Semi-OT: HS Coach that Banned Saban Relieved of Coaching Duties

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I guess the school wasn't on board with banning the most powerful football coach in the South.


Parkway has let go of head football coach David Feaster. #LHSAA

— Roy Lang III (@RoyLangIII) February 17, 2017


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EDIT: As pointed out by a poster below, he's still a teacher at the school. That was my bad.



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Former amateur boxer here, and yes, it couldn't be more obvious. First, the dude is wearing an outfit that says, "I just came from the gym, and plan to go back later." Second, his reaction is almost immediate. One of my problems with boxing (and even still slightly to this day, long after my "prime," if I ever had one) is the immediate reaction/overreaction to stuff. One of my kids will smack me or something playfully, and sometimes I clench the fists, drop the chin into my chest, and get my body sideways. Then I remember, it's your kids, dude. Finally, the guy goes straight to the basics and does it right - 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, repeat, all good, straight punches. To be a bit critical, he gets his head out over his feet a few times and "reaches" with his punches, but obviously he was in no real danger of a counterpunch... ;-) 


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I respectfully disagree with the great stance, nice footwork comment. His stance is super wide and he is lunging forward. He's not sitting down on his punches but, atleast they are stright shots, no looping bolo haymakers. The other guys are just completely clueless like most folks are in a street fight, they think watching UFC and boxing matches makes them legit fighters


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I think his stance and footwork were a result of his taking on two opponents at once; it gave him the ability to transition from one guy to the other effectively.

That said, those two guys were jabronis, who apparently went to the Foot Clan academy of fighting, not to mention they almost look like they're moving in slow-mo compared to the other dude.

That's enough for my over analysis of this entertaining GIF.


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This was not an overreaction.  Not even close...  That guy intentionally hit his girl, and deserved to be punched out that bad, if not worse.  The other guy had it coming, too, just because he was there and apparently said something.  Dude was defending a personal assault on an unsuspecting woman.  Has had every rigth to dismantle those two assholes.


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Banning a popular coach for nebulous reasons makes it seem as if you are actively trying to deny opportunities to your athlete's out of personal pique.  I can absolutely see parents and other administrators being NOT happy about this at all.

I doubt this was the reason for the firing, but I am sure it did not help him make his case.


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If you decrease (bag man) demand by eliminating a major player, prices go down. Ban the highest profile program and then LSU doesn't need to pay, I mean, work as much to win a commitment. 

So it's obviously in student's best interests (and/or their friends and families) to keep demand high. (I knew my econ degree would come in handy someday...)

Evil Empire

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The Detroit Renaissance coach thought that he could make a name for himself (at least within the Sparty universe) by barring Rich Rodriguez from recruiting kids on is team, ostensibly because one of our Renaissance kids was medicaled.  What he got out of it was a permanent vacation from coaching the Renaissance team.  He tried to cut off the avenue to the best public university in the state, failing to realize that parents sent their kids to his magnet high school so they could get into a good college.

Thomas Wilcher was smart enough not to publicly burn his bridges with OSU despite the twists and turns of the Mike Weber recruitment.


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Sounds like he is:

The Panthers have been very successful on the field during Feaster’s tenure. The Panthers have lost more than two games in a season just once -- Feaster's first year. He was named The Times' Coach of the Year in 2013 as Harris helped the Panthers to their first state title game appearance, even after the school was banned from hosting a home playoff game.


Feaster and the Panthers tied for district championships in 2012 and 2015 and scored one outright District 1-5A title in 2013. In 18 years, Feaster is 168-66 as a head coach.

From the article linked above (link again)