Semi OT: Podcasts and Twitter Follows and a good SEC podcast on Shea

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I try to walk an hour or so each day and as part of it, I line up various podcasts on my phone on YouTube. While looking, I came across this podcast from SECFans on YouTube discussing Shea starting for Michigan and how much it will or will not help. They did a very good analysis and are actually more positive on last season than most of us are. They discuss Shea's performances at Ole Miss and how that will translate to Michigan with his "gunslinger" tendencies and all.  This podcast occurred before Harbaugh announced Shea as the starter.  Give it a look.  It's a decent debate/discussion. 

Aside from random ones like this SEC video, I listen to Michigan Podcast once a week from Steve Deace and MGoBlog Podcasts when they are posted on the site and Maize and Brew when they post.  Do you have other recommendations on podcasts and/or Twitter videos that happen more than weekly that could make the walk go quicker?  Who do you follow on which sites?  Thanks!





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The Audible

Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody

Athlon Sports Cover 2 Podcast

247Sports College Football Podcast

Wolverine247 Podcast

The Michigan Rant

The Yahoo Sports College Podcast


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I would add that 247 also does a "notorious BIG" podcast every few weeks that covers (nearly) exclusively Big Ten football recruiting with Allen Trieu and Barton Simmons.

The Solid Verbal and Shutdown Fullcast are good CFB casts in the "less than fully serious" segment.

For those out of state - the WTKA radio shows often have some good content.  (I would advise NOT auto-downloading and just pick and choose segments as they are broken down to 3-4 segments per hour).  From the Michigan Insider show -- The MGoBlog roundtable on TH, JUB on Friday, and Steve Clark on Wed are personal favorites in addition to the daily recruiting roundup by Sam.  I am less a fan of the Spath and Jamie Morris shows, but they occasionally have Steve Lorenz etc. on as guests.  For these podcasts I would highly suggest a podcast app over their site -- (it may be better now but SUCKED for a long time.).

Non-Football - The Binge Mode podcast from the Ringer is pretty darn good.  Their episode by episode break-down of GoT was awesome and probably more content time-wise than the show itself.  They are currently doing the Harry Potter book series now though I am less a fan of those.


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Shutdown fullcast is hilarious 70% of the time if you're a regular listener.  The are self-aware SEC homers and love the ridiculous narratives.  The Ed Ogreron haiku they did last in the SEC preview was one of the funniest things I've heard in a while.  This one was about Auburn.

Majestic Eagle

Behold my shiny crossbow

Delicious breakfast


Nanni's Ogreron is dead on too.  The bit starts at 25:20


Chuck Norris

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College football podcasts in order:

1. The Shutdown Fullcast: The EDSBS guys. Absolutely hilarious.

2. Podcast Ain't Played Nobody: Bill Connelly (SBNation's S&P+ guy) and Steven Godfrey (also of SBNation, him and Brian hate each other for some reason). Fun mix of numbers stuff and actual reporting, and they love deep dives into G5 shit if that's your thing.

3. Athlon Sports Cover 2 Podcast: Mitch Light and Braden Gall of Athlon. Very good podcast, they're more P5 heavy.

4. The Audible: Bruce Feldman and Stu Mandel, two of the best respected reporters in college football. They're great when it's just the two of them, but can be hit or miss with guests.

5. The Solid Verbal: Ty and Dan. They're pretty much the oldest in the business, they've been doing a podcast for >10 years. They're very meme-y, which is both a good thing and a bad thing (if you've ever heard of "Clemsoning" or "How to talk to your kids about an undefeated Iowa", those were both from them).

Communist Football

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Very interesting podcast Comrade. They're very negative on Patterson's proclivity for turnovers, but agree that he's an upgrade over last year's Michigan QB dung show. Will be interesting to see if Harbaugh can work his QB-whisperer magic.

Champ Kind

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My favorite national college football podcasts are The Solid Verbal and 247sports College Football. I prefer both of these to The Audible or PAPN, but those are ok too.

I listen to a few Michigan specific podcasts as well, mgoblog included. Maize n Brew is pretty good. 

My favorite non cfb podcast is Doug Loves Movies. 

I walk all a lot as well, so I also listen to a lot of podcasts. Not through YouTube though. I use other apps.


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The only podcast I listen to that’s more frequent than weekly is Sam’s WTKA segments.

Weekly football podcast: Shutdown Fullcast (no real analysis here, just humor and vague football discussion)

Weekly non-football: Your Mom’s House Podcast. Funny clips and general ramblings from my favorite comedic couple.


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Thanks for this podcast. 

I took a listen and it did temper my expectations of Shea. That being said, the bottom line issue is exactly what I thought in terms of him developing consistency and avoid mistakes,  namely:


Can Shea avoid playing hero ball when it isn’t called for?

It’s clear to me that’s a big reason for his inconsistency last year. The question is—is that just the way he PLAYS (in which case, can JH & Pep get him to play within the system ASAP)? Or was it merely a necessity last year at Ole Miss & he won’t have a problem playing patiently & just taking what defenses give him?


September 1st can’t come soon enough!


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My podcast listening regiment. It's enough for wall-to-wall CFB through the season and a healthy amount during the off. Numbers indicated are episodes per week

  • Shutdown Fullcast (2x season, 1x off)
  • Podcast Ain't Played Nobody (2-3x season, 1x off)
  • mgoblog podcast / WTKA roundtable (3x season, 0x off)
  • The Solid Verbal (2x season, 1x off)
  • Campus Conversation (5x season, 0x off)
  • Attack Each Day: The Harbaugh's Podcast (1x year round)
  • Behind the Bets (1x season, 0x off)


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Not a bad discussion, but I don't think they mentioned the OL once. Not sure how you evaluate a QB and talk about he runs around too much and not mention him running for his life. Granted, our OL may only be marginally better.


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Anybody know the guys who did the Cambridge Hall hailcast?  It used to be one of my favorites but they apparently stopped doing it halfway through last season.

Anyway here are my recommendations:

The podcast


Wolverine 247

The michigan rant

Wtka shows: mich insider, inside the huddle and m zone

Mich football report - yoder (I know)

The player and fan


If you've listened to those and want more?

Michigan man podcast

Michigan podcast

Inside the trenches jon Jansen

Maize n brew

Blue brothers.

Wolverine confidential