SEC vs Big Ten Fun

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Was just reading a post over at BHGP (LINK) in which Patrick Vint dresses down that latest SEC playoff proposal. The comments themselve make it worth following the link but one of the BHGP contributors threw in a link to the following EDSBS article:

Confessions of an SEC Fan to a Big Ten Fan

Good read on a slow day.



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10. We know your schools are on the whole better academically than SEC schools. But for fuck's sake, no one will ever, ever be awed by your diploma from Ohio State, Indiana, or Iowa. We repeat: no one, ever, anywhere in the history of the world, will ever stand back in awe as you unveil the tiny laminated grail of purchased pedigree from your pocket that reads "BIG TEN MEMBER." After the age of 25, it might as well be a fro-yo punchcard, but without the benefits of the occasional free frozen yogurt of your choice


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"Michigan under Brady Hoke. Denard Robinson spinning plates and a defense made up of fishing line, happy thoughts, and guys playing eight miles over their head. Oh, and Time Traveling Bob Seger at kicker thinking about brunettes."


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The article itself was a damn entertaining read.  Seriously. 

Not sure I agree with the part about the food being boring.  They just haven't looked hard enough.


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That is flat out hilarious. Worth it for the above quotes alone, not to mention the take on racism. Just sent it to my South Carolina alum son-in-law, who I predict will simultaneously gnash his teeth and laugh even harder than I did.


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7. We also know what's up. The SEC's trying to pack the court with the playoff proposal of "the best four." We're doing this mostly because we can, and because the general perception is that the SEC is the strongest football conference in the nation right now. The Big Ten's arguing for conference championship as a requirement for one reason: it's the best way for the Big Ten to get a slot, especially if the only two teams really competing nationally and on a regular basis out of the Big Ten are Michigan and Ohio State. (And historically, this is and likely will be the case with Wisconsin and Iowa making periodic cameos in the race.)

How can the SEC expect to have a national playoff of the best four when they can't even get a conference championship game of their best two?


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great way to serve up many unsavory truths. But my grandma's prairie cooking could stand with anything in the south, and I have lived in and traveled all over the south and have a great southern cook for mother-in-law.


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Its great if you like deep fried shit and inedible shit cooked so long its now sort of edible (I'm lookin at you collard greens).  I live 5 minutes from a chick filet and and I don't ever eat there because they don't serve hormone-free chicken.  Yes I am one of those people that can tell. I can make my own deep fried shitty chicken sandwich without the hormones.

My mother in law is a self-professed southern cook and I put her to shame.  Holidays used to be cooked by her, now they are cooked by me because I actually know what I'm doing.   There's all kinds of good cooking everywhere, Spencer is just being an idiot.