Semi OT: Matt Gutierrez lands in Washington

Submitted by ChalmersE on August 12th, 2011 at 1:25 PM

Former Michigan (and Idaho State) qb Matt Gutierrez has signed with the Redskins.  I've always had a soft spot for Gutierrez, who fate dealt a hard blow.  Given the quality of Washington qbs, maybe he'll yet get a chance to shine. 



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Wouldve been very interesting to see where he wouldve landed in the pros if he actually got to to start an entire season at michigan.
<br>How would that have played into henne starting? Could we realistically say that if Gutz played his jr and sr season that we never would've been in the situation we were in the last 3? I know it's a but of a stretch but that injury had huge effects on this program.


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I'm not sure if 2004 would have been much better with Gutz (and would he have made all those throws to Braylon against sparty?).  I can't imagine he would have had 5 losses as a senior QB in 2005.  But then, would Henne have been experienced enough to lead the team to 11-2 in 2006?


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It probably wouldn't have made much of a difference.  Henne was never likely to redshirt, so he wouldn't have been around in '08.   He quickly surpassed Clayton Richard and was going to be, at worst, Gutierrez's backup in 2004.  Carr, I believe, was planning on another QB rotation when Gutz got hurt and left the job to Henne. 

The big backbreaker was Mallett transferring.


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Too bad Gutierrez had to transfer.  I think everybody undertood why he did, and has continued to enjoy watching his career.

Regarding the first posting of "would have been interesting"... what if Antonio Bass never blows out his knee in a meaningless spring drill?  Imagine him at QB in Rodriguez's first season... my apologizes to those of you who hate when Rodriguez's name is brought up on this website. 


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What if a Pittsburgh defensive player takes a slightly different angle--say, his foot is inches away from where it wound up--and hits Pat White differently in 2007, White's thumb isn't injured, WVU wins, Rodriguez doesn't opt for U-M because he's playing for a championship, Barwis never comes to this area and gets to know Elliott Mealer and his brother Brock, and a paralyzed man never walks again?


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While I have a ton of respect for Barwis for working with Brock Mealer, I don't know why people assume that no other S&C coach would have done the same.  It's the brother of a player on the team.  I think the university would have made sure he'd have been cared for.  And by the same token, if Austin Hatch can never play basketball again, I expect the university to help him out however it can.


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I wholly agree with your words, but not necessarily the implication that the same result could/would have happened no matter what. My implication/assumption is that the key to Brock walking was in the personal interplay between him and Barwis; that is, while the methodology and general support could be replaced, human interaction is endlessly complex and inimitable, and I do not have faith that Brock would have walked given a change in that one massive variable.


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I'm sure they have a strong personal connection, but wouldn't that almost inevitably be the case when you're working together for over a year?  All across the country, you hear players rave about their S&C coach ("He was with me every day in the winter after my injury.  I couldn't have done it without him").  I think that's to be expected from the profession.  There are tens of thousands of physical trainers across the country.  Only 120 get to be D-I head football S&C coaches.  These guys know what it takes to motivate people to reach their physical potential.


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I agree once again that being together for a year usually builds strong bonds and that D-I S&C guys are top-notch. I stubbornly stand by my belief that there is no replacement for the interplay between two individuals, and I realize that my claim of a causal relationship is not based on logic. To be completely honest, I believe as Brock does (per his t-shirts) that the glory lies with God and that his miracle happened in the only way possible. 


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Quality and Redskin QB don't belong in the same paragraph.  Local radio tries to talk itself off the ledge by naming other teams with really bad QB situations.


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(or listen to) if # of former Wolverines and/or rookie-rooting trumps a particular team loyalty.  Guittierez is probably too new to play (doesn't yet have a jersey #), but Obi Ezeh debuts as #92.

As for Pittsburgh: Woodley & Foote obviously; Ryan Mundy counts too by the played-at-Michigan standard, with Donovan Warren (#30) as the rookie to watch (injured in Jets camp last year and never made the field, so he gets rookie-rooting rights).