Semi-OT: Absolutely Critical Reporting Content

Submitted by Blazefire on April 20th, 2010 at 11:01 PM

In, Brian linked to an article detailing yet another arrest for former CB Boubacar Cissoko, and some previous robberies they linked him to. Contained in the sad, sad commentary on what should have been a successful athlete's life, was the following tidbit.

"Police say they were able to link Cissoko to two thefts March 13 from food deliverymen in less than a 90-minute span. Investigators say Cissoko snatched money from the hand of a deliveryman for Mr. Spot's about 12:11 a.m. in the 600 block of Mary Court. The deliveryman was dropping off an order of Philly cheese steaks. Cissoko also is accused of grabbing money from the hand of a deliveryman for Cottage Inn about 1:37 a.m. in the 900 block of Greenwood Avenue, which is in the same area. That deliveryman was dropping off pizza."

It is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that we know that the delivery men were delivery philly cheesesteaks and pizzas when they were robbed. Essential.

Seriously, was the writer hungry or something?



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When it come to news stories, the more facts the better. As long as it's true, they should feel free to put it in there.

More facts + less agenda = better news.


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But only if the reporter had bothered to identify whether the cheese steaks were really "Philly". I mean, were they covered in cheese whiz, American or provolone? And what kind of bread are we talking about? Dripping with greese? How were the onions cooked?

We can't make an informed decision about Cissoko's state of mind without knowing these details. If Spot's used Swiss cheese, for example, then his actions are more easily explained. That's a capital offense in eastern Pennsylvania.


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It's just hilarious that he made special note to show EXACTLY what they were delivering. Not just "food".

Also, were I in his situation, the temptation to lie would be overwhelming.

"Hehehehe.... All those readers believe that guy from Mr. Spots was delivering some Philly Cheesesteaks, but it was actually a couple of Ruben Sandwiches. MUHAHAHA!"

OMG the QB is toast

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From the look of the comments, it would appear that the original article attributed pizza delivery to Mr. Spots, which lead one of the commenters to bring that to light. It seems that the author(s) then went back to the AA police to get the scoop on the type of deliverables. Clearly a slow news day...

edit: ambiguous pronoun clarification


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At first when I heard he robbed delivery guys I was like:

But then when I found out he robbed delivery guys from two of my favorite spots on campus I was like:


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Multiple orders of delicious philly cheese steaks and pizza between midnight and 2 a.m.

+ Ridiculous and completely insane behavior of repeatedly calling delivery drivers and then robbing them in a 90-minute span in a small town like Ann Arbor where it is simply impossible to have such behavior fly under the radar

+ You live on a college campus that recently featured its world-renowned annual festival to legalize marijuana

+ Michael "that's a huge hit bro" Phelps is in town

+ like, 4/20 bro

= Horrible case of the munchies?

Maybe "temporary insanity" would be a plausible defense?

Tim Waymen

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"Perhaps shaken by a mix of sheer disbelief and disappointment over how the graduate of Cass Tech (est. 1939) and one-time B+ student in PSYCH101 with Dr. Shelly Schreier (LSA '82) could fall so hard from his spot at CB for the UM football team, policeman George Franks (husband of Jackson-native Lacey Franks, known for her chocolate-caramel-macadamia-nut cookies that won 1st place in the recent Saline Community Bake-off, beating previous champion Lauren May's eight-layer cake) says police--some of whom had only recently accompanied Officer Franks on short excursion to Tim Hortons for coffee and donuts--were able to link Cissoko to two thefts... is still unknown if the delivery men's intended customers, perhaps in a show of sympathy for their would-be food messiah, left a tip..."