Semi-OT: Per Mike Lombardi, Malik McDowell Might Not Play Again (Unverified)

Submitted by EastCoast on September 5th, 2017 at 3:42 PM

Land of 10 quotes Mike Lombardi as saying:


“The Malik McDowell kid that they drafted in the second round, he may not play football again. He’s really injured,” Lombardi said. “I hear from people around the league he may not play football again.”


I am by no means a Malik fan, but it would be a shame to see somebody with so much talent have his career end before it starts because of a freak accident.


EDIT: I added "unverified" to the title to make it less click-baity.



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Well, Malik has his degree to fall back on...

I never understood the appeal of ATVs.  I know many people who have been seriously injured on them, and they aren't even that "fun" to me.  I guess it's just not my cup of tea.


Sucks for Malik.


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Many activites we do are dangerous, but sometimes the fun is worth the risk.  And like any other activity, it's also how to do it.  You can ATV with safety measures in place that reduce the risk of catastrophic injuries.  You know, safe speeds, trails you are familiar with, etc.  I had a rotation in an ER here in the Appalachians that sees most all the emergent ATV accidents and they've published quite a few papers on it.  And they've found pretty much exactly what you would expect; the two biggest risk factors involved in death and/or extreme injuries with ATVs are 1) alcohol and 2) no helmets.

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Haha--good call on Thunderdome. I don't remember trampolines being an issue. Maybe because we didn't know anyone with a trampoline, but I don't think we knew anyone with a motorcycle either. From what I hear trampolines are bad, but motorcycles were his real concern. Could have been the difference between the severity of the bad outcome--broken bones, dislocations, etc. for trampolines vs. brain injury or death for motorcycle.

Anyway, the larger point is that I've heard from more than one doc that ATVs definitely fit in that category of "activity that leads to disproportionate number of serious injuries."


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Dad was a dentist.  Told me the fastest route to financial independence was to buy a motorcycle as he would cut me off financially immediately if I bought one.

He said motorcyclists usually do the right thing on the road but it doesnt matter - cars dont see them and the first point of impact is your face.


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a big 3 row SUV and have almost been hit multiple times in just the last week by people that have just passed me and immeadiately forgot about me.  I have no idea how motorcyclist survive. I'd be constantly diligent in assuming everyone is going to cut me off or come into my lane. 

I could also never ride a motorcycle, because I would be a sweaty mess in all the protective gear and helmet. 


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Horrible if true.  


Hopefully he didn't blow too much of that 3 million dollar signing bonus and can get in touch with a good financial advisor to make the most of his money.


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Could actually be better off than some players drafted this year that are counting on a second contract. Assuming he didn't blow it all in the first 6 months... at least he would know he needs to make that money last forever. Whereas, some rookies go and blow it all because they are expecting an ever bigger contract in a few years, which a lot of time doesn't come.

Assuming its about 2 million after taxes, if he invested it and made 7% a year, thats $140k. More than 99.9% of recent college grads make.


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I'm not a lawyer, but couldn't a signing bonus have some sort of clawback provision saying that if you sustain an injury off the field (even more specifically, if you sustain a motorcycle or ATV injury) that the team can get all that $$ back?  I seem to remember a similar story from a few years back, but I can't put my finger on it.  


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He would have never played a down, even in a preseason game.  Also, I could see them trying to get all or most of it because of how he injured himself.  I'm sure NFL teams (outside of the Lions) try to cover themselves if guys get injured doing dangerous activities like ATV riding or skydiving.


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The RUMOR (100%, unverified rumor) I read today was that he experienced some kind of brain injury in the accident that may keep him from ever playing


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Being on the NFI (Non-Football Injury) list means the Seahawks can withold his salary.  Since most of his pay was bonus which is exempt, this means they can recoup only $465,000.


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If ATV-riding is a prohibited activity in his contract, I think they could move to reclaim his signing bonus should they choose. Certainly teams are allowed to reclaim signing bonuses for suspensions due to off-field behavior.


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Yeah Lombardi is a hack, but there's a lot of smoke about his ATV accident. Most rumors are saying that his motor skills are decreasing due to the severe brain trauma. 

Seahawks are being tight lipped on it, so hopefully it ends up being false.

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Rivalry banter aside, that would be awful to see his career cut short before it really ever starts. Hope it's not true, but if it is, hopefully he finds a way to stay healthy afterwards. 


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I've only had the chance to ride one twice in my life, and I was too afraid to do much more than about 10 MPH or so admittedly. I do know people who have suffered serious injuries on them - in one case, with tons of rehab involved, something which kind of weighed on my mind when I tried one out several years ago. 


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Great news and a bit surprising!

i was sure that Gedeon had the ability to stick on an NFL roster, maybe even as a backup eventually... very impressed that he has seized the starting job.

truly makes me feel sad for some of the other highly talented kids that didn't have the chance to be coached by the current staff.