semi-OT: =( =( RVB cut from Panthers

Submitted by kehnonymous on August 31st, 2012 at 2:54 PM

Subject header says it all.  Per RVB's twitter:

I've appreciated all the support and the opportunity with the panthers. I'll hold my head high bc i gave every last thing i had. #noregrets

Sucks to hear, but the NFL is a tough gig to break into.  According to Panther blog Cat Scratch Reader, he does stand a good chance of making the practice squad.  Keep your fingers crossed for a exemplary Michigan Man to get his break, but either way, he'll be a success in whatever he winds up doing.



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I continue to profess that the Panthers will never be good again until they get a Michigan player on their roster to fight the cancer that is Chris Gamble . . .


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Tim Jamison was on and off Houston's practice squad for [2-3?] years, stuck last year and may even be starting for the opening game (he's back-up to starter JJ Watt, questionable for the opener due to injury).  I think David Baas also started on SF's practice squad, eventually graduated to starter, and is now the starter at center for the Giants.  Teams need depth on the line, and if Carolina doesn't, there are teams that do who are watching the waiver wire. 

We waiver-wire watchers have faith in you, RVB!


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Although I agree that it's not bad money, it's not exactly pro athlete money either.  You're looking at something south of 150k, even if you are on the practice squad for all of the weeks prior to the season and all 17 weeks.  Just the 17 weeks would actually be below 100k. 

Again, of course you can live on that, but depending on where you live you're not exactly going to be putting money away either.  That, or you're getting another job in the offseason. 


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There was a notable play where RVB got good pressure on Tebow and forced him out of the pocket... Tebow sidestepped him while RVB got cutblocked and ended up making a 20 yd run but RVB definitely made a nice play ...the problem was there was no other Carolina player there to wrap up Tebow.

Here is the tape. RVB is #72:

RVB was getting held on several plays by the Jets OL pretty blatently. He also got double teamed several times.


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Yeah, granted I have maize-colored sunglasses, but I thought he looked pretty good.  Absorbed several double-teams and forced a ton of (uncalled) holds. I can see that they may have had D-line guys they liked a little better but he'll catch on with someone.  From some cursory scans of a Panther blog, a lot of the readers there liked his motor and steadiness


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I lived in Charlotte for a a couple years and followed the panthers closely. They are notorious for cutting productive hardworking players at the end of the preseason. I watched them cut several all heart grinder type DL and then have depth issues later on in the year. I suspect that RVB will get a call from a team with a hard nosed coach looking for a real football player. 


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Wish RVB luck.  Sounds like he'll be on the practice squad.  Even if he doesn't play a down of professional football, he has a degree, seems to know what he wants to do in life, and will bank some nice money in the interim.  Worse things have happened to people.


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Also cut: Junior Hemingway from KC, who didn't play much in the preseason due to injury, so don't know if they saw enough to practice squad him; Martell Webb from the Cardinals, and Steve Schilling (!) from the Chargers after making the team last year.  On the other hand,  Stevie Brown has apparently made the Giants after bouncing around a few teams.