Seriously...Iowa Trolls?

Submitted by BILG on October 11th, 2009 at 11:04 PM

Almost not worth responding to Iowa trolls, but I will.
1) Not even a rival
2) Barely won a home night game where you win a turnover battle 5-1 against an unranked opponent with 80% underclassmen.  Then you rush the field?
3) We didn't want your coach, he's a dinosaur...Poor man's Lloyd Carr.
4) Mich is building a program, you guys have 2 good years every decade
5) Seriously....Iowa...You get the third rate talent to whom Mich, OSU, and Penn State don't offer scholarships.

Enjoy the win and stick to the boring Big Ten Ball...In a year or two when we are a well oiled machine, you will be lucky to get a win on us every 5 years or so. Your outdated schemes, and lack of speed and talent were so evident last night, and you were only bailed out by Mich's immaturity and mistakes.

Point being, Michigan is in rebuilding mode and we all expected to hear the trash talk from teams that beat us during this transition....this is what happens when you are the winningest program of all time and have dominated the historical series against all opponents.  Still, when you hear the smack talk from OSU, who was beating us even before the transition and runs a strong program year in and year tip your hat to them as your ignorant and annoying as they can be.  When you hear it from MSU, who has finally beat us twice in a row for the first time in like 40 years, you laugh it off, knowing that they take the rivalry seriously, and say, congrats sparty you caught us on a down year last year, and outplayed us this year (in spite of nearly collapsing and having the usual sparty no outcome before OT.) 

But when ND (that hasn't been relevant for 20 years), and PSU, that hadn't beaten us in 8 tries prior to last year, and now Iowa (clearly a third rate big ten program at best) start talking crap, you just have to laugh.

That being said, I am really enjoying this year so far.  Watching the progress the team has made in just a year is both encouraging and exciting.  Moreover, because the expectations for this year's team were and remain quite humble, it's much easier to sit back and enjoy the games...the sedative of lowered expectations.  Next year, and even moreso in the following years, expectations will return to sky high, and while it will be great to be a top rate program again, losing to third rate programs like Iowa and MSU will return to being painful upsets to far inferior teams.  The fan's psychological luxury of cheering for an underdog (where losses dont hurt as much and wins are never truly enjoyed but expected) will no longer be the norm. 



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But I will get pretty pissed off if Michigan becomes irrelevant over the next 20 years like your boys. Good thing about us UM fans though, is we tend to be critically realistic, and wouldn't claim a "return to glory" or "waking up of the past" with every non-losing decent season we have. If only ND had as many bowl victories as they did hype/nostalgia T-shirts themes over the past two decades, maybe they would be relevant again.


October 11th, 2009 at 11:24 PM ^

you have no idea what you're talking about. to lump iowa fans with osu and msu is wayyyy off. i was at the game. i didn't get one "out-of-line" negative comment before, during or after the game; just a little good-natured ribbing. and i was still in my michigan garb after the game in the bars.

i've now been to iowa city 3 times and have had a blast each time; despite losing 2 out of 3.


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Most my friends can't stand OSU or MSU fans because they tend to be louder, angrier, and violent. My trips to PSU have also been a bit more confrontational. OSU, though, while they are our biggest rival, doesn't bother me that much because they are actually good. I guess I am more annoyed by delusional fans (ND, MSU)than obnoxious ignorant fans (OSU, PSU). My beef is not at all with the hospitality of Iowa fans....My visits to Iowa City have also been pleasant. Just saying that if my 12th ranked team barely survived a home game against a young mistake prone team, I wouldn't be on the boards gloating.

A Case of Blue

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Every fanbase has those fans, and they aren't usually representative of the whole. If they didn't have college football, they'd be trolling the forums at Dog Fancy posting about how cats are better, or on Mac forums talking about the superiority of PCs, or on Burger King fan sites talking up McDonald's.


October 12th, 2009 at 12:13 AM ^

Dude, Iowa is not worth your anger. Our overall record against these guys is now 40-11-4. We have owned this team over the years. They are nothing compared to Michigan.

And from my experiences...the majority of their fans seem to be pretty cool and decent folk.


October 12th, 2009 at 12:01 AM ^

Iowa is at about 2%. By that I mean about two out of a hundred of their fans suck. From my experience they are about on par with Penn State as being tops in the Big Ten. The bottom fans are OSU and then Wisky/MSU are tied.

I just got back to my place in LA from Iowa City. It was my first time in Iowa and I had a great time. Most of their fans were pretty well behaved. Of course there were tons of "Ann Arbor's a Whore" shirts that always entertain me along with the Muck Fichigan shirts. Some thing never seem to go out of style.

When a 2%'er would say, "Fuck Michigan" to me last night after the game I would simply say, "We're Michigan and you're still Iowa" and that was the end of it.

Keep your head up and stay classy if you can. That's what separates us from the bottom feeder fans.

Go Blue.


October 12th, 2009 at 12:19 AM ^

C'mon. This is college football. Let's just have fun with it.

They won the game fair and square. If the dude wants to toot his horn, why not?

We gotta start focusing on......Delaware State? Whoa.

Sextus Empiricus

October 12th, 2009 at 12:54 AM ^

I don't know if I take this diary too well. This is not Michigan to me. It sounds more like snobbery than commitment to excellence.

Kirk Ferentz is a first rate coach and person. I root on Big Ten schools, even OSU against non-conference opponents (we are in this together as long as we are in the same conference.) Iowa can rush the field, just like we rushed the field when Wangler to AC beat Indiana. Not because Indiana is great, but because it was a great game and heroic effort.

I'm sorry to give away a game like that (we were the better team last Saturday - Michigan Men don't fumble BTW - I thought that was a lesson learned from last year). But let's not forget why Michigan is great. Go Blue. Hail to the Victors - even if they aren't Maize and Blue, for now.

Next year will be a smackdown. I'm sorry for the Seniors who played their hearts out - to lose like that.


October 12th, 2009 at 7:31 AM ^

you were Mark Dantonio. Get a grip. I too have been to Iowa and the fan base is very classy. Nothing compares to OSU and MSU fans, but you sir (I use the term loosely)need to take some time off.


October 12th, 2009 at 8:29 AM ^

Quit while you're behind. These kinds of diaries and board posts are met by genuine UM fans and trolls alike with complete disdain. The negs will hit you like a ton of bricks, and deservedly so. Its cool that you're biding your time, like we all are, until UM returns to glory. Doing it now makes you just sound arrogant and like a sore loser.


October 12th, 2009 at 9:13 AM ^

Of course Iowa fans rushed the field; it was their eleventh victory over UM in fifty-five tries, it was on national TV, and it kept them undefeated. If I were an Iowa fan, I would rush the field, too, and I would expect "my team" to be in the top ten this morning.

Part of being a UM fan is knowing that whenever anyone defeats "your" team, it is a big deal to both them and their fanbases. In many cases, defeating Michigan "makes their year." If this makes their year, great.

Iowa may be the best team in what is turning out to be a mediocre Big Ten this year, and could run the table with a few breaks. If they beat Wisky on the road, it will be an indication that their talent base is good enough to get the job done the rest of the year.

If they can beat OSU in the horseshoe, they will deserve a shot at the NC. I'll definitely be cheering for them against both MSU and OSU.


October 12th, 2009 at 10:30 AM ^

and I think they are one of the better fan bases in the Big 10. OSU is what it is with us and MSU well let them have their fun and be the bigger person. As far as the Big 10 goes we need to start giving praise when a team beat us and not excuses all the time. We lost that game because we turned the ball over and didn't make plays and they made plays when it counted.

Being a Michigan grad I don't think we have any room to speak down to any program right now. We are not at the top of the Big 10 because we are young etc... but for 3 years now we been trying to climb off the mat from the knockout that team from Boone , NC gave us. I know when this gets going here in A2 we will all enjoy winning a lot more than we used to because of what we went through.