Semi-OT: Rhett Rodriguez (Rich Rod's son) has grown into a successful HS Quarterback and potential D-1AA/D-1 prospect

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You may recall Rich Rod joking during his introductory press conference in 2007 that his then-7-year-old son Rhett would one day play QB for Michigan. Well, Rhett is now a 6'1" 185-pd HS junior in Tuscon, AZ and a potential class of 2017 D-1AA/D-1 Quarterback prospect.

Here is his game film on Hudl. He's an underclassmen in those clips but the film is impressive for a sophomore. He looks like a smart player and reasonably athletic. He started as a true freshman and led his team to the playoffs and an 8-3 record (the team was 0-10 the year before). During his sophomore year, they went 7-4 and again made playoffs. His sophomore stats were:

  • 15 passing TDs, 4 INTs, 1,718 passing yards, 68.3% completions
  • 10 Rushing TDs, (rushing yardage unknown, but his Hudl film shows several long runs. I would estimate it in the low-to-mid hundreds) 

He doesn't yet hold any offers (not unusual for a kid entering his junior year), and while he's a bit undersized, I could see him earning some D-1AA or mid-level D-1 offers this year or perhaps even walking on for his Dad at U. Arizona (he's about the same size as current Arizona starting QB Anu Solomon). 

Personally I'm just happy to see that the son of a former Michigan head coach was emerging into a successful QB and thought the board might find this interesting from a "where are they now?" angle. 


You probably remember Rhett like this:


He has since grown into this:






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a certain member of the all name team, Legend Brumbaugh, who is the son of Kentucky's defensive line coach. He camped at Michigan this year. If you follow the link in the tweet, he had a huge game last week.


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We should offer him a scholly, promise him the world, starting QB from day one, etc. Then, when he actually commits and gets on campus, everyone should slowly turn on him. People will insult him and his family for real and imagined shortcomings and undermine his chances at success. This will go on for 3 years. Then, we'll take away his scholly and run him out of town.


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Does anyone know if he plays against good competition? I looked at their schedule and didn't recognize any of the teams they play.

Also, it is understandable for him not to have any offers, but is it normal for someone who has the potential to be a D-1 recruit not to have a recruiting profile?


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The competition is not great. His school is about 1,600 students, which isn't tiny but isn't huge, either.

I have come across lots of FCS recruits with profiles on Rivals and 247, so it's a little odd that he wouldn't have a profile if he's an FBS prospect. But it wouldn't be unheard of.


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His film isn't super impressive. He's probably not quite 6'1", he's just an okay athlete, and he doesn't have great arm strength. I would probably peg him as an FCS kid, but a lot of those kids can walk on somewhere at a FBS school.


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I guess it depends on if he wants to play for his Dad or not.  I can't imagine a coach wouldn't love to have an "extra" scholarship by having his borderline D1 son walk on the team.  And I imagine most Universities have steep discounts for children of faculty and staff, not that a P5 coach needs it.


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First off, good for Brett.  I hope he does well and enjoys his time with football.

Second ... that district (Catalina Foothills) is some nice real estate.  It is the Bloomfield Hills* of Tucson, so to speak.  It is on the north side of town on the lower slopes of the Catalina mountains.  It is probably 10 miles or so north of the UofA campus, which itself is just to the east of downtown Tucson.  Straight up Campbell and you hit the Catalina Foothills.

Tucson's growth pattern was first to the east, then to the north.  The Catalina Foothills area was just desert scrub-land 25 years ago.  Growth east checked by mountains; growth north checked by mountains; now it's going northwest (Marana) and now also to the west.

* Or Birmingham, or Gross Pointe.  It's not like Plymouth or Canton ... Marana and Oro Valley more fit that parallel.  I thought maybe Royal Oak, but that's a much older, more artsy place than Catalina Foothills.  Tucson has its artsy locales, but Catalina Foothills is not it.


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Very happy for Rhett.

Lots of great stories in college football about father (coach) + son (QB) combinations.

It would be great to see him crush the naysayers and kick ass.

"We'll watch your career with great interest!"

Clarence Boddicker

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No sweat on the neg. I don't know if that was begging so much as a friendly request. I'd need at least one more 'please' in there, maybe an exclamation point or three ("Please--please!--don't neg me!!"), to have the pathos (or bathos) of a begging thing.