Seven Nation Army chant

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The 2009 season was the last year I was able to enjoy the student section due to this silly thing called graduation. One of the biggest reasons I love this university and its sports is due to our unique tradition. We are second to NONE in that department. From the best fight song in the nation:

to our helmets, to our stadium, to our history, and of course, to this guy:

During the Notre Dame game, the piped in music played "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes who are originally of Detroit. I absolutely love the song and I, along with 25,000 of my closest friends went crazy. And then I started to hear the chant:

Don't get me wrong, it is a super hype and great "war" chant. But it is not ours. For all intents and purposes, PSU was the first fan base to take it as their own:

I either stood in the student section or on the field for the next 5 home games having to hear the chant, and everytime it really annoyed me. We were the ones who taught OSU's band how to spell Ohio, and I LOVE the fact that we invented one of their "best" traditions. The last thing I want to do (I can't speak for our whole fan base) is to involve myself in some other team's tradition, even though it has been short lived so far. I may be completely off based with this, but I compare this to adding "Jump Around" to our 3rd - 4th quarter intermission mixtape.



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Maybe we should build a sound wall along the sides of the alumni section. Pipe in the Phantom of the Opera vinyl to that specific area on key plays. I'm sure once that needle hits the record that section might actually prove useful...


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Forward down the field,
A charging team that will not yield.
And when the blue and silver wave,
Stand and cheer the brave.
Rah, Rah, Rah.
Go hard, win the game.
With honor you will keep your fame.
Down the field and gain,
A Lion victory!

"Go hard, win the game. With honor you will keep your fame." Not exactly lyrics from Cursive.


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A lot of fanbases sing this song now.

Most notably, Buckeye fans have made it a cheer: "OOooh, Oh-Oh-Oh Oh OOooh OOoh..."*

This culminated in what I think was the worst moment in piped-in music history: tens of thousands of Ohio State fans in Michigan Stadium singing "O O O O O O O" right along with our own friggin' loudspeakers!


* I first heard it while walking by a group of Buck-fards before last year's game. I turned to Misopogal and quipped, loudly, "Hey look, they learned a vowel!" which earned me some nasty looks and a retort which I think was "Hey, look, they can't play football!"

st barth

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...matthew dear/audion (or anybody else from ghostly)?  he's local, can blow the roof off of just about anyplace, and I doubt any other school/team is using him.

Southeast Michigan/Ann Arbor/Detroit has a very rich musical history from motown to rock-n-roll to rap and techno so there's really no reason that M games shouldn't feature of buffet of local talent.

st barth

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...let's count our blessings that we don't have "seabass" or whatever the hell that thing at notre dame was called.  compared to that, i'd happily live with jock jams. 


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and the White Stripes are from Michigan to boot.

If you want to play it, have fun and play it.  Don't not play it just because some other school plays it sometimes. 

Hell, I think we should play Hang on Sloopy (a great 60's bubblegum song) at all our games and really piss off OSU. 


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I think the piped-in music needs to stay. No offense to the MMB. In addition to Seven Nation Army, I think the crowd chant portion of OMG by Usher is a great choice. I can't embed but check out Youtube for Usher's OMG and listen to about the :45 to 1:00 section. I can see the crowd getting into that very easily.

Here's a lame try at embedding by an old guy

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Neg bang me all you want. We're all going to be losing our points soon anyway. The acoustics of the stadium does not help our band. Maybe with the design changes everyone in the stadium will be able to hear the band but I sincerely doubt it and I will continue to push for the band to continue their current but reduced role and pipe in music that appeals to more people than they do.


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How is it that a Michigan fan doesn't understand that the options are not limited to silence or jock jamz? We can record various beats, as I mentioned elsewhere on this thread. Those original beats can be piped in. We can play non jock jamz, etc. We are Michigan. . .not Michigan state or the Toledo mudhens. We landed on the fucking moon; we can do better than this garbage.


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...piped in RAWK music it should be Detroit/Ann Arbor music (Detroit/A2 artists OR songs with Detroit in the words) that will appeal to the students AND the alumni (minus the blue hairs) -- and it has to literally rock (or whatever the equivalent is for Hip-Hop/whatever the right term is) -- and it has to be original so that it becomes associated with Michigan -- and it has to be fairly recognizable by a large part of the crowd -- and oh, did I say, it has to rock so that people sing/chant/yell really loudly.

It sucks that Seven Nation Army is taken by PSU, but it is.  It's time to find our own Seven Nation Army. 


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If we are going to pipe in, we need to play "Not Afraid" by Eminem. It sums up our team and fan base pretty well. It is a local artist and not many people play it right now.