Take care of that stuff in house


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Agree.  We shit all over Rich Rodriguez for continuously shitting on his players - and he deserves every bit of the shit we give him for it.  The SFA coach also deserves this shit for shitting on his players.

Maybe he should coach them a little better, make them believe a little more, get them more interested?  It's his job to have his team prepared - no excuses.  Guys watching phone videos?  Bench thier ass until they can pay attention...


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Well he's right about one thing, millennials are living in a virtual reality through their phones. That whole damn generation is going to go cross-eyed or blind within the next 20 years.


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Well the boomers and gen X are all addicted to pain pills and gen Z is eating Tide Pods so I’d say us Millennials aren’t really doing that bad.


March 16th, 2018 at 5:24 PM ^

To be fair, some of us in Generation X get decent pricing on those pills provided they are in the formulary of whatever convoluted medical plan was available to us, so it isn't like we're shelling out stupid money. Also, that's what booze is for, at least in part.

Wee-Bey Brice

March 16th, 2018 at 4:36 PM ^

Translation: “I’m not very good at my job”. If you are employed to lead millennials then learning how to grab their attention is part of your job. Preparing them for the individuals on the other team is your job. Pointing at your kids to prove they lack focus and proving you lack accountability instead is very... Brian Kelly.


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If he is so astute such that he has the ability to recognize the lack of attention on the part of his players, do something about it! This is the equivalent of a coach saying after losing by 3 when your team missed 15 free throws, "what can I say...kids these days suck at free throws." That coach wouldn't last long because there is a way to fix that as a COACH!

Mr poonsniffle

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The millennials on Texas Tech prepared for the game.

Seems like a coaching issue to get the players prepared for the game. Coaches on both teams are working with millennials here.


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I'm certain that within a decade, the top analytics people will be purchasing usage data from Google and providing scouting reports based on the apps the players from your next opponent are using.


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cause what do I know?  I'm old.  But, if his team had watched some games, and Tech in particular, wouldn't they probably be doing it .... wait for it ....  on their phones?