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I am extremely bored at work so I was on ESPN looking at our recruiting classes the last 4 years and came across a interesting summary of our number 10 ranked 2007 class. 10. Michigan Fans didn't care much for the Wolverines' 2006 class, but the 2007 class should please the masses. WR Junior Hemingway (Conway, S.C.) does not get enough credit for his abilities -- watch out for him. QB Ryan Mallett (Texarkana, Texas/Texas) might have the most upside of any quarterback Michigan has had during Lloyd Carr's days in Ann Arbor, including his days as an assistant. Where are the cornerbacks, though?



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Cornerbacks?  I see two here:…

I think they did pretty well that year.  '06 was, of course, another story.  ZERO, to be specific.

I wish RichRod had used some of his snake oil on a CB or two in '08.  It's easy to second guess '09 now, too.  I can't remember whether Turner's move to safety was considered inevitable, but with his size it should at least have been considered.  When you add the Witty academic whiff, Rodriguez missed badly that year at an important position.


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Generally centers are lower-ranked than guards.  The highest-ranked offensive line prospects are usually the tackles.

According to the current Rivals ranking (although I think the position lists are not fully updated yet) there are 2 five-star and 26 four-star tackles.  There are 12 four-star and no five-star guards.  For centers there are only 6 with 4 stars and none have a fifth star.

So being a 3* center is not that surprising no matter how good he is now.

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In  the end, it's just somebody's opinion.  There are many 5-stars busts and many 2,3-star blossoms.  It's coaching, talent, and the right fit at the right time.  Plus that whole dedication, determination, work ethic thing.  Just me, but IMO, too much is made of a teams recruiting ranking.  A roster full of 4,5-stars players does not guarantee a's that working out for you this year Mack Brown?  Urban Meyer? 

Roy D Hibble

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Recruit rankings don't mean shit because everyone here is pimping Rodriguez as a "wins with less" guy and hopes the Ray Vinnopals of the world pan out to "prove" their point.

As for Mack Brown and Urban Meyer--are you kidding me? Urban has two of the last four NC's, Brown won it all a couple years ago (and has a bad team after winning 10 games something like 11 years in a row). As they ALL say: check out the guys who win NC's and then check out their recruiting rankings. There's usually a positive relationship there.

I guarantee if Rich Rodriguez pulls in more 4's and 5's, this board will surely forget the "wins with less" bullsheet.


By the way edit: Ya think if Demar Dorsey was a lowly two or three star Rodriguez, or anybody elts, would have been ignoring his baggage?


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Yeah, some 5 stars will be busts and some 2 and 3 stars will be studs.  If you look though at the teams that have played in the BCS title game the last 6, 7, 8 years, you'll see that all of those schools stock pile 4 and 5 star guys.  The last school to play for the BCS Championship that wasn't an annual fixture in the Top 10-15 recruiting class rankings was Nebraska way back in 2001.


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I love threads like this.

Hey, guys.  Did you know that first round draft picks aren't guaranteed to be Hall of Famers or even Pro Bowlers?  Seriously, I'm serious.