Semi-OT: Notre Dame has Predictive Trading Cards for Recruits

Submitted by EastCoast on June 2nd, 2016 at 11:53 AM

Man, these are awesome. I want one. Great idea by Notre Dame.

h/t Isaiah Hole


The trading card is the new hot item for recruiting mail. Great style points for @NDFootball!

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in SB, whether it's Kelly or someone else. I do know they were quick to follow suit as to Coach and his willingness to try any and everything within the rules,  with their equipment trucks, etc. They realized anything bringing their program publicity was a good thing, instead of bitching, and maybe losing recruits, i.e., Franklin & Co., at PSU where Dwumfour, for one, didn't like their choice of "laughing at others instead of trying things to make their school more appealing."

Doesn't  sound like Kelly, but doesn't matter. Someone in SB is on top of it and their program will benefit.



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They need to be careful with the wording though.  On the card that shows the writeup (Robertson I believe) it talks about going pro after his Junior year yet it shows "4 year statistics".  Attention to detail, yo!

Also it talks about starting his Freshman year.  What will he say when they approach him to Redshirt?  But, but, but... my Pokemon card says I make all these tackles and interceptions, and the girls all like me!?!?!?

East German Judge

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Excellent point, AND, what about the other LBs that Notre Dame will be recruiting (as well as every other position where they recruit more than 1 kid), will his card say the same stats and accolades, or worse or better???  

Kids will no doubt talk with each other about what ND thinks of them versus the other kids.  May backfire, but that would good.


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But in 4 years when the player's actual bio reads:

2017:  Redshirted as a freshman.

2018:  Saw limited game action as a sophomore on special teams.

2019:  Adds depth to the secondary.

2020:  Dismissed from team as a result of violation of team rules.


All of the sudden these cards are going to seem AWWWKWARD...


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1.  How many captains can they predict?  How many Heisnmans?  Does every kids card say the same thing?  If not, do they get jealous of each others fake accolades?

2. Seems like the type of thing that will either bring unrealistic expectations of seeing the field or just plain shame when the stats don't pan out.

I like the idea of trading cards, but the predictive stats seem like a bad addition. 


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You honsetly don't think in this age where you have a social networking app of such a wide variety these recruits aren't already sharing their stories with others now? You don't think two to the top wrs, for instance, who met at a certain camp and became quick friends, aren't exchanging info with one another to see what would benefit them and what, would be, predictably, a poor choice on their part?

And remember at ND they can produce a Heisman out of a lineman with the name of Leon Michael Hart and at Michigan we can't do so with the best rb in the BIG. Things are different there. One of the reasons I really hope Leinhart was short or didn't get the snap off in time, or for any other reason irish hearts were not smiling.

kevin holt

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Yes. just put something like "you write the stats on the field!" or something, don't have that prediction stuff. Just seems like wishful thinking even if they are a championship contender. Show it don't say it.


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Good idea. Even better if this isn't form language. If they actually project a player and the info on the trading cards are a "here's your ceiling" kind of thing...then this crosses into brilliant.


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I can't imagine an 16, 17, 18 year old giving one damn about trading cards. I'm not sure they would even know what one was.


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I will say that I kind of miss actively collecting trading cards and I think these are kind of a neat idea actually, even if it is Notre Dame.

It would be neat for a team to do this for baseball just for nostalgia sake, although even if they had been doing it a generation ago, I am sure Dave Kingman's still said he would be a lifetime .236 hitter and Reggie Jackson's would said he would strike out at a frightening clip. 


June 2nd, 2016 at 2:32 PM ^

My son got a set of MICHIGAN football cards this past Xmas from MDen but it's all former players.

And the concept is decades old - rather than mock up trading cards, it would be your name on the scoreboard ..a 'highlight reel' or another simulated event.

Hell, they did it in Blue Chips and that movie came out in 1994.