SEC streak is over Posbang, and Let the countdown begin

Submitted by Qmatic on January 7th, 2014 at 12:14 AM

With the conclusion of the 2013 college football season ending in thrilling fashion tonight, there are now 235 days until Michigan kicks off the season at home vs App State.

CAN'T WAIT (Bart Scott Voice)

Let's hope the 2014 offseason treats us well.


EDIT: ESS EEE SEE goes down! Commence!



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Brent is still on the SEC's nuts; 'we'll see them in the playoffs"(paraphrasing) obviously man, probably teams from other conferences too, I think those conferences still exist.


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While we're complaining about Musburger's announcing:

Musburger spent the entire first half talking about how Auburn's defense was rattling Winston. I just didn't see it. Kid looked loose, with a smile on his face even down 18 points. Not the slightest trace of panic. Not even grim determination. Just, hey, let's go play some football. His offensive line looked shaken up, sure, and had a couple of dumb false starts as a result. But Winston? Seems like it never phased him.

Musburger's call seemed like the announcing equivalent of a sportswriter writing his column in advance, and then trying to find ways to fit the facts on the field into his pre-chosen narrative. That goes for Winston being rattled as microcosm, and the SEC being dominant as macrocosm. When you've called as many games as Musburger has, why do you need to stick to a narrative? What's so hard about calling the game as it happens in front of you?


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remember, Jimbo Fisher coached under Saban and modeled this FSU team after the SEC (bonus points if you can explain how you model a team after an entire conference). Ergo, the SEC just won its 9th straight national championship.



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Yeah Michigan's running back commit Damien Harris had a few thoughts on Winston's interview:


UM Fan in Nashville

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Somewhere in Bristol Connecticut there are many many many grown men crying. Suck it ESPN and suck it SEC!

I really don't like FSU, but this win goes out to my SEC homer inlaws and friends. Your 2 best teams lost. The SEC's 10th best team can't beat anybody like you claim.

Side question, is Saban testing the 'talking head' waters???