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Both 'got' and 'gotten' are acceptable past participles for get.

I have got we have got
you have got y'all have got
he/she/it has got they have got


I have gotten we have gotten
you have gotten y'all have gotten
he/she/it has gotten they have gotten

In either case, though, the tense is past. Reference above post about wing acquisition.


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It's not as obvious in book 2, but in Book 1, she's clearly riding a marshmallow peep.

I was just thinking the other day how unfortunate it is that the main character in this comic (Parson Gotti) is from Columbus. Looks like the writers have decided to work the rivalry into the comic, but I'm guessing they're Bucknuts fans which explains why the back of the helmet isn't right.

Jillian, btw, wants to destroy 'Stanley the Tool' who is Parson Gotti's overlord.

I Bleed Maize N Blue

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According to wikipedia, Rob Balder was born in Detroit, went to Roanoke College. Didn't say how long he lived in Michigan. Jamie Noguchi is from Maryland.

As far as being from Columbus, well, Parson is a fat slob who spent 5 months creating his own turn-based strategy game, why?

Because my life sucks! My car is a rolling bomb. My job feels like an endless training film. Nobody reads my webcomic. This place (where he lives) is a hole. A condemned hole for squatter hobbits.



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When I was 7 years old growing up in Colorado I was watching a Michigan game with my dad I told him that I thought those were the coolest helmets I had ever seen and that I wanted to go to college there when I grow up.