Several top prospects trending to Michigan on 247sports

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Late last night the crystal balls started to come in for guys such as... (5* Rashan Gary) (5* Caleb Kelly) (4/5* Ahmir Mitchell) (4* Terrance Davis) (4* Nasier Upshur) (4* Brad Hawkins) (4* Ron Johnson) (4* Khalid Kareem) (4* Chris Evans) (3* Jonathan Jones) GREAT WAY TO START OFF MY MORNING!



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There were some cool tweets about John being the keynote speaker at the Rivals 5-star Challenge dinner, last night. Mike Spath from The Wolverine tweeted that John spent several minutes talking about Jim during his speech. And it sounds like John left a great impression; a few athletes in attendance tweeted very nice things about him, posted selfies, etc.

Can someone with a Rivals account elaborate on John's speech (or not if that's strongly frowned upon)?


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I say the same thing one the board quite often but... I live in Lansing and listen to a lot of sports talk radio. I am so tired of the MSU upswing in recruitment. I love how recruiting now means something to them. They used to say stars do not matter it's about development. Any who, it would be amazing to pull ahead of them in rankings by pulling in the majority of this list!!! Keep the momentum going! I can't wait until we win some games this season.


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Michigan has always recruited better than MSU.  Last year MSU's class ranked higher for one reason alone, Michigan had an abnormally smal class.  I check 247sports and the composite rankings show a consistantly higher caliber of player choosing UM. Even last year.


Michigan is virtually guarantted to have a class ranked higher than MSU this year simply because we can take roughly the same number of players.


I thought this was common knowledge.

Autocracy Now

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I don't know. One would expect MSU to do a bit better this year after two recruiting cycles of very good seasons and impressive bowl game performances. Some HS players will probably start to believe those were not fluky seasons and that MSU is going to be a strong team going forward. Is Michigan's brand still bigger and better? Sure, but they unfortunately closed a lot of the gap. I would not expect us to have a higher class ranking than MSU if it weren't for the Harbaugh add. Even so, it could be very close. 

That said, I don't understand why smaller but very strong recruiting classes don't get higher placement in national rankings. I don't know the details of the methodology, but it seems off. 


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regional recognition. They have much to be happy about although the writers looking for a story may be over hyping it a bit. I think there is one kid so far we really wanted and that is King. I'm sure there will be a few others.

Michigan however has half as many kids and just as many 4 stars. We are recruiting at much more national level than we ever have before and that is a longer sales cycle. Given roughly the same number of kids I am sure we will end up ranked higher.


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you need to believe this for the world to make sense. Here's the reality. Most MSU fans want Dantonio to get his plan A guys -- regardless of ranking -- because the guy has done so well with plan Bs, and worse. Dantonio is now getting more of his plan A guys, and that naturally means more stars and better offers. It's not about stars. It's about first choices.


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Michigan has a better quality (ranking wise) right now than State. State simply has more commits so it shows them higher in the rankings.

But the moment Michigan passes MSU in the rankings, you know they will be talking about how the rankings don't even matter... It's a typical little brother type response.

Prince Lover

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and then this staff will lead this team to 10 wins.

After that, we will be fighting off the recruits with a stick. A really big stick cuz, you know, there'll be like, a lot of recruits....


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I hate to say it, but most of these recent crystal balls come from one Basketball writer.  He could just be on a personal tear.


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I understand all of the predictions came from that one guy. But you got to believe he got info from somewhere/someone to put the crystal balls in. I mean c'mon, do you think this guy is going on a crystal ball frenzy for no reason, he can't be that stupid.


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He does work at 247, it's possible he split a 6 pack of that new apple cider that surely must be very profitable for the liquor companies given how many are joining the market and how intensely they're going after what seems to be a Zima-like beverage with Wiltfong last night, took his best guesses and ran with them. nothing to get too excited over, but better than no prediction for M


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it looks like it's just one guy who predicted like 20 different dudes to come to Michigan. Not sure that means much of anything for us


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yep the dudes a baller, actually kind of moves like brian cole with the rock in his hands.  i think hes by far the best WR they have a legit shot with (though im still shocked more top teams are not all over hawkins).  hawkins and jones are 2 of the more underrated prospects in this class with michigan interest.  i can think of very few id rather them sign


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As much as I love crystal balls that are pointing our way, they were all made from a single source; a guy who probably couldn't sleep last night. Not putting too much into reading those tea leaves.


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pick because it came from someone coverin Rutgers. The rest were all put in by one person at Wolverine Insider and I think you have to question why so many all at once. He only has a 45% success rate on very few picks that have committed. I really don't see one person throwing darts at the dartboard possibly to be thread worthy.