Semi-OT: Aaron Hernandez investigation with Urban Meyer linked to past incidents

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Aaron Hernandez - TE from Florida who is now a New England Patriot is under investigation for a shooting.  Further investigation into his past reveals a history of being linked to violent crimes, most notably during his time at Florida under Urban Meyer.

I have many Ohio State friends who like to downplay the crime wave that happened under the watch of Urban Meyer - this article depicts it best:

"The Urban Meyer era in Gainesville was marred by a long list of varying criminal charges and investigations, as at least 25 of his players were arrested between 2005 and 2010. In 2009, the Sentinel called local defense attorney Huntley Johnson the team's "defensive MVP" for his work in handling a majority of the student-athletes' cases. After taking the Ohio State job in November 2011, Meyer said that the arrests during his time at Florida were “exaggerated."

I definitely plan to pass this on to my Urban Meyer loving friends that are in denial.



***UPDATE - more details on the case makes things look even grimmer for Hernandez***

Update Link

Highlight: ABC News is reporting that police plan to return to Hernandez’s home on Thursday with another warrant based on evidence that the former Florida Gator “destroyed his home security system. ”The report also states that Hernandez’s cell phone was submitted to police “in pieces” and that a team of house cleaners were hired on Monday to clean the football player’s mansion. We are all entitled to the presumption innocence until proven guilty. But how many individuals involved in no wrongdoing whatsoever destroy their home security systems and cell phones?



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it's all in that same article.  Multiple brushes with the law - all violent crimes.  Yet at the end there is the obligatory "..."he's just a nice guy mixed in with the wrong crowd..." b.s.  One time, maybe I get it.  But THREE violent crimes involving a gun plus a fight at a club (yes, the "Swamp" defined as a 'hangout' is a club) leads to the inevitable conclusion he has violent tendencies.

Born Blue

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"The Swamp" is a hangout/restarant across the street from campus on University Ave.  Having eaten there a few times myself, I can tell you it is by no means a club.  If it is a club, then so is TGIF, or Applebees, or Outback Steakhouse, or, well, you get the idea.


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Much like last season, I was really hoping to nab Hernandez late and bank on Gronk's slow return from his annual off season surgery tour. I have the sneaking suspicious Hernandez will, in fact, still be on the board late in the draft.

(Not that that plan worked out all that well for me last season, what with Hernandez's glass ankles or whatever the hell was wrong with him.)


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For the most part I've defended Meyer here on this site, because both us and OSU need to be strong to keep the Game the biggest rivalry in sports... Plus, Meyer had enough sense to put Michigan as one of three schools as an opt-out of his prior contracts....

But if you're indirectly inferring that we pile on Meyer too much, this case, he surely deserves any negative implication...  it has been well noted how the Florida players ran afoul of the law, and were a disgrace....  do you think Hoke would ever let us have a team of thugs?  The Frank Clark theft was the worst thing so far.  There is a vast ocean of difference between Hoke and Meyer in this regard, and I am not being a Sparty here of wishful thinking....  Hoke with Hernandez and he'd have never finished his career or played his last two seasons.


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So I apologize for directing this solely at you. I dislike Meyer as much as the next guy and am glad he's not our coach, but any implication that he shoulders even the slightest responsibility for the alleged actions of Hernandez is absurd. The fact that people here are reveling in the fact that they can throw this in the face of another fanbase is disgusting.

Or maybe I just take murder too seriously...


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You don't have any idea how Meyer influenced Hernandez and neither do I. Your argument is exactly what I'm talking about when I call this thread disgusting. You posit an argument that you can't support and then use that imaginary argument to make a quantum logical leap that Meyer is complicit in a murder.

Oh yeah, I forgot the part that we're then supposed laugh because those idiot buckeye fans don't even care that their head coach is basically a murderer. Those guys are so delusional, amirite?

MGJS SuperKick Party

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Breaking security cameras on your property, your phone, hard drives and hiring a professional cleaning crew to clean your home top to bottom -- these are all things people do who have nothing to hide do, right?

Perkis-Size Me

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If these were the kinds of kids Meyer recruited at Florida, I wonder what makes OSU fans think that he's going to recruit any differently this time around.

Meyer is a great coach. I'm not disputing that. But I would not be the least bit shocked if we start hearing similar stories coming out of Columbus in the next year or two.

In the words of Eduardo Saverin, "you'd better lawyer up, asshole."




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He might have been a good defensive player but I think the QB position worked out pretty well for him all things considered.  Heisman, 2 National Championships, 1rst round pick, endorsements, 3 years of an NFL salary and counting.

S FL Wolverine

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Meyer's past with Florida is troubling, but I'm not aware of any evidence that this is happening at Ohio.  I hear this "types of kids that Meyer recruits" meme, and it occurs to me that Michigan recruits largely the same players as Ohio.  There are very few guys who commit to Ohio that Michigan has not actively recruited. How is it that the kids that U-M gets are "great people" but the ones who choose Ohio (who we also recruited) are "questionable"?  I realize no one has out-and-out said this, but it's implied by the Meyer-bashing and the facts of Michigan recruiting.


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I think the difference is not the players but the oversight provided to them as a student-athlete. The same players who may have come here, go there with what appears to be less oversight into their personal actions. The end result is what you see from Meyer's tenure at FL. What you see at Michigan, however, is what appears to be compliance and accountability. When a player screws up, he is given a chance to rehabilitate or he is removed from the program. His actions aren't defended or condoned.

S FL Wolverine

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This could be and time will tell, but I'm not aware of any crime spree (more so than Michigan) since Meyer took over at Ohio.  And I really haven't seen any difference in discipline - responses to criminal activity - between Hoke and Meyer.  I don't follow every bit of news, but I can't remember any really egregious actions by Meyer in this regard.

michigan fan 1976

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i dont think people are talking about at recruiting time, i think they are referring to the coaching and mentoring part if you are a good mentor and a good coach you can put the kabash to this stuff under you toodlidge but his whole time at florida must have never done this and it is being said it could happen in columbus if his tactics havent changed, something like that i suppose