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Happy Selection Sunday everyone! Sadly, it's not a great year for this holiday in sports due to this sleepy show...I thought it was still gonna be bad, but it would be better than I expected. Now that I'm seeing this format, there is clearly nothing they have up their sleeve! Way to make a boring show astronomically more boring CBS! They literally sucked all of the remaining excitement out of this show.

It's on TBS as controversially discussed, as well as the CBS Sports App and probably the March Madness App.

You can watch the team and the Maize Rage watch here:



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I agree Perkis.  How do you lose 11 of your last 14 regular season games and get in.  Then again Arizona State lost 8 of their last 11 conference games and still got in too.  I think both of them being ranked #1 early on helped them both get in.  Either way it's a travesty that they are in and 27-5 St. Mary's, who was in the AP top 25 all season got snubbed.


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Took 15 minutes to tell us what usually takes 2 minutes to reveal. Probably won't see the brackets until Tuesday at this rate. I found out that Ohio State, Sparty and Purdue made the tournament! 


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One quality win, at home vs. Michigan. They needed more quality wins. They loaded up on cupcakes in the non-conference season and then played a tissue-soft conference schedule. They also lost to Illinois. You want an at-large bid, don’t lose to Illinois.


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Virginia must have picked Charlotte; Cincinnati in Nashville might crack open a door for a second Big Ten team in Detroit, but I’m still not getting my hopes up.

Whole Milk

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St. Mary's played no one and didn't even try to schedule anyone knowing their conference sucks. They had the win against Gonzaga and that was it. They put all of their eggs in the basket that had them beating Gonzaga and BYU, when you only go 3-2 against them, you have to pretty much win everything else, and they had 3 BAD losses on top of it. They did not deserve to play in this tournament. Very pleased that the committee agreed.

G. Gulo of the Dale

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... USC was not even in the "last four in" in either Lunardi's bracket or Bracketmatrix.  That was a head-scratcher.  Apparently being the ninth-best team in the ACC is better than being (arguably) the third-best team in the Pac-12 this year.


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Why 'Cuse?
Both Syracuse (20-13) and Notre Dame (20-14) woiuld've been in the tournament as the last two teams had Davidson lost to Rhode Island in the A-10 championship game. They both finished with 8-10 records in the ACC regular season, but Notre Dame beat Syracuse by two in the Carrier Dome.
Likely that Syracuse got in the field based on their strength of schedule (17th in all Division One games; 15th in non-conference games). Six of their 13 losses were against teams given one or two seeds in the tournament (two losses to both Virginia and North Carolina; one loss each to Kansas and Duke) and they were 6-9 against teams in the tournament.  They were 4-0 against teams ranked below 200 in RPI.
Six of Notre Dame’s 14 losses were against teams seeded one or two in the tournament (two losses to each of Virginia, Duke and UNC).  Their strength of schedule was ranked 44th in all Division One games and 166th in non-conference games, and they were 5-10 against tournament teams. They were 7-0 against teams ranked below 200 in RPI. They're a one seed in the NIT.
Southern Cal was 2-7 against teams in the tournament (wins against New Mexico State and Cal State-Fullerton; two losses to both Arizona and UCLA, plus losses against Texas A & M, Oklahoma and Arizona State). Six of their 23 wins were against Oregon and Oregon State. They were 6-1 against teams ranked below 200 in RPI. Their strength of schedule was 47th in all Division One games and 58th in non-conference games. They're a one seed in the NIT.
Louisville (20-13) had a better conference record than both Syracuse and Notre Dame. Their strengnth of schedule was 14th in all Division One games and 77th in non-conference games. They were 4-13 against teams in the tournament and 6-0 against teams ranked below 200 in RPI. They're a two seed in the NIT.