Semi OT: NCAA 13 - What works for you?

Submitted by JeepinBen on July 19th, 2012 at 1:05 PM

As a sidebar to Ace's 2500 word opus on the main page, what works best for you in NCAA '13? As Michigan, as other teams, etc. If you're in a dynasty and don't want to put your strategy here don't worry about it. But for everyone else, what seems to work best? Any blitzes that help out a lot? Have a play that's always a TD?

I'd say that on defense I stick to a lot of Man coverage, usually 2 Man Under out of the nickel. Helps with all the screens the AI calls.

Offensively Michigan is pretty good at running Power, but I've found that it's better to the right. The Zone Read works very well, especially if the D is in man. I've also found draws are extremely effective to run the ball. In goal line situations pitch plays out of the I have worked well, as have slant plays and the speed option. In terms of passing the 8-15 yard game is much improved. Outs work well, as do slants. Screens have worked well for me too, especially to the left (dunno why).

What works for you? Any plays that would help the rest of us out?



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I gotta agree with Ace overall in that it is just too easy to play with Michigan, they are very easy to play and recruit with, even at the highest level.  As for strategy, on offense I almost exclusively use USC's playbook.  I tend to run traditional offenses (I-Form, Ace, Strong, Weak) with some shotgun when needed.  On defense, I run 2 Man Under (Nickel or 4-3) and always control the weakside safety.


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Zone coverage is completely pointless in this game. I have a dynasty with South Carolina, so running the ball is pretty important to my team. I have noticed that this game is actually way more challenging than last years to pass. I could march up and down the field with ease, but this years game I am pretty anemic right now on offense. It may just be adjusting to a new game, but the AI for computer defense isn't nearly as bad as years past and actually makes it possible to beat or lose to anyone computer or human user.

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The passing play "Seattle" is gravy. Pump fake immediately to the guy running a long in-route, and hit either of the WRs running a wheel route. Boom, ten yards at least. If they're in zone coverage it's basically QB Oh Noes good if you hit the right guy.


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I believe its the Ace Set>Bunch


For me i've had better experience using a right side formation but you should have the 1 of the 2 outside  recievers wide freaking open.


Also, stick to man coverage anytime I go zone (even something like a max protect zone w/ 3 rushers) the computer will complete a pass just beyond the sticks. 

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I'm in the middle of a dynasty with Georgia (SPURRIERRRRRR!!!) want to talk about easy...

Planning on doing a WKU exclamation project soonish.


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Flip it so Roundtree is alone on the right side of the field. Either he or X will always be open for an easy 2 pt conversion. This also works when down on the goal line.

Running to the left in Ace or I Form sets generally works very well. Play action out of the Ace is great. Or deep passes after a couple of runs, as the defense tends to press. 4 verts out of a 5 wide with Strong slots is generally unstoppable to the seam.

On defense I tend to play man, with maybe one or two safeties in coverage, depending on the down. I like bringing the blitz on first or second down and that's usually successful. Playing out of the 4-3, cover 1 with Demens as the spy is useful against teams with running QBs. I also tend to base align and then key either pass or Run middle depending on the situation.


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The passing play Stick N Nod is unstoppable. The receiver (TE or slot ninja depending on personnel) on the stop & go route is open up the seam EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


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im actually starting with the 'build it from the bottom' dynasty plan.  i've started at Western as an OC.  its nice cuz i can run my offense and not have to worry one bit abt recruiting (cuz ofc ill get a better job at the end of the year).  whats nice about this is that i can learn the game while playing at a tougher level, kinda like running with weights.  when i do decide to run my michigan dynasty (by then rosters will also be better and EA will have released some tuning updates to improve gameplay), ill have the nuances of the game down.  it'll also be useful for laying the smack down on my buddies.


but custom playbooks.  they are your friends.  it was literally the first thing i did.


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Well hopefully the coaching carousel is revamped. I had a hell of a dynasty run from the time the game first came out last year to about 3 months ago. I would play this dynasty rather frequently. I started as O coordinator at UCF won a Liberty Bell bowl or whatever it is. Then I got the O coordinator job at Baylor, won a national title with Baylor then jumped to LSU for their O coordinator job. While there I lost 1 regular season game and made it to a BCS game. I believe I lost in the Sugar Bowl to Oregon bc my defense couldn't stop a thing. I put up like 35 points, but wound up losing on a last second field goal. Apparently LSU didn't want to resign me bc my contract was only for 1 season. I then took a head coaching job at UCLA. From there on I never lost another game, for 7 straight years. I played through 2 contracts and wont a national title each year. I also had the number 1 recruiting class each year. I wanted to eventually get to Michigan to coach however and decided that I wanted to try a new school. After going on coaching carousel there were some big time jobs open that I had interest in, but the best job I could get was head coach of Akron. I played one season with them and won a national title, yes with Akron. I left Akron for the O coordinator job at UM and I thought that this was finally it after Hoke retires or something Ill be in business for the heaf coaching gig. We went like 8-4 won the B1G and they still got rid of Hoke. They didn't promote me or the D coordinator despite me having my alma matter for Michigan they hired Rutgers fired head coach. I went on to win a national title as a coordinator then I quit playing bc of this rdiculousness. I hope its changed I figured I could have any job I realistcally wanted after going undefeated for so many years, so I bid you good luck to getting the UM coaching job on NCAA 13

/End nerdy rant


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Oh yeah, i had a similar experience in 12.  I coached Bowling Green to a BCS bowl as an OC, jumped around a bit and finally I won a BCS bowl and two national titles at Washington.  And all I could get was an OC job at Michigan.


Though the nice thing was that at this point, all the major tuning updates were out, and rosters were gold.  So i just played as Brady Hoke with a new dynasty.  Problem solved.


But yes, the coaching carousel is good and bad.  Good in that it works well when one personally doesnt want to change position.  Bad in that it processes changes in series rather than in parallel.  Also, they should give head coaches the right to hire, retain, and fire their assistants.


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Those are some good ideas maybe something else also would be to add your personal desire to coach certain teams. So I could set a certain number or teams and say these are schools I would like to coach if the option becomes available and if you meet their contract requirements. You could even have it so that you set up a certain amount of interest in each team you choose also. Obviously if your team struggles every year you won't have much of a chance to get the job, but if you are dominating and those jobs come available they basically beg you to coach their school.


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I use four verticals that has the receiver running a zig zag route across the middle, it's open every play. And in the meantime you have 3 receivers in go routes and one on a deep post. One of those four and the zig zag dump are always open


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Anyone not getting invites or can't join one or do one themselves due to an error? Even when you put the code in and played online? Let me know please



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On defense I've had good results with a stack defense.  Deploy three nose tackle sized down linemen (Ash/Pipkins/Big Will).  One Woodley type outside linebacker (Roh/Ryan/Clark is my depth for that spot here).  A fast MLB al la Davis Harris and a pure cover OLB on the other side.  Then just load speed in your secondary.

I move around between a 3-3-5 and a 4-2-5.  When Roh is in I'll often run a four man front.  When I pull him for breathers I'll run the 3-3-5 with Ryan standing up.  Sometimes when one of the big guys needs Gatorade (since I have limited DT depth) I'll deploy a front of two big guys and Roh.  Then I run Clark and Ryan as my OLBs and use them to bring pressure and Kovacs coming down as a box safety.  In the regular stack though Kovac is third on the depth chart with Robinson and Gant ahead of him.  

The stack seems to confuse both the AI and the humans I play since I bring in all kinds of weird pressures.  


July 19th, 2012 at 4:26 PM ^

I have found that the Read Option in the Shotgun - Normal Flex Wing formation is the closest to the "Inverted Veer" that we ran to success against OSU and Nebraska. I use it, and it is my favorite form of Read Option.

As for passing, my favorite play is Levels Divide. I get a zone killer on one side with the dual ins, and on the other side I stretch the field and both routes have options.


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That "work your way up" strategy is how I've played nearly all of my sports games. It's really a lot of fun, although you do struggle at first. There's immense fun in taking a bottom-dweller and taking them to the top. 


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I'm in a multiplayer dynasty and playing as Oregon.  I am using Louisville's playbook, as it is mostly spread, with some pistol and ace thrown in.  A couple of things that seem to work for me:

Calling a "between the tackles" run and then taking it outside instead.  Of course, Barner is a fast enough RB ro do this with.  

Calling any pass play out of the Pistol-Full House formation that has the HB start to slant to the outside and then cut back into the middle of the field.  Usually unless the defense is running a spy, the HB is open right away or outruns the MLB trying to cover him and is open.


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To make the game more difficult and move faster I typically use ask coach and pick one of the first three plays you don't waste time picking plays and it forces you to be successful at a lot of plays you wouldn't typically run.


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I run with Toledo using the Pistol formation quite a bit on offense. Just put Desmond Howard on Toledo and its just unfair to these MAC defenses. Also, is there any online dynasties out there for PS3? And what's up with the point system for online games? Wins yield you minimal points and loses get you the regular amount of points taken away.