Semi OT - MGoVideo deleted

Submitted by Lionsfan on April 29th, 2013 at 9:12 PM

I know there's a lot of people on here who watched Thorin's videos, just relaying the bad news.

YouTube terminated the mgovideo and mgodisney YouTube accounts today. I'll keep uploading but that's more than 1500 videos lost.

— mgovideo (@mgovideo) April 30, 2013


Maize.Blue Wagner

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Wow...that's really rough for all of us. I'm not sure there's any reason to go to youtube now. I guess I need to go back to that antique store and buy that box of VHS tapes of 1990s games. Might be the only way I can watch them now. 


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I have lurked for a few years and just finally registered to say how much this ruined my week. I have been content to read the great posts on the main page as I typically share the same opinions and don't have anything insightful to add with any post I might make. Torrenting will have to suffice, but I LIVED on mgovideo, especially this BB season. I have relived this season no less than 10 times this april alone.

It was fun while it lasted and I am sad to see it go.


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Oh I know. I wore out the last four games. I was glad I got on in time to watch the SDSU and VCU games before they got taken down since I was travelling to Arizona. Following them this season was one of the most enjoyable seasons of sports teams I follow in my life. (I'm 31)


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Strike one was mgoblue highlights of a 2011-2012 basketball game against Northwestern, strike two an old interview with Mattison and the final blow, yes of course, the infamous Denard Illinois week interview.



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What a bunch of crap. I hate this mentality. Movies, I get. If I want to watch one, I can usually rent it somewhere. With sporting events, once they're over, unless you have recorded it yourself, there is no resource for watching old games other than the Internet. So yeah, they're copyrighted and everything, but if the "owner" company never makes use of the resources, someone should. Fuck, at least create a paid-membership site where I can stream everything if you absolutely feel the need to squeeze every last drop of profit out of these things.


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If you put thr Return of the King on youtube, it's going to get taken down but there's a ton of places to find it: itunes, amazon, in stores, etc.

These Michigan videos basically just mean that no one will ever seen those games again. Where else will you ever see non-classic Michigan games? If I was interested to see highlights of Michigan's 49-3 drubbing of MSU back in '03(?), where do I find it? Answer: I won't. It is essentially gone forever, and for what reason? Because a copyright holder didn't like it so he/she/they would rather just sit on it and let no one watch it? Ok guy, thanks.


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I kind of anticipated this. Fortunately, there are some easy workarounds going forward.

Everyone needs to save everything that they upload. At the end of the academic calendar year, a consolidated torrent with everything that has been uploaded can be created. Everything for that season is contained within that torrent. That way multiple people have copies of the archive.

While they can take down torrents/accounts ad infinitum, the URL on will never change, since the embed to where the video is stored on YouTube can easily be altered.

Anyone know contact emails for Wolverine Devotee and Wolverine Historian? Especially for the older material, I'd like to begin consolidating and taking account of what source material we do have.

Shoot me an email if you're out there - karpodiem at gmail dot com.


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Who deal with the international copyright infringement agency of whatever. I'm honestly done with posting videos on there cause you never know when they're going to throw that copyright horse shit at you and take away. Fuck them in the a. This pisses me off and it's gotten out of control.


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Wow, a whole lot of misplaced anger in this thread. This has nothing to do with YouTube/Google and everything to do with this country's insane copyright laws.


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I'm no lawyer, but I think this is one of the few rational posts on this thread.

The law of the land is pretty clear, even if we don't like it.  To the poster above who said, "Litigate!" I ask, "Litigate what?"

Even if we feel differently, by law we don't own these broadcasts.  In fact there is a disclaimer at the end of every one of them affirming that we don't. 

Another unfortunate offshoot of these laws is that it is incumbent on a person or company to protect their intellectual property.  If they don't, it becomes part of the public domain.  If a content owner could be shown to have known about this and not acted, they could lose their rights to profit from their work.

An interesting counter-example is HBO-Go.  Right now on HBO-Go, if you're a subscriber, you can watch tons and tons and tons of content.  It isn't free, but there's a lot there that HBO is making available.

What we need is B1G, ESPN/ABC, Michigan and others to get organized and host all this content online.  If it seems like that would be expensive, well, that's the point...  If there isn't money it it, then a company won't do it.  For those of you complaining about the ads on the YouTube pages, how do you think Google/YouTube are making money if not from ads?  Without money, the services go away.  Even if cloud storage is cheap and efficient, somebody's got to pay for it.

A happy medium would be if content owners could somehow see a small benefit from something like Thorin's work and allow the postings to stand on YouTube as long as they are only used for non-commercial purposes.  But copyright law and copyright lawyers make this hard to implement practically.


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That's my point if I wanna listen to a song I can still listen to it on YouTube without payn for it. But for cfb games there is no other way to watch them. I'm kinda surprised there's actually many Super Bowls uploaded in full that r still up ud think the nfl would go after them first


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They were fully aware they were flaunting the law, proudly bragging even about it. Their actions absolutely had a price point that weakened the BTN when ppl could download Sunday instead of watching the replay Tuesday


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This is fuckn bullshit u know we criticize china and Iran for blocking certain sites. Wr censoring the Internet more than they do!! FUCK YOUTUBE!!