semi OT (?) classic maize* michigan hockey uniforms

Submitted by KevbosLastingLessons on December 7th, 2010 at 9:48 PM

I know my last thread was beyond turrible, but I could use some help. Anyone know how I can get my hands on the maize Michigan hockey jersey from the late 90's? I want a maize Michigan hockey jersey, and although I do like the Big Chill throwbacks, this is what I truly desire. I believe these to be the second best uniforms in all of hockey (red wings white being the first. I'm a homer). Thanks for any and all help! Go Blue. 



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Mi Sooner

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from the early 90's from Cliff Keen.  It is an authentic one all the way to the fighting strap tie down.  It is beyond sweet.

I hate that Sailor Bill cut off access to the authentic hockey jerseys and only allowed for the replicas to be sold -- bastard!  He really hated the hockey program; thankfully, it is the only revenue sport that he did not try to 'help'.


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If you can be patient about it, no question that ebay is the way to go.  I picked up this jersey in great shape from ebay a few years back, and I think I got it for around 15 bucks.  I just set up ebay so it emailed me results daily, and I think it took me like 6 months or more to actually get it.  It isn't made by Nike (was actually a Lansing product, which I just realized and makes me think I should burn it) but it has the white lettering and has the block M shoulder patches with the crossing hockey sticks underneath.  I think this one is next on my list  Good luck.


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What level of replication are you looking for? At some point in the last 10 years, Michigan used a design that was very similar to the one you have pictured, and those aren't terribly hard to find through eBay/online retailers. The main differences from the one pictured are /slightly/ different script font, the sleeves have the university seal instead of the block M, and they're more of a mesh material. If you want one that's actually from the late 90s with the "dazzle fabric" (I believe that is the technical term...), those are a little bit harder to come by.

Six Zero

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Unfortunately, I ordered a larger size, and instead it was enormous, like goalie cut.  I wear it often to open hockey and have to do the full-blown Jagr jersey cut, otherwise it hangs all over the place.