Semi OT: Texas practice unis set new low

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By the beard of Phil Knight!


Pants are in the link, tops posted below for your viewing ... something.

Seriously though, this is hideous, even worse than the bumblebees we sported against sparty.  All i have to ask the folks in Austin is, other than money, why?  Just why?  And since these are practice unis, they aren't even going to sell extensively (unless Terrelle Pryor gets his hands on a batch).  Why not make something simple, iconic, and dignified, you know, like their normal unis?




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....and suddenly they are trying to get people to like the Sprite in Oregon. It could be much worse than Texas' practice jerseys (I actually think these aren't so bad) and this one below was just a concept for a game jersey on the Nike blog once, I believe...

It's a small wonder that a photo of the Ducks' practice jerseys would be hard to find. I would have to guess - 1970s Oakland A's,  but in football form.

Silly Goose

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I've long thought that Michigan should just let Adidas go wild with the practice jerseys and spring game jerseys. That way the kids have fun, you can still sell the crazy jerseys, but you keep the game uniforms traditional.


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I agree with several posters above, I honestly don't think they are that bad at all.  I also think, if you click through the link and check out the pants, that the Texas state outline on the orange ones and the state flag on the black ones are nice touches.  Plus they are just practice unis.

I feel like any time something new comes up on this blog, many people immediately dismiss it out of hand, especially uniform related item(s), no matter how good/bad it looks.  This "Something new?  Must be bad" mindset is tiresome.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't like our Trash Tornado uniforms, either, but not every new, alternative uniform is automatically bad.


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Dismissing new things is common for everything that is new or change. Society is to hard to please anymore. Personally I like new because if we didn't have new, we would be living pathetic dull lives that we would all complain about! Speaking of change BF3 came out with a new patch and the tears started pouring.


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Huh, I don't remember people complaining that Michigan's uniforms were pathetically dull for the past 130 years or so.  And it's not like UM has had trouble recruiting without following college football trends, if anything, you draw in players because they know and love the old uniforms/helmet.  Michigan needs to stick with what helped to make them the winningest football program, Oregon and Nike can try to play Ed Hardy all they want to try to catch up.


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There seem to be quite a few people here who are on opposite sides of the spectrum of change vs tradition, and not as many people who are in the middle somewhere. I personally don’t think these jerseys are that bad either, but that’s just me. I’m also of the opinion that Michigan shouldn’t mess with their home uniforms, but if they want to play with the away jerseys a little, it doesn’t bother me.


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I don't see anything wrong with the uniforms. The look Sharp and fit the longhorns. Tradition is often overrated when it comes to uniforms. Penn state and notre dame have always been plain and boring. Nothing wrong with a refreshing new look.


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Props to Penn State and USC.  They've managed to completely avoid the uniform hulabaloo and stick with their simple, classic uniforms.  Somehow, when those teams play at night, or against a big rival, their regular uniforms are enough.