SF. Kameron Chatman to visit this weekend

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Long Beach (Calif.) Poly has produced a number of outstanding talents over the years, 6-7 wing Kameron Chatman among the latest. Rivals.com's No. 39 player in the 2014 class has picked up interest from schools nationwide - this weekend he'll very possibly receive a Michigan offer when he visits Ann Arbor for the first time.




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but doesn't the staff typically wait to give out real offers until the guy visits campus. Maybe he has a verbal "Come visit and we'll see about giving you an official offer except we're totally going to offer you if you come visit" type deal


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Barefield is definitely interested in Michigan, and vice versa. Sam Webb talked about him and another top 2015 point guard target for Michigan—Jalen Brunson (Des Plaines, IL)—on this morning's recruiting roundup (starting around the 1:50 mark). Sam said that Barefield and his family have stated that they intend to make a visit to Michigan at some point. Sam's opinion is that both Barefield and Brunson will receive offers from Michigan if/when they visit (after June 15, of course). He thinks both are underranked. He also said this could be another Monte Morris–Derrick Walton Jr. scenario where both are offered, and Michigan "sees who jumps at it."

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Doyle is not a flyer at all. Nonsense. The kid is very good. Doyle has a nice shot and it is fundementally sound, he has a post game, and has a nice frame. Doyle is 6'9'' now and may not be done growing. His father is 6'11'', played for the Pistgns a minute, had a long pro career overseas, and his taught his son well on the intricacies of the basketballs. Doyle is probably a 4 year player and could conceivably be a 3 year starter. Great get by Beilein.


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There are very few guys Beilien has jumped on early that haven't turned out fo be very good players.  People forget that GRIII was a 3-star when we offered him, and we he commited, I believe.  Donnal was as well, and THJr and Burke were 3-stars still on signing day.  There have been very few misses for Beilein in his tenure, and most of them were either guys we offered very late just to take a guy and see how he does (Christian and McLimans), or were guys that didn't want to sit the bench (Brundidge, kinda Smotrycz, though he was hardly a bust).  

So I'd say he's well above 50/50 even on his three stars, and based on the recent past, it's at least 50/50 Doyle gets a 4th star.


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17 replies? To me, this is big news.

I know football is more popular but it's so odd how this board blows up with recruiting news on any and every football prospect when a player like Chatman would likely have a far larger impact on UM athletics than 80% of football players because of the nature of the sport.

The Peppers hype is definitely justified but the commitment of a Tamani Carter was met with significantly more MGoFanFare than a Spike Albrecht for example. Silly.


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Per his umhoops.com interview, Chatman has been compared to Jalen Rose.  We can only hope. Chatman is a lefty, and reminds me a little of Caris LeVert; similar type of game, also got a little Calbert Cheaney game with those lefty pull up J's. Chatman would be an excellent addition to the M hoops squad.