Semi-OT: Doug Farrar hates on Michigan but gives props to Lions

Submitted by sman13 on May 1st, 2011 at 9:28 PM

Hope this hasn't been posted already but in this article, Doug Farrar shows love for Lions' Fairley-Suh combo (bullet number 4) but then proceeds to hate on Michigan in the last bullet:…

Personally, my response to his criticism of Michigan was:

1. Hater

2. Not a fair comparison. A second round pick beats two fifth rounds picks any day

3. This was a slow year for michigan (since this was the year of carr;s last class graduating, some of which who bailed ship when RR arrived) and an up year for app state. Next year with all our wide receivers, mike martin, ryan van bergen, kevin koger, etc michigan is gonna have a much bigger presence in the draft



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This is pretty OT, but can we get some kind of line between posts and the OP's sig? Even on comments, when the font is smaller (I think), it can still get kind of confusing.


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All that proves is the fact that app state is a better football program than half of the division one teams.  They constantly get players drafted.


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I agree the comparison is unfair, especially when you consider the consistency of the programs. I wish there was a line graph of the schools' weighted number of draft picks over the past 5-7 years. Jeepers.

Edit: I think my point holds up since the loss came a few years ago, so a comparison of the two teams over the years is implied.


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For the article, point #10 is so OT it's not even funny.  Does this guy have known issues with Michigan?  Is he an Ohioan?  Amazing.