Semi-OT: Coach Ferrigno made a great memory for a friends daughter

Submitted by njv5352 on July 31st, 2013 at 9:12 PM
My wife and I have some friends who have a daughter who has been very ill. She has been in and out of Mott Hospital for the last six months. They returned to Ann Arbor today to prepare for major surgery tomorrow. Our friend decided he would take their daughter to see the Big House. As they were looking through the gates, Coach Ferrigno pulled up and began to talk to them. He then asked them to join him as he gave them a tour of the Big House. This coach took a little bit of his day and made a memory for their family that they will never forget. This is why the University of Michigan is the best! They have hired coaches who get it. Simply awesome.



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Yesterday, my friend, an Ohio alum, said it was a shame that Hoke (not Urbs) had to be the one to do the classy thing for the beating "Michigan" cancer child. This staff and the whole athletic department seem to project a very classy, caring, family persona. I work at Cincinnati Children's hospital and stuff like this is just awesome. It made my day to talk to a patient about wrestling on Monday. He was upset that we do not get the USA network and he could not watch RAW.


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Gestures like this are another example of why the culture of Michigan football, and really Michigan athletics, is an awesome culture in that it gives back to the community in so many wonderful ways. Hopefully, this is an experience that this child will be able to tell their children about. Many kudos to Coach Ferrigno, and thanks to the OP for sharing this. 

Sione's Flow

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Big thumbs up to Coach Ferrigno and this staff as a whole. One of my favorite quotes from Brady's first press conference was this "Character wins in life and character wins on the football field".

Prince Lover

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I remember going down to the stadium my first couple years at school and running the stairs as a workout. Not only was it unlocked, there weren't any fences. The times, they are a-changin'.

And yeah, me working out, definitely have changed.

the ancient

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Within the last year or so, my son took his high school age daughter to Ann Arbor for a soccer camp or practice to be held somewhere in the Michigan sports complex. Not knowing exactly where the  facility being used was located, my son asked a man walking near one of sports building how to get to the location. The man told my son and granddaughter to follow him. It took at least a few minutes to get to the building in question, and  the man had to open at least one door with a key en route. The man turned out to be Coach Borges, and I was impressed by his random act of kindness.